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Does smoking marijuana increase the risk of lung cancer? The jury’s still out
Medical News
  Though marijuana use is now legal in most of the United States, questions remain about how smoking marijuana can affect lung health and the risk of lung cancer in particular. Research has suggested that smoking marijuana can cause damage to the lungs but is not as detrimental as smoking tobacco.2-4 Studies have also indicated that smoking marijua
House passes bill permitting weed ads on TV and radio
The House of Representatives this week passed legislation to permit cannabis advertising on broadcast television and radio as part of a broader appropriations measure. The U.S. House of Representatives this week passed a bill that would permit cannabis advertising on broadcast television and radio stations. The legislation is included as part of th
A new study conducted on weed vapes suggests they’re inherently harmful to our bodies.
Medical News
A new study shows further evidence of the harms of vaping. Conducted by researchers from Portland State University and published in the journal of Chemical Research in Toxicology, the study claims that the process of heating up cannabinoid acetates creates a toxic gas called ketene that’s harmful to the lungs. Researchers tested different cannabino
Eerie glow in sky confuses Australian town and outs cannabis farm
Cannabis News
When a pink glow lit up the evening sky above an Australian town on Wednesday, local woman Tammy Szumowski wondered if the apocalypse had arrived. "I was just being a cool, calm mum, telling the kids: 'There's nothing to worry about,'" she told the BBC. "But in my head I'm like, what the hell is that?" It turned out to be light emanating from a can
From dangerous situations to minor inconveniences, summer's heat challenges cannabis users
Cannabis News
Summer heat is finally here, and whether you love the hot weather or are already counting down the days until fall, we all have to navigate it together. Here are three tips for cannabis users trying to make it through and stay cool. Only you, says Smokey Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's fire there can be wildfire. According to t
States with legal marijuana experience more of these, finds new study
Cannabis News
A new study finds a link between states with legal cannabis and more car crashes. While data regarding marijuana’s effect on driving has been analyzed, results haven’t been conclusive. But now a new study claims to have found a link between legal marijuana and car crashes. Published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, researchers saw an
Colorado’s MedPharm continues to blaze path for cannabis research in Alzheimer’s patients
Medical News
MedPharm Research, a leading cannabis researcher, announced today that the company’s proposal, which was submitted to the FY23 Cannabis Research Opportunity at the Colorado State University Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR), titled “Isolation and Pharmacological Evaluation of Phytocannabinoids for Alzheimer’s Disease,” has been selected for fund
WEED Inc. acquires Hempirical Genetics, with over 250 proprietary cannabis & hemp strains for $750K
Medical News
WEED, Inc. a global cannabis & hemp bioresearch company based in the USA, focused on the development and application of cannabis-derived compounds for the treatment of human and animal diseases, acquired 100% of Hempirical Genetics, LLC, for 2 million shares of common stock valued at $.25 per share and $250,000 in cash over 4 years. One million sha
Ghost Drops launches legacy players into legal market, establishes elite cannabis brand platform
Business & Finance
Ghost Drops, Canada's Most Notorious Cannabis Brand, announces "The League" – a new brand platform created to propel the best brands from the legacy realm into the legal market. Legends. Icons. Innovators. This is The League. Designed to elevate more trailblazing cannabis names from the shadows into the spotlight, The League is another example of G
Jenny's Rose connects with LEAF411 member network to offer cannabis customers no cost, live nurse consultations for safe consumption
Jenny's Rose, an innovation and mission driven cannabinoid technology company with unique products backed by 4 USPTO patents, is pleased to become a supporting member of LEAF411, a non-profit live nurse hotline and community education organization. LEAF411 offers businesses the opportunity to provide no cost, live access to cannabis trained healthc
Cannabis telemedicine launches in Montana
Cannabis telemedicine is now a reality for folks in Montana thanks to a platform called NuggMD, already available in several states. Telemedicine is a modern-day solution to healthcare problems for those in rural parts of the world, and now cannabis telemedicine also exists. Folks in Montana now have access to a platform called NuggMD that connects
Plastic waste from cannabis packaging is becoming a problem in the US and Canada
Cannabis News
In 2019, the environmental company Re Waste estimated that between 12.7 and 14.1 million pounds of plastic from cannabis packaging ended up in landfills between October 2018 and August 2019. Since cannabis became legal in Canada, sustainability still leaves room for improvement, mitigating the millions of pounds of plastic packaging that legal mari
Spotlight: Niklas Kouparanis, CEO of Bloomwell Group, on cannabis legalization in Germany
"Legalization will never happen overnight. We all know that, and it's important that it doesn't happen overnight because legalization is a huge step for a country. We saw that, for example, in Canada, where a lot of mistakes were made." Frankfurt-based Bloomwell Group, one of the largest cannabis companies in Europe, was co-founded in 2020 by broth
CBD may be effective for pain management after certain surgeries
Medical News
A new study says cannabidiol (CBD) can effectively relieve post-operation pain from rotator cuff surgery while being at least as safe as opioids. The study was presented last weekend at the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine annual meeting in Colorado Springs. It detailed research led by Dr. Michael J. Alaia, a sports orthopedic specia
What drought could mean for legal weed states running out of water
Cannabis farms are already subject to strict water regulations in several states, and some illegal growers have given those rule followers a bad name by association Over the last several months, photographs and stories of unprecedented and dramatically low water levels in the southwestern U.S. have made their way to the front page of national news.
Home Growers vs. home brewers — they’re more alike than you might think!
Cannabis News
Many of the main differences between amateur brewers and growers come down to the laws surrounding the product. In recent history there has been a growing interest in both home brewing beer and home growing marijuana. Home brewing kits have become a commonplace gift to give a male partner who enjoys craft beer. Meanwhile, year after year more state