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This Is How Marijuana Could Go Federally Legal In 2021
Kyle Turley believes marijuana counters the effects of CTE and he wants the NFL to allow players to use it.
Now they're blaming drugs for America's massacre problem
Changes in the country's attitude toward marijuana use may be taking effect in football.
Festival Organizer Says Snow Sports And Cannabis Are Like 'Peanut Butter And Jelly' – Cannabis News
“Skiing is a very creative sport…your brain just goes to this flow state where you’re not even thinking, you’re just skiing, and cannabis just helps you get into that zone.”
NBA Star Power comes out for a Cannabis basketball tournament at Footprint Center
Medical News
A majority of NFL players feel that use of chemical painkillers would be reduced if the league allowed a therapeutic use exemption for marijuana use.
Hemp About To Be Removed From Texas’ Controlled Substances List - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Jim McMahon will appear on ‘Thursday Night Football’ in his home state stumping not for the navy blue and orange — but for green.
Will the UK finally decriminalise Cannabis in 2023?
Apart from the reality that it’s the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do for the business of the NFL.
When will Hawaii's medical marijuana dispensaries open? – Cannabis News
The NFL continues an authoritarian stance on marijuana use while team doctors still dole out powerful and addictive painkillers.
Hemp Byproducts are good alternative feed for Lambs, Oregon State study finds
Cannabis is quickly becoming a popular supplement for athletes, and it can help you, too.
Michigan Report: Gov. Whitmer Consolidates Cannabis And Hemp Regulation To Increase Efficiency
BEFORE he suited up to play against the New York Giants in 2012, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Eben Britton took an ice bath followed by a hot shower. He did his routine stretches. Then he smoked a joint.
Cannabis Beverages Offer A Trendy Alternative To Alcohol
Cannabis News
Former NY Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall has partnered with a New Jersey pharmacy to market medical marijuana.
This Jamaican Scientist's Marijuana-based Anti-Cancer Drug Has Been Approved by the FDA
World News
How the retired QB is trying to save the NFL with medical marijuana.
Virginia senators kill governor's amendment to criminalize cannabis possession
There is a growing community of athletes that believe cannabis can improve athletic performance.
German Cannabis Flower Market is Ready to Explode
We in the American marijuana community lit up with sly smiles when Michael Phelps was selected to carry our United States flag at the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics.
How Cannabis Helps Ultramarathoner Avery Collins Run 100 Miles – Cannabis News
As the CannAthlete movement continues to emerge within legal states like Colorado, more athletes are incorporating cannabis into their workout routines.
Should COVID-19 Allow Medical Patients To Grow Marijuana At Home? - Cannabis News
Medical News
Marijuana use has been a dicey subject for Olympic athletes in the past.
High achievements: Notable Olympic athletes and cannabis – Cannabis News
Cannabis is beloved among some of the greatest athletes on the globe. The most decorated gold medalist to ever walk the earth, Michael Phelps, has partaken in the past.