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California’s black market for marijuana still rakes in more cash than the state’s legal cannabis industry, but a new analysis suggests the dynamic could flip within five years.
As more and more recreational marijuana shops open across Massachusetts, state regulators turned their focus Thursday toward the next frontier of the industry’s rollout: Social consumption establishments.
Burgeoning recreational marijuana industry is being hit by some of the worst fires in state history.
If you think you’re the only one you know lighting up, you probably aren’t.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas took the first step Tuesday toward launching its medical marijuana program, as state regulators named the five businesses they intend to license to grow the drug.
A Denver coffee shop received city approval Monday for the nation’s first business license to allow marijuana use by patrons under a 2016 voter-approved initiative.
PLEVNA, Kan. State lawmakers in Kansas are considering measures to conduct research into the uses of industrial hemp. The product comes from a sativa plant, like marijuana, but the hemp plant looks much different and is used to create thousands of products.
Support for legalizing marijuana has reached an all-time high, according to a recent poll conducted by Fox News.
Forget bingo, tea dances and seaside trips. Residents from a chain of Seattle retirement homes are going on Pot for Beginners tours to learn about – and buy – cannabis in the city, where it’s now legal.
The Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) did a survey in December that indicated a shift in employer attitudes toward cannabis.
Joel Warner ~ International Business Times ~   The 2015 wildfire season, among the worst in recent memory, took a major toll on the state’s marijuana industry.
Lee Shearer ~ OnlineAthens.com ~ A University of Georgia graduate student used crowdsourcing to take a look at marijuana prices across the country.
Nick Allen ~ The Telegraph ~ Growers of medical cannabis say smoke is affecting crops.
Michael Dresser ~ Washington Post ~   A proposal to build a medical marijuana production plant could provide a local economic boost to the region.
Jessica Bartlett ~ Boston Business Journal ~   The Boston Zoning Board of Appeals has given conditional approval to open a medical marijuana dispensary on Milk Street.
Becky Schlikerman ~ Chicago Sun-Times ~   If you want a bottle of booze in downstate Albion, you have to drive out of town. But the Edwards County town of less than 2,000 residents is the site of a huge medical marijuana farm.