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DEA rescinds proposal to ban five psychedelic drugs
The Drug Enforcement Administration revealed last week that it had dropped a proposed rule change that would ban five psychedelic drugs known as tryptamines. The Drug Enforcement Administration announced on Friday that it had rescinded a plan to prohibit five psychedelic compounds under federal drug laws, only weeks after the agency scheduled a hea
Doctors of Cannabis now offers medical marijuana card services in New York
Doctors of Cannabis is expanding their online medical marijuana certification services to the State of New York. Doctors of Cannabis, renowned online providers of medical marijuana cards, has announced they are now offering medical marijuana certification services in New York. This expansion comes as good news to people throughout the Empire State
You can legally smoke cannabis in New York, but can you grow it?
Yes, consuming cannabis has gotten the green light in New York for people over 21 years old. But let’s clear the air: It is not legal to grow your own marijuana plants in New York — yet. That hasn’t stopped at least one budding cultivator from raising several of the herbs in a community garden, nearby the more typical basil, sunflowers and tomatoes
Pets who have ingested marijuana require care, attention
Cannabis News
Marijuana is a common intoxication that we see in veterinary practice. The psychoactive component of cannabis is THC. When THC is consumed by a pet (usually a dog), the clinical manifestations can be quite scary for an owner. The most common clinical sign I see with THC intoxication is ataxia (the pet is stumbling around and looks drunk). Often a p
Existing drug tests can detect delta-8-THC--the latest cannabis craze
Business & Finance
New findings presented at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting. As the cannabis derivative delta-8-THC grows in popularity, it's important for drug tests to be able to detect and differentiate it from delta-9-THC—the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Breaking research showcased at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab
Unity Rd. opens medical cannabis establishment in South Dakota
Business & Finance
Unity Rd., the national cannabis dispensary franchise from Item 9 Labs Corp., is opening medical cannabis establishment, in South Dakota on July 27 with local entrepreneurs, B.J. Olson and Adam Jorgensen. The new shop is located in the Sioux Falls suburb of Hartford at 404 West Opal Lane. (Benzinga) Original link
Multiple National Cannabis Missions At International Cannabis Business Conference In Berlin
Multiple economic missions had booths at the conference last week – the beginning of an international trend While the scale of the event rivaled any corporate conference – as did the exhibit booths – one thing stood out clearly this year at the Berlin International Cannabis Business Conference last week: The arrival of cannabis missions from intern
Digital Technology That Can Help The Cannabis Business Industry
Cannabis News
Dispensaries have many challenges in managing inventory for amnesia autoflower and other cannabis products.Hence, the current technology is not designed for the scale and complexity of this industry. A restaurant may have 30 menu items to manage; a dispensary may have hundreds or even thousands. The amount of data to track requires extensive attrib
U.S. Senate bill would legalize marijuana for first time in 50+ years
Cannabis News
The bill goes beyond legalization and would expunge federal cannabis-related records The U.S. Senate introduced a bill to decriminalize marijuana. More than 50 years after Congress made marijuana illegal, the U.S. Senate has introduced a new bill to legalize pot.  The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act would decriminalize marijuana and ena
Marijuana revenue doubles in Illinois - State cannabis sales surpass $1.5 billion
Business & Finance
Illinois has seen a 50% increase in cannabis tax revenue since last year, thanks to the booming adult-use cannabis industry. Gov. J.B. Pritzker's office said Monday that adult-use cannabis sales exceeded $1.5 billion so far this year. "Illinois has done more to put justice and equity at the forefront of this industry than any other state in the nat
Beto O’Rourke Tell Texas Veterans He Wants to Legalize Marijuana
Medical News
At a series of town halls with Texas Veterans, Beto O’Rourke said he’ll fight to legalize marijuana if elected governor. While continuing his visits across Texas, at a series of earlier town halls O’Rourke has said he has received positive support from Veterans on the marijuana issue. O’Rourke tweeted on Wednesday: "Veterans say it’s time for this
Veriheal Reports The Demand for Medical Cannabis Is Skyrocketing
Medical News
The use of medical cannabis is rapidly rising in the United States. Of the 50 states, 37 have legalized medical marijuana and 19 have legalized recreational use. This has resulted in a total of $3.7 billion in cannabis tax revenue and increasingly widespread awareness of the plant’s pain-relieving qualities and potential to treat other illnesses an
Cannabis users less likely to face complications after spinal fusion surgery
Medical News
Is there a relationship between cannabis use and outcomes in spinal surgery and other procedures? While there is limited literature examining the potential connection, a team of orthopedic specialists sought further answers. They ultimately found that patients with a history of cannabis use are indeed less likely than non-users to experience advers
Nextleaf develops technology to produce distilled THC-free CBD oil
Business & Finance
Nextleaf Solutions Ltd.’s technology to produce THC-free broad spectrum CBD distillate ("THC-Free CBD") from industrial hemp feedstock has been validated. Nextleaf is commercializing its patented technology by utilizing its new distillate-based ingredient to power the next generation of innovative CBD products distributed under the company's prohib
Hempalta turning agricultural waste into valuable products, and comfort for zoo animals
Business & Finance
The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo’s giraffes are enjoying new naturally antibacterial bedding that will be easier on their sensitive skin.  The premium hemp bedding is a product of Calgary-based Hempalta, an agricultural technology company focused on innovative hemp processing and product creation. Three times as absorbent as wood shavings, 99 per c
Not a gimmick: Mike Tyson serious about cannabis industry, wants to make it a superfood
Business & Finance
  Boxing icon Mike Tyson says he has never felt mentally and physically healthier in his life. The reason: his consistent use of cannabis. It’s a way of existence that is priceless, the part-time Las Vegas resident says, even though it costs him $40,000 monthly. “Mike is lightning in a bottle,” said Chad Bronstein, his business partner with Tyson 2