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A joint study by researchers at two U.S. universities and one in South America claims a reduction in the U.S.’s overall alcohol consumption appears directly related to the rise of medical marijuana laws recently enacted in a number of states.


Want to try cannabis for pain or inflammation but hate the idea of smoking anything? A popular alternative is a cannabis transdermal — a skin patch infused with the main active ingredients in cannabis.


Some lawmakers are backing a bill to legalize cannabis oil for medicinal purposes in the state of Tennessee.


An intriguing preliminary report out of a prestigious research institute suggests cannabis may actually protect the brain.


A little girl was back in a school she loves in Schaumburg, Illinois, last week, but only after a federal judge said it was OK for her to bring her prescription medication with her.


LONDON — An ingredient in cannabis called cannabidiol or CBD has shown promise in a clinical trial as a potential new treatment for psychosis, scientists said Friday.


Marijuana and medicare: here's what the government tells us.


The Knoxes are a clan of four doctors living in Oregon and California who specialize in medical marijuana. They seem to be doing quite well selling something that is illegal in many states, working with those they know best.


A considerable majority of medical physicians would help children treat cancer with medical cannabis, a new study suggests.


Texas will soon have its first working grow facilities for cannabis.


Cannabis could have a role in treating obesity-related fatty liver disease, according to a Hebrew University project that has been awarded funding by a UK-Israeli startup.


After a series of violent episodes linked to autism, 19-year-old Dina Dedes struck her father. Her mother, Joanne, turned to a controversial therapy that she says saved her daughter's life — cannabis.

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Cancer patients are using marijuana to relieve a variety of symptoms. But even in states where it’s legal, patients are not getting the information they need.


A recent poll has found strong support for medical marijuana legislation in South Carolina.


The American Veterinary Medical Association's policy-making body said last summer it wants the DEA to declassify marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug "to facilitate research opportunities for veterinary and human medical uses."


The first study medical competency study of physicians-in-training during the legalized marijuana era has found that doctors have a poor understanding of cannabis pharmacology.


Curbs on studies have limited understanding of marijuana’s therapeutic mechanisms, but political pressure and a shift in research could soon shed light.


A research team’s data dive suggests that alcohol industry fears about legal cannabis cutting into booze sales could be even more pressing than originally imagined.


Deryn Blackwell, a 14-year-old teen hailing from Norfolk, England, was in the midst of preparing his own funeral before cannabis saved his young life.


Cannabis could be the key to treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that are taking their toll on the lives of professional athletes and Americans in general.


At least 200 would-be customers were lined up outside Rockville’s first medical marijuana dispensary Friday afternoon when one of the owners announced that a cannabis shipment — including elixirs, tablets and flowers — had arrived.


If you smoke pot to help you sleep, there are a number of health effects it has on your body.


We took a look at some of the most impactful studies in medical cannabis, specifically those relating to CBD.


According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 18 percent of Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.


AUSTIN -- Medical marijuana dispensaries are moving ahead quickly to begin operations in Texas, with at least three companies now expecting to be open by early 2018.


Marijuana is being studied as a treatment for Tourette syndrome’s involuntary movements and vocalizations.


From inflammation to lowering levels of the virus itself, a current study hopes to demystify pot's benefits for those living with HIV.


The parents of a young brain damaged girl who once faced regular seizures have credited cannabis oil with saving their daughter's life.

For some parents who are at their wits' end finding ways to ease their kids' autism symptoms, medical marijuana has offered a relief other medications and treatments apparently can't.

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Two years after lawmakers legalized the drug for epilepsy patients, the state has licensed a company operating as Knox Medical to dispense the drug.


The first crop in Maryland’s long-delayed medical cannabis program is mature and waiting for testing, but it is still unclear when patients might be able to buy it.



Add the Buckeye State to the list of those that have attracted medical marijuana growers.


Candidates for SC House overwhelmingly embrace reform.