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No longer ignored, Pueblo, Co. transforms from Steel City to the Napa Valley of Weed - Cannabis News

Increasingly, marijuana advocates say, Pueblo is turning into the Napa Valley of Weed for those seeking to grow, buy or sell the leafy green plant illegal in much of the world.

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Sedgwick, a struggling town on the Colorado prairie, found salvation in legalized pot - Cannabis News

SEDGWICK — Residents of this sleepy little town in far northeast Colorado smile optimistically when talking about the turn their municipality has taken over the past few years.

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A New Breed of Entrepreneurs are Creating the Perfect, Cannabis-Themed Wedding - Cannabis News

Wedding season is approaching, if not already here. And in cannabis-friendly states, a growing number of people are tying the knot with ceremonies and/or receptions that have incorporated marijuana into their celebrations.

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Colorado’s first drive-through pot shop will be in Parachute – Cannabis News

In just a few months, Parachute will be home to Colorado’s first drive-through marijuana shop.

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Gourmet Ganja? Marijuana Dining is Growing Up, Slowly – Cannabis News

Chefs are working with marijuana growers to chart the still-very-unscientific world of pairing food and weed.

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Travel guru Arthur Frommer: ‘Get ready for the era of marijuana, and marijuana tourism’ – Cannabis News

One of the world’s foremost travel authorities is preparing for a Green Rush of marijuana tourism.

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Camp Bud & Breakfast – Cannabis News

A Cannabis-Themed Adult Sleepover Camp

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Pot Tourism Is Booming in Colorado – Cannabis News

Visitors are flocking to the Mile High City.

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This major publisher of travel guides now includes sections on marijuana tourism – Cannabis News

The new Moon Denver, Boulder & Colorado Springs travel guidebook includes plenty of information on marijuana tourism in Colorado.

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Colorado sets record with $117M in weed sales for April – Cannabis News

Colorado marijuana shops sold almost $76.6 million in recreational cannabis for April 2016.

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Marijuana industry helping some small towns survive – Marijuana News

EMPIRE, Colo. – Colorado’s $1 billion marijuana industry is helping some small towns stay afloat. A prime example is the town of Empire, in Clear Creek County.

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'High on the Slopes', the rules and regulations of pot use at ski resorts – Marijuana News

Marijuana is legal for adults in Colorado, however that does not make it a free pass to light up anywhere. Ski resorts are one of the many places where pot is off limits.

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What Cannabis Tourism In Colorado Is Really Like – Marijuana News

The first thing you notice when you walk into the Bud & Breakfast called "B and B 420" is that it's really, really clean. It's that feeling of relief you get when you realize that the place you're staying will be nice — better than nice, nicer than your house.

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This Is What A Cannabis Wedding Looks Like – Marijuana News

The niche industry for cannabis weddings is new but booming.

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Weed goes wide: The subtle mainstreaming of cannabis in Colorado – Marijuana News

Jacqueline Gervasio smoking in Denver’s Civic Center Park, April 2015. Image: Brent Lewis, The Denver Post

Like countless commuters in Denver's urban core, Marty Otañez can't help but smell the pot smoke as he rides to work along the Cherry Creek bike path downtown. "A couple years ago it was only under the bridge at Colfax and Speer," Otañez said of the clouds emanating from public tokers. "Now it's pretty much every 100 meters."

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Colorado Marijuana Tourism: Cannabis Tours, Bud Hotels Popular With Visitors, But State Won't Market Legal Pot To Travelers – Marijuana News

Image: Budandbreakfast.com

Nearly two years after recreational pot sales became legal across the state, state tourism officials have continued to downplay Colorado's weed tourism, with some officials going as far as to deny the lure of cannabis culture — against all evidence.

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Marijuana has huge influence on Colorado tourism, state survey says – Marijuana News

Downtown Denver and Mount Evans. Image: Bryan Simmons via Wikimedia Commons

A recent Colorado Tourism Office survey of summer travelers shows 48 percent were influenced by legal recreational pot.

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Mile-high city just got higher: Denver’s first cannabis-friendly B&B – Marijuana News

Image via Budandbfast.com

When Colorado legalised cannabis possession in 2014, the anticipated ‘Green Rush’ of dope tourists didn’t quite happen. But the first stoners’ B&B in Denver is now leading the way.

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Day Without Marijuana Tax Draws Mixed Reactions in Colorado

Matthew Lopez, 33, examines marijuana buds with his iPhone light while shopping with his fiance Lizette Ortiz, 26, at The Grass Station in Denver, Co. Credit: Benjamin Rasmussen for The New York Times

Denver activists put public pot use ballot measure on hold

16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. Image: Pcharles via Wikimedia Common
Keith Coffman ~ Reuters ~
Supporters of a Denver ballot initiative to allow marijuana use at bars and other establishments have pulled the measure after city leaders and business groups agreed to discuss a compromise, the pro-pot group said on Thursday.
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