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Marijuana regulators look to end TikTok ban on ads
Business & Finance
New York State marijuana regulators are asking the social media app TikTok to stop banning advertising that involves the word “cannabis” as they work to promote public education on the state’s move to legalize. The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) sent a letter to TikTok executives on Monday, urging them to revise their advertising policy for go
4 signs you're addicted to marijuana, experts warn
Medical News
    These red flags could mean you've lost control over your cannabis use. With recreational marijuana use now legal in many states, many people are enjoying cannabis safely and guilt-free. But while many people use this popular psychoactive drug without any adverse effects, a study published in the Dec. 2015 issue of JAMA Psychiatry estimated that
What’s up with cannabis legalization in Belgium?
The country is slow to consider enacting any kind of cannabis reform, with a law on the books that is 101 years old this year to regulate the plant. As Belgian cannabis advocates pointed out in spades this year on 4/20, the country is hopelessly behind the times when it comes to reform. This is true not only compared to other countries across Europ
Cannabis legalization on hold in Indiana, lawmakers want more research before taking action
  Indiana lawmakers agreed that more research on the potential health benefits and decriminalization of THC products, including marijuana, Delta 8 and Delta 9, is needed before any legislative action is further taken, reported KPVI. (Benzinga) The General Assembly’s Legislative Council overwhelmingly supported the idea to task the interim study com
AUDACIOUS commences cannabis facility construction in New York
Australis Capital Inc. and its partner, First Americans LLC, have commenced with the construction of its New York cultivation, manufacturing and retail project located on the Saint Regis Mohawk territory. "Early market entry into New York has been a core element of our strategy and we are 100% executing on this," Terry Booth, CEO of AUDACIOUS state
Justice Cannabis relies on video surveillance to keep facility safe, secure & legal
Large cannabis operations group integrates Hanwha video technology into their businesses In 2014 a group of civil rights attorneys known for fighting for justice on behalf of the wrongly accused and convicted decided to form a new venture: a cannabis growing and dispensing company. Based on the ideals of “cannabis made good, that does good, to make
Rhode Island becomes 19th state to legalize cannabis
With the stroke of a pen, Rhode Island has joined its two neighboring states and 16 others in legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, becoming the 19th state in the country to end marijuana prohibition. After months of negotiations between lawmakers, advocates, stakeholders and the governor’s office, and less than 24 hours after lawmakers over
South Dakota pot legalization initiative qualifies for November ballot
South Dakota state officials announced on Wednesday that an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis has qualified for the ballot for the November general election. The South Dakota Secretary of State announced on Wednesday that a ballot measure to legalize cannabis for adults has received enough verified signatures to qualify for the November
Will Smith saw his career disappear during ayahuasca trip before Oscars controversy
Cannabis News
“All of a sudden, I start seeing all of my money flying away, and my house is flying away and my career is gone away." Will Smith in an interview with David Letterman confessed to having a premonition that his career would implode while tripping on ayahuasca. “Once you drink it, you’re going to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself,” the
Hemp seed oil is the key ingredient in Vido's Health & Beauty USA skincare products
Cannabis News
HSO Moisturizes, Reduces Inflammation and is High in Antioxidants Hemp Seed Oil is the perfect ingredient in skincare products. “HSO moisturizes, reduces inflammation, and provides high levels of antioxidants,” said Iva Plummer, one of the co-founders of Vido’s Health & Beauty USA. “HSO’s anti-inflammatory properties allow it to treat skincare issu
Does CBD help with social anxiety? What the latest medical studies say
Medical News
What is otherwise considered normal for the rest of us, such as making eye contact, talking to people, and interacting with others, is extremely difficult and nerve-wrecking for the socially anxious. Being an introvert is different from having social anxiety. Whereas its normal for introverts to feel drained from social interactions, social anxiety
Surprising side effects of Smoking Marijuana
Medical News
    Although pot has its benefits, it's not without side effects. The public acceptance of marijuana has skyrocketed in recent years, and increased legalization means that more people have access to recreational marijuana than ever. Although pot has its benefits, it's not without side effects, some you may never have considered. Read on to find out
Jointly app helps canna-curious figure out what works for them
According to the Jointly: Cannabis Wellness app, nearly one out of three Arizonans who logged into the free app consumes cannabis to "relax and refresh." Those are the biggest reasons people consume marijuana in this state, according to the experience-based cannabis product rating platform. The app solicits consumers to ask themselves, "What kind o
Research chemicals provide dangerous, experimental highs to desperate users
Medical News
In a country where over 1 million people get arrested for drug-related crimes every year, a legal loophole exists that makes ordering thousands of different drugs so accessible you can purchase them with your debit card. Research chemicals are newly-synthesized drugs that have not yet been scheduled by the FDA, making them very easy to order online
Rhode Island lawmakers approve weed legalization bill
The Rhode Island General Assembly passed legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis on Tuesday, making the state the 19th in the nation to end the prohibition of recreational pot. The Rhode Island General Assembly approved legislation to legalize recreational pot on Tuesday, culminating years of work by lawmakers and activists to reform the state’s
Patients who use marijuana may need more sedation during endoscopies
Medical News
If you use pot, you may need more sedation than normal during a gastric endoscopy, according to a new study. "Patients didn't have increased awareness or discomfort during procedures, but they did require more drugs," lead author Dr. Yasmin Nasser said in a news release from the American Gastroenterological Association. Nasser is an assistant profe