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Thailand is on the fast track to legalizing medical marijuana, the country's Narcotics Control Board director, Sirinya Sitdhichai, announced this week. 


Greece's parliament is expected to approve the medical use of cannabis in the coming weeks, a deputy minister said Sunday, adding that the change would attract investment to the country.


The trillium is Ontario’s official flower and marijuana could now be considered the province’s official weed with the passage of the Cannabis Act.


The president of Peru signed a bill on Thursday legalizing medical marijuana across the country, a historic move that came a few weeks after the Peruvian Congress voted to approve it.


Colombia could supply 44% of the global demand for medicinal marijuana in 2018 after the board of directors of the country’s Drug Control Fund authorized the harvest of 40,5 tons of this plant for export-only proposes.


Five months after legalising recreational marijuana, there are more than 16,000 Uruguayans registered to buy the drug from pharmacies, up from 5,000 users in July.


Canopy Growth Corp. of Smiths Falls, Ont., has formed a joint venture to share ownership of the Agripharm indoor growing operation in Creemore, Ontario, with Amsterdam-based Green House Brands.


Uruguay has become the first country in the world where the cannabis market, its production and marketing are in the hands of the state.


Nova Scotia and P.E.I. both set their legal age for marijuana at 19 on Thursday, but the two East Coast provinces are taking different paths on how weed will be sold.

Greece Legalize

Investors in medical cannabis projects are focusing on Greece, where a warm, sunny climate and potentially favorable future legislation could help the government deliver on a promise to pull the country out of a seven-year economic crisis.

The WHO’s support for legal CBD oil puts the global community at odds with some elements in the U.S. government that continue to fight against the legalization of hemp and cannabis.


The BC government has released its plan for recreational marijuana following a public consultation process with more than 48,000 responses.


The province should develop a licensing regime to allow for designated cannabis-consumption lounges when marijuana becomes legal next year, say Victoria councillors.


Canadian marijuana company Aurora Cannabis Inc on Thursday decided to partner with Danish tomato and pepper producer Alfred Pedersen & Son to produce and sell cannabis in Europe.


It may not feature in Morocco's official tourism brochures but cannabis attracts thousands of visitors a year to the North African country. 


Israeli legislation to allow exports of qualified medical cannabis has passed preliminary reading in parliament and is expected to be completed next year.


As Canada moves towards legal recreational weed in July, the number of licensed growers has swelled to 84, production is skyrocketing, and research into new growing techniques and improved strains is increasing exponentially.


With a potential value of more than $40 billion, Europe’s medical marijuana market could become the world’s largest in the next five years.


Ontario has named the first 14 cities where it will set up government-run marijuana stores by July 2018.


Although there are varying levels of toleration of personal use of the drug, no EU country has legalised cannabis so far, says the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). However, there are signs that some European countries are moving in that direction.


The international market for marijuana is booming. It’s set to reach $50 billion within a decade. And after spending millions to crack down on the drug, Jamaica’s government has decided it wants to cash in.


Polish pharmacies will be able to sell cannabis after legislation regulating medical marijuana came into force on Wednesday.


Mexico will legalize sales of marijuana-based medicines, foods, drinks, cosmetics and other products early next year, its health regulator said on Wednesday, bringing some forms of cannabis into legal commerce even as the country struggles with the illicit drug trade.


So far it looks like Alberta will be the go-to province for marijuana entrepreneurs lining up to get in on the action when selling pot becomes legal next summer.


Ontario is set to introduce legislation today that would regulate the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says ''next summer," and not July 1, is the date cannabis will become legal across the country.


An Ontario college is offering a new class it says responds to the growing demand for a skilled professionals to support Canada's expanding medical marijuana industry as legalization looms.


Members of a potential German coalition government, including the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, are nearing agreement on a deal to legalize marijuana,


Under current law, Ministry of Health approval is required before most cannabis-based products can be prescribed.


In fields across Switzerland the harvest time for cannabis is coming to an end, and workers are distributing the crop to shops in France and Switzerland.


As big marijuana grows in Canada, it’s increasingly looking to take over the world.


Canadians consumed an estimated $5-billion to $6.2-billion worth of cannabis in 2015, a study by Statistics Canada showed on Monday, ahead of the nationwide legalization of recreational use of the drug next year.


The number of cannabis oil users across the UK has doubled in the space of one year, startling new figures reveal.