When exercising, many people need to clear their mind and focus on the task at hand. Luckily, different cannabis strains can help make this a reality thus allowing individuals to get down to business and meet their workout goals.
These veteran curlers hope to bring some new life to the sport by combining it with cannabis.
For many runners, training for distance can have a grueling impact on the mind and body. This is why many long-distance runners have been turning to cannabis for its anti-inflammatory and pain reduction qualities.
"There’s no miracle cure, but if you seriously take (CBD) every day, you will notice a lot less inflammation and sleep better.”
“The NHL is ahead of the curve. I think the other leagues should really look at that.”
“Cannabis can be helpful for sports both during activity and afterward. Its primary role is that of a pain reliever, which can be helpful in both situations."
Ross Rebagliati was stripped of 1998 Olympic gold medal after positive test for the drug.
Marijuana legalization is coming to Canada on Wednesday, which means that more teams in North American sports are going to have weed legalized within their territory.
There are fitness buffs who are keen to dispel the stereotype of the lazy stoner, with amateur athletes, health-and-wellness gurus, and marketing experts touting the potential of cannabis-fuelled workouts that go well beyond ganja yoga.
Moms in Ohio are freaking out about the Ohio State Buckeyes allegedly decorating their football helmets with cannabis leaves.
"We had an incredible response, way beyond and better than what we ever imagined.”
British Columbia Golf Association survey finds younger players plan to smoke weed.
Most of the nation’s largest cannabis science conference this week featured wonky research papers. The exception was a group of professional athletes, who took the stage to promote cannabis in sports.
Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is having a moment right now, and for good reason.
Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving has finally spoken about getting suspended for using cannabis.
More and more professional athletes are advocating for using cannabis to enhance their performance and to relieve pain caused by sport-related injuries.