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Australia’s Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) has warned of the risks of sourcing cannabis products for medicinal purposes via illicit channels. Interest in medical cannabis in Australia is building, particularly after the TGA’s decision to down-schedule certain CBD (cannabidiol) preparations to Pharmacist Only Medicines (Schedule 3), meaning
Does your eight-hour workday feel like 40? Are you dragging yourself out of bed every morning just to get to work, whether you commute or telecommute? When your day is over, are you so tired you can barely move? Then you may be experiencing burnout. Burnout can affect you both emotionally and physically and lead to exhaustion, lack of interest and
With the medical marijuana industry set to open up in West Virginia in the Fall, some locals are hoping more West Virginia businesses will be granted permits to participate. Chris Yeager is the head of Appalachian Cannabis, a veteran-owned business that distributes CBD products found it stores across the state. He had hoped to be one of the compani
Jason Tong, dubbed the “green fairy” for his efforts in recent years to give free cannabis to elderly New Zealanders who are in pain, has pleaded not guilty to cannabis-related charges and has asked that the police drop the charges. Arguing he has done nothing wrong and was only trying to help those in need, Tong pleaded not guilty to one count of
New research affiliated with the University of Colorado at Boulder and published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors reveals that consumption of CBD-dominant cannabis may be associated with reduced alcohol intake.  In order to test this, the researchers looked at cannabis use across 120 subjects and compared use of cannabis that was primarily CBD-
Healthcare professionals should engage older adults in cannabis discussions given that some people are using weed to self-treat different conditions without first seeking medical input or advice, suggests a new U.S. study. Published online this week in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, investigators from the University of Texas at Aus
Like most good things, cannabidiol (CBD) oil does eventually expire. Shelf life typically ranges from 1 to 2 years. Here’s a closer look at what affects CBD oil’s shelf life and what you can do to keep yours fresh. The exact shelf life depends on a few factors How long CBD oil lasts depends on a few factors, from the quality and ingredients to how
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound that may help reduce some factors in high blood pressure, such as stress, anxiety, and poor sleep quality. Share on Pinterest This article explores whether or not CBD can help with high blood pressure, or hypertension, any potential health benefits and risks, which products are available, and some alternative
You’ve been looking for alternatives to support the treatment of bipolar disorder symptoms and wonder whether cannabis would work. After all, cannabis is natural and could be an appealing alternative to some of the usual bipolar disorder medications and their side effects. But is cannabis actually effective in managing symptoms of bipolar disorder?
A discussion paper calls on the UK Government to review what it says are outdated laws and regulations hindering the UK’s CBD and wider medical cannabis industry. According to the paper’s authors, cannabis consultancy Maple Tree and Mackrell.Solicitors, current laws in the UK have resulted in the majority of its cannabidiol (CBD) and all of its oth
A study led by researchers at Syracuse University in the USA looked into the ability of CBD to reduce pain along with placebo effect impact, with interesting results. A placebo is a substance or treatment that has no therapeutic value, but which can still trigger a positive or negative response – pretty much through the power of suggestion that it
With clear evidence that cannabis can improve quality of life, more and more people are engaged in its medicinal purposes. Furthermore, states are taking into consideration the laws for the consumption of cannabis. This also explains why there is a high demand for medical marijuana autoflower seeds that leads to the supply of medical cannabis acros
Tremors are uncontrollable, unintentional movements that affect a limb or a part of it. It’s one of the most common movement disorders and it can happen anywhere in the body. They usually affect the arms, vocal cords, head, legs, and torso. Tremors can also occur intermittently or during separate times after breaks, but they can also be constant or
For marijuana to reach its lofty potential in hospices in the future, there must be a unified legal status of cannabis from federal to state levels. A life-threatening illness is one of the most frightening experiences anyone can go through. No one wants to be diagnosed with a terminal illness, and no one wants someone they love diagnosed with the
As of Monday, players in the National Football League (NFL) can be subject to random drug tests from the league. But for the first time, they won’t have to worry about testing positive for marijuana. It is a new era in the NFL—or more specifically, a new collective bargaining agreement that was negotiated last year and that established a new drug p
April 20, or as it’s written in shorthand, 4/20, is a particularly busy day for medical marijuana pharmacies across the state. Provo-based Deseret Wellness was slammed with customers on 4/20, a day renowned in counterculture by many who use marijuana, both with a medical need or otherwise. To mark the occasion, the pharmacy, which caters to those w