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A Marijuana Brand With Loads of Street Cred - Cannabis News
Sherbinskis, a favorite in hip-hop circles, is opening a store in Los Angeles that will sell fashion, along with cannabis.
Cannabis, fashion brand cross-pollination turns over a new leaf - Cannabis News
"What we’re most excited about is the branding landscape in cannabis.”
Levi’s New Hemp Clothing Uses Less Water to Grow and Feels ‘Just Like Cotton’ - Cannabis News
The apparel industry is increasingly being scrutinized for its sustainability (or lack thereof), from raw materials use through manufacturing all the way to retail.
Cannabis companies are taking cues, and employees, from the fashion industry - Cannabis News
Beyond treating weed as a wellness product, these businesses are drawing increasing comparisons to fashion ones, and that's no accident.
'Cannabis beauty' is becoming a real category as Sephora, others promote CBD-infused products - Cannabis News
Cannabis beauty has become so trendy that Wall Street analysts have started treating it as a standalone category.
Cannabis Clothing Line Sundae School Premieres New Collection At NYFW - Cannabis News
In the nearly two years that Sundae School has been in the fashion game, they’ve taken streetwear to new heights - and highs.
Pot of gold: how the UK beauty industry fell for cannabis - Cannabis News
Cannabis has enjoyed an image overhaul of which most politicians could only dream.
Cannabis is America’s Next Wellness Obsession - Cannabis News
It’s becoming increasingly clear that cannabis has a place in wellness.
Weed Fashion That Says ‘I Love Cannabis, But I’m Tasteful About It’ - Cannabis News
Weed has never been more fashion-forward than it is now. In addition to all the tacky tees with cheesy stoner slogans and pot-leaf-covered pants, there’s a growing amount of subtle, stylish articles of Mary Jane-friendly clothing that you’ll actually want to wear.
Estée Lauder's Origins Capitalizes On Cannabis With A Face Mask - Cannabis News
Origins are the latest mainstream company to capitalize on the burgeoning cannabis beauty market by launching a new bile-green face mask that contains Cannabis Sativa seed oil from hemp.
The Best Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Beauty And Grooming Regimen - Cannabis News
“CBD is packed with essential fatty acids that are known to have beneficial impacts on the skin, hair, and overall body.”
Long Island officials want ban on cannabis cookies ‘clearly targeting’ kids
Business & Finance
It’s just about springtime, and by now, you’ve probably emerged from your winter hibernation cave looking for a warm, sunny spot to spark up.
On a high: the rise of cannabis skincare - Cannabis News
Marijuana moisturiser, sativa serum, pot perfume — the beauty industry has found its next hit.
Legal weed is creating a market for luxury pot: Here are 4 companies trying to cash in with high-end candy, coffee and skin care - Cannabis News
The booming market for legal marijuana is creating big opportunities for entrepreneurs catering to the market for alternative pot-based products, like high-end edibles and beauty products.
7 States May Be Voting on Marijuana in November
The intersection of marijuana and fashion at one time meant tie-dye shirts, beanies and Birkenstocks.