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New Jersey lawmakers question top CRC official about cannabis prices, regulations
Both Democrats and Republicans repeatedly asked about regulations for setting up Workplace Impairment Recognition Experts. Lawmakers on Thursday questioned the top staffer of New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission about pricing, workplace impairment tests and more during a highly-anticipated legislative hearing into the state’s nascent recreat
Why do legal cannabis states see less DUIs?
Ironically, it seems that the states that cling to the myths perpetuated by prohibition are the same ones suffering from the consequences these myths suggest would happen if you legalize weed. Throughout the prevalence of prohibition, we’ve been sold on the idea that if we were to legalize cannabis, everybody would just start smoking like junkies o
CBD and horses: Where do we stand?
Medical News
There are still very limited studies of the efficacy of CBD products in equines; here is a look at what a few have discovered. CBD, also knowns as cannabidiol, is a compound found in the plant Cannabis sativa, commonly referred to as marijuana. Cannabis actually produces two compounds of interest, tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).
Former NFL star Ricky Williams talks cannabis and mental health
Medical News
  “The nature of cannabis is it opens your mind. It got me thinking differently.” Former National Football League (NFL) star Ricky Williams recently sat down with FOX Sports to talk about how cannabis impacted his mental health during his storied football career. Williams, one of the greatest college football players of all time, played 11 seasons
How the police tried to steal millions in cash from legal cannabis companies
San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus is a prime example of what can go wrong when the police force does not watch what happens to the cops. Here’s why. One of the biggest headaches with running a legal cannabis business is the cash. Since cannabis is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government, it’s nearly impossible to store the cas
Chicago Cannabis Company opens first co-op store in Lincoln Park
Business & Finance
Chicago Cannabis Company offers "products for every level of cannabis consumption, from connoisseur to people trying cannabis for the first time," co-owner Nicollette Rodriguez said. When Nicollette Rodriguez founded Chicago Cannabis Company with co-owner Tom Gliszewski in 2018, she was working as a bilingual high school teacher and started using C
Cannabis rules draw fire
Business & Finance
Guam’s recreational cannabis industry could lose to the black market unless the government allows residents to own more than one type of cannabis business, a prospective business owner told lawmakers Thursday morning. At the very least, businesses should be allowed to grow and also manufacture cannabis products, Mike Mateo said during a public hear
London Mayor announces plan to study cannabis legalization
London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced plans to study cannabis legalization during a visit to a dispensary and cultivation facility in Los Angeles. London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a plan to study the legalization of cannabis on Wednesday after visiting a dispensary and cultivation facility as part of an official visit to Los Angeles. Khan said that he
Cannaverse Technologies launches Cannaland™ world's first cannabis metaverse
Cannaland™ provides businesses and Brands with the ability to globally scale and monetize Cannaverse Technologies ("Cannaversetech™"), the pioneering cannabis Metaverse platform that assists companies entering the new Web3 and the Metaverse, announces the launch of the world's first cannabis focused Metaverse, Cannaland™, connecting every facet of
Sisters of the Valley compete in the Next Marijuana Millionaire Show
Business & Finance
One episode per week, first episode drops on the G4+ free app today. The very first episode of the Next Marijuana Millionaire airs today on G4+, a new streaming platform developed through a collaboration of the best tech and entertainment minds, an app that can be downloaded easily to an iPhone from the app store for free.  The series, which will b
U.S. overdose deaths total record 107,000 last year
Medical News
Deaths caused by drug overdoses spiked to more than 107,000 in 2021, a year marked by the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic and a rise in fatal overdoses linked to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. The tainted drug supply in the United States continues to exact a grim toll as overdose deaths exceeded 107,000 in 2021, according to an estima
Huckleberry Hill Farms on what’s at stake for legacy cannabis growers
Business & Finance
Huckleberry Hill Farms has planted its legacy on the rich soil of the Emerald Triangle. The second-generation run farm is owned by John Casali and his partner Rose Moberly. Casali carries on the work of his mother and her longtime growing expertise. Because of his family’s deep roots in this place, Casali centers the community in the Emerald Triang
Pennsylvania court rules medical cannabis still a controlled substance
  Judge Deborah A. Kunselman rejected an appeal from a Pennsylvania medical cannabis patient who was convicted of DUI. A court in Pennsylvania this month ruled against a medical cannabis patient who had appealed a 2021 driving under the influence conviction.  The York Daily Record has the background on the case involving Franklin Dabney, a 29-year-
Thailand to give away 1 million free cannabis plants for home cultivation
Medical News
Thailand residents may also grow “as many cannabis plants” as they wish at home for medical purposes. Let the planting begin. Thailand’s government leadership signaled optimism regarding the country’s recent shift in medical cannabis reform with a massive plant giveaway. Thailand Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said he will offer househo
Missouri lawmakers OK plan to open up medical cannabis records
The proposal to open up medical cannabis records overwhelmingly passed the Missouri state House on Tuesday. Members of the Missouri House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a measure to “pry open a trove of secret state records that detail the ownership structures of [the state’s] medical marijuana companies,” according to a repo
Vermont lawmakers at odds over THC limit on cannabis concentrates
Some members of the Vermont state Senate are upset over a 60% cap proposed by their colleagues in the House. Vermont lawmakers are at loggerheads over a measure that would establish a cap on the level of THC in solid cannabis concentrates sold at the state’s regulated cannabis retailers.  Local publication VTDigger has the background, reporting tha