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Since it was federally legalized in December 2018 by the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp—which is non-psychoactive cannabis—has had a rocky start, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) finally published the final rule overseeing the nation’s hemp growing program. This final rule, effective Monday, March 22, will not affect Wisconsin growers just yet,
CBD is saturating the market. You can drink it, eat it, vape it, or even use it on your skin. Many people are finding CBD cream a helpful supplement in combatting arthritis, inflammation, or itchy skin. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for a natural solution, you might want to try CBD cream. Keep reading to learn how CBD cream can he
The French Government’s medical cannabis trial saw its first patient prescribed a medicine at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital last Friday. Launched by France’s Minister for Solidarity and Health Olivier Véran, the trial aims to collect the first French data on the efficacy and safety of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, as well as to lay
One of the terms that is often used in the cannabis industry is “purity.” From a scientific perspective though, purity doesn’t actually have a lot of meaning; it simply implies that a substance is free of contaminants. And when it comes to a regulated consumable product like cannabis, that’s really a no-brainer. When many people discuss purity in c
CBD is an active ingredient derived from the cannabis plant that’s said to have medicinal effects, including the ability to reduce inflammation. Here are some of its other often-cited benefits. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is gaining popularity as a result of its wide variety of possible holistic applications. It seems to have become a promi
A new draft law currently on the desk of the Ministry of Development and Investment is likely to change the equation in not only Greece itself on the cannabis question, but the rest of Europe. Greece is a fascinating development in the entire discussion of cannabis reform. The country has moved, quietly, along with the discussion as reform has come
A new study refutes what many claim is a danger of legal cannabis, as the findings showed that, while alcohol can have an impact on cortical thickness in younger users, cannabis does not.  The study, titled “The effects of alcohol and cannabis use on the cortical thickness of cognitive control and salience brain networks in emerging adulthood: A co
If New Mexico is to become the latest state to embrace marijuana legalization, it will apparently take a special legislative session to pull it off. Lawmakers there have been summoned back to the state capital of Santa Fe for a special legislative session this week to tackle the issue, after a previous effort to end pot prohibition fell short. New
Read entire article at Technical420 During the last year, the global cannabis market has recorded significant advancements as new markets in the European Union (EU) and Latin America have started to gain traction.  Mexico is a market that has been in focus and is an opportunity we are excited about. The country is working to pass recreational canna
There is no doubt the cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth in the last few years. The industry has gained legalization in many locations, while other states are trying hard not to affirm it. This industry's dynamic growth sets its peak into 2021 as cannabis is gaining legalization globally, spreading its tentacles worldwide. Some factors
KANSAS CITY — Knowing regulatory requirements and getting rid of unwanted tastes will prove crucial when working with cannabidiol (CBD), a hemp extract. COVID-19 had a negative effect on sales last year, but the CBD category still shows promise. The total US hemp-based market stood at $912 million in 2020, up 0.4% from 2019, according to New Hope N
Marijuana convictions would be erased with the stroke of the New York governor’s pen under a pot legalization bill ready for a vote this week in the state Legislature. The measure (S.854A /A.1248A), details of which were released late Saturday, calls for the automatic expungement of records for people with previous convictions for activities that w
Canadian legalization of cannabis has resulted in an absolute boom in pot stocks in recent years. Indeed, this past year has been no different. Canadian-listed cannabis stocks have more than doubled from March 2020 lows. That’s a great thing for cannabis investors looking for a move with tonnes of upside. However, some analysts believe these moves
The new Food Network competition, hosted by comedian Ron Funches, will debut April 20 on discovery+ The Food Network has high hopes for cannabis content. The network is launching "Chopped 420," a new twist on its cooking competition "Chopped," which will task contestants to cook with cannabis, Deadline reported. The network is launching "Chopped 42
By 2025, Delta-8 products may triple in the market, leading to more choices in products for consumers. Many CBD products are available today, but not many people know about Delta-8. In this article, we’ll explore Delta 8 hemp flower as well as market size, and future forecasts for the compound. What are Delta-8 Flowers and Do They Exist? Delta-8 Te
See how cannabis stocks like Sundial Growers, Trulieve and Tilray performed last week after New York agreed to a deal to legalize marijuana use. The cannabis sector was down this past week as investors turned their backs on speculative stock plays and looked at reopening stocks to buy as the U.S. gets closer to fully reopening its economy. Cannabis