As marijuana policies shift within pro sports leagues, could the NCAA be next?
The league’s new labor agreement eased rules about players’ use and caught up with many sports that had already liberalized their policies.
The National Football League is about to make a dramatic change to its drug testing policy thanks to a new collective bargaining agreement that was brokered between players and owners over the weekend.
With spring training now in full swing, Major League Baseball is further clarifying its stance on marijuana.
The proposed NFL collective bargaining agreement reportedly features far less stringent policing of marijuana use by players.
Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals fans can’t legally use medical marijuana to treat the suffering caused by their teams, the State Medical Board of Ohio ruled Wednesday.
Because of the recent health and wellness trend, cannabis is gaining popularity for being a gluten-free, no calorie substitute for alcoholic beverages.
A study of cannabis users found 82% of people partaking in exercise use cannabis before or after their workout, reporting it increases enjoyment, enhances recovery, and heightens motivation.
In the bone-crunching, muscle-wrenching sport of football, staying on the field when injured is a challenging priority for NFL players.
Thanks to changes in WADA policies, Olympic athletes can use CBD legally for the first time.
The pain of defeat Browns fans experience over and over again can sometimes be too much bear.
Former NBA big man Al Harrington has emerged as one of the biggest supporters of marijuana use within the league today.
Major League Baseball and its Players Association just might have made themselves leaders in the latest social progression movement in professional sports.
MLB and the MLB Players Association are negotiating changes to the drug agreement that would introduce opioid testing.
Former NBA Commissioner David Stern says the league’s ban on marijuana is outdated and should be reconsidered in the next collective bargaining agreement.
“People can do very well to use a little cannabis after an exertion activity to limit inflammation."