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A bill that would allow future marijuana shops and hemp businesses to use South Dakota banks will move forward to the House floor after a unanimous vote of approval by the House Commerce & Energy Committee. House Bill 1203 lays proactive groundwork for banks and their subsidiaries to work with any person that acquires an industrial hemp or marijuan
Humboldt County made quite a considerable name for itself in California, and across the U.S. for cannabis enthusiasts, as a mecca for growing and cultivating cannabis in the early days of medical legalization, and even before. Now, the county has made a bold move, permanently banning all outdoor cultivation of low-THC hemp.  Original link
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new pieces of legislation Tuesday that detail aspects of and add to the state’s proposal for adult-use recreational marijuana. Three new amendments to the proposed recreational legalization would enable delivery services, adjust criminal charges related to black market sales, and detail how funds generated by new taxes a
The emerging legal cannabis industry is going global, with a growing list of countries that have legalized cannabis for adult and/or medical use, and even more countries exploring a similar move. At the same time, the world’s climate is changing, with extreme weather patterns picking up in frequency and severity all over the world. Climate change i
Over a year after the passage of Barbados’ Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, the Caribbean island nation officially opened for business last month, January 2021. The launch of the sector in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic comes at an ideal time. The local Barbados economy, as well as the wider regional Caribbean economy have long been dependent o
There is so much promise for the cannabis industry, but so much zigging and zagging in search of sustainable profitability. From the minute that Joe Biden took the oath of office, a new leader perceived to be a cannabis industry supporter, the cannabis industry has seemed ripe for an investor explosion. There has been money on the sidelines waiting
The cannabis space is red hot right now, with newly powerful Democratic leaders saying they plan to make reform legislation a key priority in the current Congress. Over the past year of the pandemic, the industry has seen massive gains as many states with “stay in place” mandates identified the category as an “essential service.” Nevertheless, we h
You'd struggle to find an industry that's generated more robust returns than cannabis in recent months. The ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF, a basket fund that contains an assortment of direct and ancillary marijuana stocks, is up 212% since the end of October (through Feb. 10). Original link
Jeanette Miller says she’s one of hundreds of farmers who were encouraged to devote acreage to an up-and-coming crop that held promise, but is now watching it all slip away. Miller, who operates Eclectic Farmstead in Newfane in western New York, said farmers spent upward of $50,000 to cover costs associated with growing hemp and were waiting for th
More than 18,000 workers are employed in Michigan’s marijuana industry, nearly double the number of cannabis jobs in the state a year ago, according to a new cannabis industry jobs report. “There are now more cannabis workers than cops in Michigan,” said the fifth annual Leafly jobs report, released Tuesday. “In a state known for its auto industry,
As a dispensary builder, one of the most common questions we’re asked is: How much does it cost to build a cannabis dispensary? We usually answer that question with about 20 questions of our own, because no two cannabis retail stores are the same. Even when we build dispensaries for national companies that specify the same design and finishes, we f
Sales of marijuana concentrates shot up more than 40 percent last year and accounted for a larger share of the overall cannabis market, as consumers became more comfortable with the intricate process of dabbing and new technology has made the products easier to use. In addition, some consumers are moving away from vape products because of respirato
State Rep. Yadira Caraveo says her proposal to limit the potency of marijuana sold recreationally in Colorado was just in its beginning stages. But when draft legislation was recently leaked and prominent figures in the state’s cannabis industry created an uproar, the measure started unraveling.  Now, Caraveo, a Thornton Democrat and pediatrician,
Will These 3 Cannabis Stocks Give Investors More Market Value Currently, in 2021, there has been more money invested in marijuana stocks and the industry as a whole. As the cannabis industry gears up for the potential of federal cannabis reform there is great excitement behind it. Because of this investors have been making sure they don’t miss a go
Lauren Lerch witnessed the unthinkable: She was at a Las Vegas music festival in 2017 when a gunman opened fire and killed 58 people. Lerch escaped physically unharmed, but the experience gave her PTSD. “I’d hear a car backfire and I’d hit the ground,” says the 37-year-old California mother of three. She struggled with depression, anxiety, and pani