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Virtually every business needs access to banking services, including a bank account to put money in, checks and debit cards, and other services that banks offer. Unfortunately, members of the cannabis industry are often locked out of receiving banking services because of cannabis’ legal status in many countries. Nowhere is that on greater display t
One of the only bright spots in 2020 was the emerging cannabis industry. Whereas the ongoing global pandemic has negatively impacted virtually every other industry on earth, the legal international cannabis industry has powered forward. According to data firm BDSA, spending on the legal cannabis industry is expected to top $20 billion in 2020, up f
While it could take several months or more than a year for marijuana and cannabis businesses to hit the ground running on sales of the product, there’s another challenge facing the industry that will take federal legislation to resolve. Working with a bank remains one of the challenges for the industry. Original link
Department of Agriculture officials said that 323 farmers have applied for permits to be able to grow hemp in South Carolina. Last year, 265 farmers grew the crop. It was first legalized in 2018 and grown by 20 people that year. Hemp is considered to be one of the biggest trends in the farming world with research firms estimating it to be a $20 bil
The Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois has green lit what many others have said they want — and should — do: make reparations to Black residents for the effects of slavery. Original link
Product-liability cases are among the most damaging lawsuits a business can face. The cases – often involving a defective product that causes injury or even death – can be time-consuming and costly. They also can tarnish a brand’s reputation. Yet many cannabis businesses don’t take this threat as seriously as they should, experts said. Marijuana bu
Banks including Citigroup and Bank of America were happy to look the other way when customers used their credit and debit cards to buy marijuana online, said lawyers defending two men accused of defrauding banks into processing pot purchases. “Marijuana is a big business and it’s big business for everyone involved, including the banks,” Christopher
The stimulus checks that many Americans are beginning to receive this week could also stimulate the cannabis industry, namely the dispensaries. Viridian Capital Advisors said it expects the latest stimulus check will translate to higher than normal retail sales in the near-term, as well as inflated wholesale prices, which are driven by that stronge
One of the main incentives that governments around the world have to create a regulatory framework for the cannabis industry is: The tax collection that this industry generates. Mexico is shaping up to be one of the main industry markets in the world , if we can configure and establish an attractive and competitive market.It is important to recogni
In a budding industry, every year seems to possess a distinct significance. As someone who has traversed the globe advising on all things cannabis for more than a decade, I can confidently say that no two years have been the same. New patterns and market fluctuations come and go rapidly - a fairly common occurrence as a nascent industry builds its
The CBD market has always been a tough place to succeed. And companies experienced yet more hurdles in 2020, as a pandemic and an assortment of lawsuits gripped the industry. In the face of such strong headwinds, it seems like it’ll also be hard for CBD businesses to grow in 2021. But it won’t be impossible. Despite obvious difficulties, the indust
Here is the first thing you should know about the Polish cannabis discussion: People here go through extreme lengths to obtain cannabis if not set up shop. It sounds a lot like North America circa several years ago. That includes going to jail. The country technically has passed medical reform, but this has mostly been driven by lobbyists and repre
The year 2020 was a good one for cannabis stocks, and 2021 is looking even better. Many investors find it hard to go all in on U.S. cannabis stocks, given that a lack of federal legalization keeps them from trading on the major exchanges. But these over-the-counter stocks have more room to grow as the cannabis industry is rapidly evolving. Cannabis
On any given day, more than a million dollars worth of cannabis products are on the move at the Nabis warehouse in Oakland, California. Products like cannabis-infused chocolate bars and berry-flavored vape cartridges sit on the shelves, waiting for pick-up and shipping to dispensaries across the state. This movement of goods – facilitated by the Na
In its annual National Drug Threat Assessment report, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) calls out hemp production as a way for drug trafficking organizations to cover up illicit cannabis operations. In its report, the DEA says a “significant number of hemp businesses and grow operations” are owned and operated by people illegally produ
Missouri health authorities recently began revoking a handful of medical marijuana business permits after most of the state's would-be cannabis companies weren't ready to open for business roughly a year after winning the licenses, which would allow them to grow and sell the plant for lawful patients provided they met their "commencement" deadlines