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But first, we need to do these 5 things. Billions of dollars are sitting at the doorstep of Capitol Hill, begging to participate in the economy. But with some wise moves by the Federal government and regulatory agencies, cannabis-generated revenue could be a significant answer to our financial crisis stemming from the pandemic.  For proof, look at
Some doctors in Western Australian and their patients should have easier and faster access to medical cannabis resulting from a deal signed between Jupiter Health Clinics and Montu. Founded in 2011, Jupiter Health and Medical Services is a network of more than 300 doctors in 30 medical practices across the state, and is one of the largest networks
CBD could prove to be an effective treatment for people suffering from marijuana use disorder, the results of a new study published this week have shown.  Inspired by a “substantial and unmet clinical need” for the treatment of cannabis use disorders, researchers from the University of Bath in the UK conducted a double-blind randomized controlled t
Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON) (TSX: CRON) stock fell over 13% to lately trade at $6.03 after the company reported a net loss for the second quarter of $107 million versus last year’s earnings of $185 million for the same time period. The loss of $0.31 cents per share was worse than the FactSet estimate for a loss of $0.07 per share. Original lin
  CBD skincare products are so hot right now! But there are a few things you should know before slathering it on. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are everywhere, from convenience stores to high-end retail shops. While there are a lot of CBD converts out there, there’s a large percentage of people who use CBD topicals without knowing what the compound is
  CBD strains aren’t as popular as those containing THC, but there’s plenty of perks associated with them. CBD is the second most common cannabinoid, and it’s everywhere, from tinctures and oils to clothes and pillows. Still, when it comes to smoking and vaping, the majority of people are looking for THC strains, even when they’re after therapeutic
Warm greetings, readers! I’m Chelsea Cebara, a cannabis and relationship expert, and I’ve been invited to guide readers though some of the issues unique to the intersection of loving weed and being human. I’ve been a sex educator and relationship coach, and I made my name in the cannabis industry by developing the world’s first water-based THC lube
Gary Widdowson, 34, had the cops visit on an unrelated matter. But then they found cannabis in the house. Authorities were at Gary Widdowson’s house on an unrelated matter but what they stumbled upon landed the 34-year-old a prison sentence. Police found more than 40 plants growing in his home, in addition to scales and dried cannabis. Widdowson, a
The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency reports that a number of pre-rolls have been contaminated with human saliva. State regulators in Michigan issued a recall order for pre-rolled joints sold at more than a dozen retailers over reports that an employee in a marijuana processing facility licked the products as they were being made. The recall or
"Not one person at the top knew what they were doing," one former employee told dot.LA. A new series from dot.LA is chronicling the demise of the cannabis-focused startup Genius Fund.  The company was financed by Russian oligarch Dmitry Borisovich Bosov, who invested roughly $164 million. The venture was run by two twenty-somethings, Ari Stiegler a
Despite many growing pains this year, the marijuana industry continues to be one of the fastest expanding in the world. With only a few months before Americans visit the polls, nearly a dozen states have proposed cannabis initiatives, The Motley Fool reports. However, many of them are still pending official review before being added to ballots. Of
San Diego County cannabis activists have set their sights on the upcoming election as their next chance to affect change. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors declined to take action on a proposal that would end a ban on cannabis businesses in unincorporated areas of the county and establish the framework for a social equity program in a regul
What’s the difference between stepping inside a neighborhood weed store and retail outlets designed to cater to the alcohol consumer? Back when cannabis advocates were first successfully moving to legalize marijuana for recreational use at the state level, one of the most popular phrases used to describe what that might look like is “in a manner si
Massachusetts health officials are getting ready to phase vapes back in. Last year, in November, Massachusetts quarantined at least 600,000 vape products during the vaping sickness scare. Now, these products can be retested and either sold or recycled into new products, as long as they pass additional testing performed at approved facilities.  Acco
Supporters are concerned the 69-year-old diabetic, who is not set to be eligible for parole until he reaches his late 80s, may not survive the ordeal Although Michael Thompson has been in jail for more than 25 years for selling weed, he may be facing a death sentence. Thompson is Michigan’s longest-serving non-violent offender. He was convicted of
There’s only one reason anyone would really care how long pot remains in the body (unless they’re a researcher or they’re writing an article like this one). People wonder how long marijuana stays in their system because they’re concerned about having to take a drug test. And as you undoubtedly know, employers can use several different types of test
Cannabis tourism is not a new concept. For many decades vacationers have flocked to cannabis hotspots like Amsterdam, Jamaica, Thailand, and other international destinations often associated with cannabis, albeit unregulated cannabis. Options for legal cannabis tourism have increased in recent years with the spread of cannabis reform. Canada is a p
The AHA found that smoking THC causes your heart to beat faster, demand more oxygen, and possibly cause a higher blood pressure when inactive. A review of previous studies connecting heart health and smoking cannabis may cause you to reconsider your consumption habits. Conducted by the American Heart Association and published in the organization’s
Can These Pot Stocks Continue to Show Momentum? Marijuana stocks have seen a wild past year or so. In that time, many popular pot stocks to watch have fallen and then climbed back up. With so much volatility in the cannabis industry, how do we know which big-name pot stocks may be future winners? Well, we can start by identifying some common factor