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Best CBD oil for pain: The complete guide to finding the right product
Medical News
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said marijuana and its potential in treating football-related injuries is “a medical issue” that the league is interested in researching further.
Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program Off To A Healthy Start
Medical News
IRVINE, Calif. — The NFL has written to the NFL Players Association offering to work in tandem to study the potential use of marijuana as a pain management tool for players, according to people familiar with the situation.
Drinking THC: What To Know Before You Try
Cannabis News
Troy Smith brought a Heisman Trophy to Ohio, and a little over a decade later, he is hoping to bring the state medical marijuana, too.
Biden-Sanders Task Force Does Not Recommend Legalizing Marijuana
Smoking anything before hitting the gym might seem like a bad choice, but a new California gym is betting on marijuana as a performance enhancer for its members.
Can marijuana actually help you exercise? I got high and ran 6 miles to find out - Cannabis News
While the idea of adding cannabis to your workout routine still seems somewhat counter-intuitive, it's gradually gaining acceptance.
Cannabis and Fitness: Which Routines Pair Best With a High? - Cannabis News
Cannabis consumers are as varied as they come, and as such there are plenty of people who both toke and enjoy taking care of their health.
NFL players fight pain with medical marijuana: ‘Managing it with pills was slowly killing me’ - Cannabis News
Retired NFL players use opioids at four times the rate of the general population, according to one study, and marijuana advocates say there’s a safer, healthier alternative available.
Inside The Science Of A Cannabis Breakthrough
Business & Finance
While the NFL draft dominated the Ben Franklin Parkway on Friday, several former players met at the Union League to discuss medical marijuana with cannabis entrepreneurs, scientists, and advocates.
Marijuana Mood Ring: What do Cannabis Colors Mean? - Cannabis News
Some people stretch before they workout. Others smoke a joint.
The Importance Of Terpenes In Cannabis & Their Powerful Impact On Health - Cannabis News
Medical News
In Major League Baseball, the family-friendly American sport, no one smokes weed. Allegedly. Wink. Nudge.
Montana marijuana FAQ
Business & Finance
Professional and retired mainstream athletes are already using forms of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) for acute and long-term pain management.
Canopy Growth vs. Aurora Cannabis: Which Is the Better Buy?
Business & Finance
If the Cowboys owner gets his way, we could see fewer player suspensions.
Sheriff: Illegal grow operation with an estimated $50 million in marijuana shut down
Franco Harris is joining to movement for medical marijuana. While the Steelers legend is in good physical and mental health after a lengthy football career, he openly approves marijuana use for the days he doesn't feel so great and has become a strong advocate for current players to use the plant for medicine.
Canada: Former BC health minister Terry Lake to join growing marijuana company
World News
The idea that Ross Rebagliati’s gold medal -- the first Olympic medal to be awarded in the history of snowboarding -- should end up on display at a cannabis dispensary owned by Rebagliati himself, is astonishing, ironic, and entirely fitting.
Cannabis Delivery To Ireland Is Here To Stay
Sure, you've got a great fitness routine that's doing wonders for you. But have you ever tried working out while high?
‘Individuals being criminalized for possession is not something I think most New Zealanders support’
What’s happening in the NFL is an example of what your weed-loving friends have always told you.