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U.S. Academics Are Diving into the Cannabis Industry - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Thanks to winter-sports entrepreneur Jim McAlpine, weed jocks now have their own national series of events, the 420 Games.
Seniors with access to medical marijuana use fewer prescription drugs – Cannabis News
Medical News
Are athletes who tout marijuana’s performance-enhancing effects onto something – or just on something?
This Dispenary Is Part Funhouse, Part Diner, and All Trippy
Cannabis News
Former Chicago Bulls guard and three-time Duke All-American Jay Williams says it’s about time the NBA gets more progressive when it comes to marijuana.
Illinois Governor Issues More Than 11,000 Pardons For Low-Level Marijuana Convictions - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
(CNN) The NFL and the NFL Players Association have a staunch policy prohibiting marijuana use, but some players are asking them to reconsider it, saying pot can be used for pain relief, and possibly as concussion prevention.
Rep. Blumenauer to Congress: Let medical marijuana research help solve opioid crisis - Cannabis News
The District recently marked the first anniversary of its legalization of recreational marijuana. And as the city is home to so many fitness-minded people, it’s likely that at least a few of them are wondering whether it makes sense, or whether it’s even safe, to incorporate pot into their exercise regimens.
Social Life Network Launches New Cannabis Marketing Technology
Press Releases
FORT WORTH - Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon smoked marijuana long before the drug was legalized. “[Former Bears coach] Mike Ditka would say, ‘Oh, all you guys, you pot smokers,’ That’s what he’d call us. ‘You pot smokers.’ ” McMahon said Sunday.
What does a Cannabis Testing lab do? New Grand Rapids Lab tells us
Business & Finance
Reports of NFL players trying to get the same effects of marijuana without actually smoking it has observers wondering if the league should relax on their drug policy a bit.
Get Paid to Study Cannabis! $20,000 Scholarship Announced
Ricky Williams doesn't shy away from his support for marijuana. He used the drug as a means of recovery from the pounding he took over his 10-year NFL career, which included two seasons (2002 and 2003) leading the league in rush attempts with a combined 775 carries.
Medical Marijuana Ice Cream a New Way to Beat the Heat in Oklahoma - Cannabis News
Business & Finance
With the countdown underway for Super Bowl 50, there’s a renewed focus on the NFL’s high rate of injuries and concussions, and whether the league should be open to players using medical marijuana to treat their pain.
Fire law: Marijuana in the workplace
Former Super Bowl champion and Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon says an unfairly demonized drug helped him recover from the pain of his football career: medical marijuana.
Momentum building for legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Hawaii
Cannabis News
An upcoming marijuana business conference will, to NBA fans, feature a very familiar face.
Almost 17,000 illegal Cannabis Plants found in 87 Greenhouses in Oregon
LAS VEGAS – Count Michael Chiesa and Rose Namajunas among the many backers for continued reform in the war against marijuana.
Oregon: In the shadow of marijuana, hemp industry is starting to develop - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Football players take an alarming array of pain medication to get back on the field but some believe medical cannabis is a safer and more effective alternative.
Fields of Green: Could hemp be South Carolina’s next cash crop? - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- At least one-third of the Power Five conference schools are not punishing athletes as harshly as they were 10 years ago for testing positive for marijuana and other so-called recreational drugs, according to an investigation by The Associated Press.
Call For UK CBD And Medical Cannabis Reform
Medical News
Tiffany Mraz ~ KPHO.com ~   PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) - Some former NFL players think marijuana is the answer to chronic pain, head injuries and saving lives. 
Cannabis holds promise for pain management, reducing the need for opioid painkillers
Edgar Thompson, Brendan Sonnone and Shannon Green ~ Orlando Sentinel ~   Schools are stuck enforcing the rules of a college-football system that hasn't embraced some of society's growing acceptance of marijuana use.