‘Project Runway’ alum Korto Momolu’s new collection, done in partnership with the largest U.S. cannabis organization for women, stunned and delighted at NYFW.
As the stigma surrounding marijuana continues to shed, more national fashion and beauty retailers are welcoming cannabis brands into their stores.
Hemp would give fashion brands a new story to tell their customers, one that is first and foremost sustainable and good for the planet.
CBD and marijuana retailers have turned from hocking papers and pipes to offering complete lifestyles in beautiful, multipurpose spaces.
As marijuana becomes more acceptable and its consumer base grows, companies are aiming for prestige.
‘Project Runway’ alum Korto Momolu’s distinctive vision -- spiked with hemp -- hits the runway.
In marijuana’s march to mainstream acceptance, high-end fragrances are tapping into a desire for earthy, woodsy creations.
The crop’s legalization could change the industry — and threaten cotton’s dominance.
The great migration from fashion to cannabis continues.
A team of California denim experts are making big moves in the world of hemp fashion.
Hemp also has the opportunity to improve environmental conditions as well as practices in the fashion and textile manufacturing world. 
"My whole life lately seems to be about hemp," says Lily Morgan.
Although cannabis is mostly prohibited throughout the continent, cannabis and CBD beauty is being embraced as part of a thorough skincare regime in some East Asian countries.
Remember that sophomore girl who could make a bong with an apple? Brett Heyman’s got her beat.
The son of immigrants from Hong Kong, Clement Kwan created Beboe in California because he loves ‘the plant, the industry, and everything about it.’