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A recent report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that tracked the cannabinoid content of CBD products over the past six years shows nearly half of all products tested were mislabeled. The products tested ran the gamut from oils to capsules, gummies, topicals, conventional food items and pet treats, among others. Two products were re
How quickly does your cannabis take effect? Is it the same every time? How much of what you pay for is actually being absorbed by your body? These are important questions for consumers and they’re even more important for doctors who want to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. When we can answer those questions, the industry will take a ra
Before you wash down that eye dropper of CBD oil with a glass of wine, read this. If you’re an adult, you already know that mixing substances is a mixed bag. Sometimes you get the results you want, and other times you’re laying in the fetal position wondering how much longer you have to endure your own self-inflicted struggle. The same goes for CBD
Although cannabis has made legal strides in 33 states and is considered acceptable by the majority of American adults, there is comparatively little research being done on its usage and efficacy. We still have very little information about what’s safe, what’s not safe, and what’s safe for how long; we just support how it makes us feel. Even though
California’s legal cannabis industry, not yet 4 years old, yearns for the same system of tying plants to the soil perfected by the French over centuries and a key to the marketing success of the state’s premium wine grape growers. Tended for decades in legal darkness before voters ended the prohibition on cannabis in 2016, the intoxicating crop fro
At a time when America is trying to right its wrongs when it comes to the treatment of people of color and the war on drugs over the past few centuries, a Black, disabled veteran is still being held in prison on minor cannabis charges. Sean Worsley, an Iraq veteran who suffers from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD, uses medical cannabis for his pa
Virginia’s Board of Pharmacy awarded five cannabis processing licenses in late 2018, and three of the recipients are expected to begin dispensing cannabis products to patients within the next two months. The program remains rather narrow at the onset, even after several big improvements, but, like many other states, it should expand in the years ah
Cannabis cultivators in Michigan have amassed the licenses necessary to grow more than half a million plants, leading to a surge in legal marijuana sales even as prices drop in the state.  As of July 13, medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis cultivators were licensed to grow 511,500 plants, according to media reports of data released by the stat
One of the many ongoing dilemmas that young entrepreneurs with a new business face is acquiring the startup capital to make an impact in their respective industries. Cannabis is no different. We’ve seen many dominant industry players fall to the mercy of its investors and advisory boards. Bootstrapping your way to success can certainly take longer,
With the House already under Democrat control, and polls indicating Joe Biden has a lead over President Donald Trump nationwide, marijuana reform could be closer than anticipated.  In an interview on the Young Jurks podcast, former anti-legalization Massachusetts senator Ed Markey spoke at length about marijuana reform, suggesting that Congress is
Few researchers have explored the benefits of microdosing cannabis until now. Microdosing marijuana offers pain patients an alternative method to reduce symptoms without receiving the plant’s psychoactive components, a new Israeli study found. The clinical trial offers some of the first scientific insights into the efficacy of microdosing marijuana
New Zealand needs to tweak its draft cannabis rules to ensure a “yes” vote for legalizing recreational weed also equates to a nod for public health and safety, suggest two drug policy experts. Just two months from the referendum on legalizing adult-use cannabis, New Zealanders will be asked to vote yea or nay to the Cannabis Legalisation and Contro
Since the wonders of Hemp were introduced to the world, people have been constantly exploring the many ways it can be used for the benefit of a lot of people. The most significant would be in the world of medicine and pharmacology where it can be used to manage chronic diseases and even mental illnesses. Its effectiveness in managing pain stemming
In the cannabis space, there are people who are passionate about the plant and there are people who came for the cash. When speaking with Morris Beegle, there is no doubt why he works with hemp; he believes it will save the world. And for my part, I hope he’s right. Beegle is the president and co-founder of the We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA
As it stands, the FDA has been very vocally opposed to Hemp CBD products without imposing any real penalties. On Wednesday, July 8, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent Congress a report on the CBD marketplace. Last year, Congress mandated that the FDA report on hemp-derived CBD in appropriations legislation. You can find the report linked a
“I knew Prop 64 would pass, and that was fine with me,” recalls Rev. James K. McKnight, Pastor of the Congregationalist Church of Christian Fellowship in South Central Los Angeles, where low-level cannabis convictions are among the highest in the state. “The law promised social equity, social justice, second chances." But no one told him it was goi
An issue that has constantly plagued athletes, regular gym-goers or even normal folks is the problem of pain and inflammation associated with muscle recovery. When the muscle is really exercised during workout sessions or pushed to the limit during regular sports activity or daily routine tasks, a lot of tension and ache around the area being stres
Researchers found children whose moms used marijuana while pregnant suffered from somnolence symptoms — or excessive sleepiness. Using cannabis while pregnant could cause your child sleeping problems later in life, according to a new study by University of Colorado Boulder researchers. The research doesn’t establish a causality between prenatal mar
The state of Missouri is investigating a St. Louis company that it says approved 600 fake medical marijuana certifications. The state believes Lou Moynihan, 33, knew or participated in the fraudulent activity that likely occurred through telemedicine visits when the company, WeedCerts, launched last year. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, t