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A new poll shows Louisiana voters are becoming more open to legalizing and taxing marijuana as is currently done with cigarettes and alcohol. Medical marijuana has been available in Louisiana for a while now and access was recently expanded to include more residents just last year, but more than two-thirds of Louisiana voters say that is not enough
Industrial hemp is an incredibly sustainable and versatile crop that is able to produce a range of products. These include: textile, paper, ropes, insulation material, fibre boards, bioplastics, compost, animal bedding, fuel, paint, feed, food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and medicinal preparations. The crop also possesses a range of environment
A survey by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy indicates many in Texas using medical cannabis sourced illicitly are experiencing benefits. Texas has a medical cannabis program – of sorts. It’s among the most restrictive in the USA and currently there are only a few thousand Texans registered. The program only allows for the use of
As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted work, school and life schedules, it also caused marijuana buyers to change when they shopped, shifting from the evening hours to the daytime. A year later that pattern is returning to normal, with more shoppers visiting cannabis retail outlets in the evening. Retailers in general, including marijuana outlets, expe
Since the start of the pandemic, cannabis use has skyrocketed. Americans spent $18.3 billion on cannabis products last year – 71% over what they spent in 2019 – meaning we the people needed a lot of weed to cope with 2020. According to a recent survey, many of those people are parents. Original link
Top Marijuana Stocks Watch For A Rebound Next Month Marijuana stocks are working to see better trading in the market. Since mid-February, many of the top marijuana stocks in the market have dropped in trading. Now in that time, small spikes in trading have occurred but overall a decrease in momentum has happened. Some investors are taking this time
The uncertainty of the pandemic has forced many people to be more health-conscious and aware of what they’re putting into their bodies. Being healthy is so much more than just vigorously washing your hands — although that doesn’t hurt. It’s also being mindful of the hidden chemicals or pesticides that we eat, drink, and even smoke.  While cannabis
While some studies have linked the chemicals of cannabis to a risk for heart attack, much remains unknown about THC’s effects on the cardiovascular system. Here are the truths of what is known and what research has provided in an updated analysis of cannabis and the risk for cardiovascular effects. Truth: We still need more research, but hands are
New York is set to become the nation’s second-largest legal marijuana market after Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday signed legislation allowing the licensing of dispensaries. Cannabis storefronts will be allowed to open as soon as next year under the measure (S.854A/A.1248A), which the Legislature cleared on Tuesday. New York is the 16th state to dec
The future of cannabis in cosmetics in China looks bleak following an announcement by China’s National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) that it plans to ban cannabis compounds for use in cosmetics. According to the Notice on Amending Inventory of Prohibited Cosmetic Ingredients for Public Comments posted on NIFDC’s official website, the
Kansas medical marijuana supporters have found support from some conservative Republican legislators, allowing a proposal to advance on March 29 after weeks of deliberations. Some Republicans say they have been motivated by conservative neighbors Missouri and Oklahoma legalizing medical marijuana in 2018 through ballot initiatives, while others say
Just when you thought you knew all the rules and laws that regulated legal hemp growing in the U.S. at the federal level, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) went and made changes to those rules. They didn’t do it to cause headaches, but rather because they listened to what the public had to say and what growers learned during the 20
Lorenza Romanese, Managing Director of the European Industrial Hemp Association, speaks with HEQ about the benefits of hemp and its derivatives and the need for further policy change. In early February, the European Commission announced that it had added CBD, which is naturally derived from the hemp plant to CosIng (cosmetic ingredients), to its li
Here is one basic fact of legalization that has permeated most reform movements in the United States at the state level and in Canada, if not just south of the Rio Grande (Mexico). To some extent, it is also the legal argument at the heart of German reform. It is absolutely the one at the heart of a major Spanish case now accepted for argument at t
Before you even begin to start growing cannabis, be sure that it is legal in your state. Always check local laws to make sure you are within the legal limits in terms of the number of plants and use of the final product. It will take months to grow your cannabis into a beautiful and healthy plant. Then there is an additional four weeks to harvest a
Cannabis concentrates have been around for about as long as humans have been enjoying the benefits of cannabis, but the way they’re made and consumed has evolved dramatically in just the past few years. If there’s a single style of concentrate that epitomizes this seismic shift in cannabis technology and culture, it’s definitely shatter. Produced i