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But first, we need to do these 5 things. Billions of dollars are sitting at the doorstep of Capitol Hill, begging to participate in the economy. But with some wise moves by the Federal government and regulatory agencies, cannabis-generated revenue could be a significant answer to our financial crisis stemming from the pandemic.  For proof, look at
Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON) (TSX: CRON) stock fell over 13% to lately trade at $6.03 after the company reported a net loss for the second quarter of $107 million versus last year’s earnings of $185 million for the same time period. The loss of $0.31 cents per share was worse than the FactSet estimate for a loss of $0.07 per share. Original lin
The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency reports that a number of pre-rolls have been contaminated with human saliva. State regulators in Michigan issued a recall order for pre-rolled joints sold at more than a dozen retailers over reports that an employee in a marijuana processing facility licked the products as they were being made. The recall or
"Not one person at the top knew what they were doing," one former employee told dot.LA. A new series from dot.LA is chronicling the demise of the cannabis-focused startup Genius Fund.  The company was financed by Russian oligarch Dmitry Borisovich Bosov, who invested roughly $164 million. The venture was run by two twenty-somethings, Ari Stiegler a
Cannabis tourism is not a new concept. For many decades vacationers have flocked to cannabis hotspots like Amsterdam, Jamaica, Thailand, and other international destinations often associated with cannabis, albeit unregulated cannabis. Options for legal cannabis tourism have increased in recent years with the spread of cannabis reform. Canada is a p
The AHA found that smoking THC causes your heart to beat faster, demand more oxygen, and possibly cause a higher blood pressure when inactive. A review of previous studies connecting heart health and smoking cannabis may cause you to reconsider your consumption habits. Conducted by the American Heart Association and published in the organization’s
Can These Pot Stocks Continue to Show Momentum? Marijuana stocks have seen a wild past year or so. In that time, many popular pot stocks to watch have fallen and then climbed back up. With so much volatility in the cannabis industry, how do we know which big-name pot stocks may be future winners? Well, we can start by identifying some common factor
After pandemic-related cuts, cannabis hiring is expected to resume in the latter part of 2020 -- except at the executive level. Industry recruiting platform Vangst surveyed 39 U.S. companies about their hiring intentions this year and found that 36 per cent reduced headcount while another 33 per cent used temporary employee furloughs in response to
Patrick Mahomes is adding a little Canadian — and cannabis — content to his rapidly expanding portfolio. Kansas City’s Super Bowl champion quarterback signed on the dotted line with BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. this week to become a partner for the brand as it focuses on healthy sports nutrition, according to Forbes. BioSteel, which was acquired
For years now, cannabis companies and their leaders have struggled to leverage digital advertising in order to tell their story and raise brand awareness. Popular platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram are not as cannabis-friendly as one might think. So in an age where content is king, what’s the best move for a cannabis leader working hard
s legal cannabis markets continue to expand rapidly across the globe, Canada is uniquely positioned to develop international safety guidelines for the emerging industry. On Tuesday, safety science consultant firm UL said it has teamed up with the Standards Council of Canada to host a workshop to address the safety, security and sustainability of th
It seems the latest corruption scandals in the cannabis industry could be just the tip of the iceberg. On December 19, 2019, an undercover FBI agent attended a meeting with two Calexico city officials, Bruno Suarez-Soto and David Romero. He presented himself as a representative of investors seeking to open a cannabis dispensary in Calexico. Accordi
Arkansas-based beer distributor Premium Brands of Northwest Arkansas is adding a hemp beverage to its lineup. Original link
Mike Straumietis, the CEO of Advanced Nutrients — which bills itself as the no. 1-selling cannabis fertilizer brand in the world — is the brains behind a new cannabis business competition series, set to premiere later this month.  Sixteen cannabis entrepreneurs will compete for a $1 million prize and the chance to partner with Advanced Nutrients, w
Banking institutions and accountants offering services to cannabis businesses would have a safe harbor in California law under one of the weed-related bills awaiting state lawmakers’ action when they return to Sacramento this week. One measure (A.B. 1525) says financial services, including public accounting firms, don’t commit a crime under any Cal
If you think the stock market has gone for a wild ride over the past five months, take a closer look at how marijuana stocks have performed over the past couple of years. Through the first quarter of 2019, investors could have thrown a dart while blindfolded at a list of publicly traded pot stocks and had a good shot at landing a triple-digit retur