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According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Google searches for CBD and hemp have risen steadily since 2014. The growing public interest, coupled with the passage of the 2018 farm bill, led to an agricultural boom in hemp farming across the United States in 2019 resulting in a massive glut and crashing prices. Subsequently, U.S. a
After years of revisions, Maine’s marijuana regulators are finally putting the state’s medical marijuana program in synch with state laws. Original link
Hemp growers in Michigan say they’re frustrated by the new regulations and fees for reporting hemp samples. The changes by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development leave many hemp growers saying it’s uncertain if they can afford to grow next season. Industrial hemp in Michigan started with a 2018 federal law that removed hemp, k
Hemp Acres, located in Waconia, Minn., is expanding its hemp processing operation.    “We have recently taken the leap to secure 37,000 square feet of food-grade space, just a couple miles from my farm, and have been converting it to a food-grade facility over the last few months,” said Charles Levine, owner of Hemp Acres. Hemp Acres came to fruiti
From the point of view of cannabis extraction, scaling production isn’t always a simple equation. Scaling extraction means putting together puzzle pieces, often within rigid constructs of local regulations, astronomical equipment costs, and overwhelming data management.  Even when a new extraction machine is financially feasible, local laws may res
Hemp, a weed that was long regarded as a forbidden plant and included on the country's narcotics list, is taking Thailand by storm. Ten categories of goods or products ranging from mouth spray, food supplements, skincare products and energy drinks to painkillers and spa products are cashing in on hemp's hype after the government legalised commercia
New Jersey’s cannabis business community is eager to roll up its sleeves and get to work now that laws are in place and the regulatory body to govern it has been seated. And while many business questions abound as to how the marketplace will unfurl, how the state’s social equity provisions will take shape continues to be at the heart of much of the
Cannabis may be one of the hottest investments of the year. Original link
The origin story for Mothers Mary, an online community of mothers who consume cannabis, begins on Facebook. Original link
As cannabis sales begin to skyrocket and more states start to legalize, entrepreneurs from all walks of life are flocking to cannabis to pursue exciting, equitable, and profitable ventures in a young and white-hot industry.  Not so long ago, I was one of them. In 2017, I co-founded the cannatech enterprise Veriheal with my business partner Sam Adet
A diverse group of cannabis cultivation and manufacturing experts came together in January to form the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition (SCC). Members of the group will work proactively with their industry peers to promote proven sustainable best practices that can be implemented at scale across the cannabis market. Original link
Hopefully, in time, these cities will reevaluate the deleterious effects these ordinances have on sales taxes and consumer choice. Arizonans knew zoning issues could cause headaches for dispensary owners. However, what was unanticipated are the new bans by some of the Arizona cities for recreational marijuana establishments. Shortly after the passa
It’s fascinating how people choose their cannabis products, especially terpenes and flower. It wasn’t that long ago when the only option was cannabis flower via a local unregulated dealer, and likely only one or two options were available at that. The “I will take what I can get” strains were the most popular because, well, that was all that was av
Are These Cannabis Stocks On Your March Watchlist? On February 23rd the entire stock market was down. This presented a good chance to find top marijuana stocks to buy at lower prices. Moments like this can be a good opportunity for investors as prices start to dip. Now just because you buy the dip does not always mean that a particular cannabis sto
A handful of small, young Australian firms are taking a chance on Europe in spite of the region's diverse markets, hopeful that a capital-light investment strategy will diminish their risks. Europe could be a hard market to crack as regulations vary by country, but favourable rulings for medical marijuana and potential demand are promising factors.
Cultivation, one of humanity’s oldest crafts, is undergoing radical transformation. And it has cannabis grows to thank for it.   The roots of farming go back more than 12,000 years as hunter-gatherers established agrarian communities to centralize food production, sharing the work and harvest. Naturally, these early societies recognized that certai