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Ex-NFL Players Create Parody Commercials to Call Out Anti-Marijuana Policies - Cannabis News
Several former NFL players have made statements criticizing the league for enforcing rules that ban medical marijuana while being completely fine with athletes using dangerous prescription painkillers.
How (the Right Strain of) Weed Can Help Your Workout - Cannabis News
A trainer shares the fitness pros of marijuana use.
Leon commissioners schedule marijuana workshop, pause on homeless shelter and CRTPA proposals
Cannabis is not on the NHL’s list of banned substances because it isn’t considered performance-enhancing. But that doesn’t mean it’s officially condoned.
Cannabis in the workplace: Employers’ obligations
Business & Finance
See which professional athletes have toked as much as they've scored.
Touchdown: Cannabis Consumers Prefer the NFL Over all Other Pro-Sports - Cannabis News
In a new study recently conducted by Green Market Report in conjunction with Cannabis Research Around Cannabis and their partner Local Sports Insights (LSI), the sports preferences of cannabis consumers around the country resulted in a win for the NFL and football overall.
Can cannabis help you get in shape? - Cannabis News
Some are tapping into marijuana’s psychoactive effects to quiet the brain during intense yoga sessions and other mind-oriented sports, such as running or swimming. Others use cannabis products that don’t make them high but, instead, create effects that users insist help them train harder and longer, with less pain and faster recovery times.
Long lines as Missouri's first medical marijuana dispensaries open
Medical News
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which governs drug testing in the Olympics and sets the standard for anti-doping guidelines in more than 600 sports leagues around the globe, released their updated list of banned substances for 2018.
How Hemp Can Save The Environment
An overview of how different sports leagues, professional and amateur, view cannabis consumption regarding their athletes.
Reggie Williams Opens Up About His Journey from NFL Star to Cannabis Activist - Cannabis News
Medical marijuana put the veteran athlete back on his feet; now he wants to make sure current players have the same opportunity.
How Cannabis Helped NHL Enforcer Riley Cote Survive His Hockey Career - Cannabis News
Professional hockey is one of the world’s most physically demanding sports. NHL players take a beating night in, night out for over 80 games a season.
Alaska Could Be The First State To Legalize And License Marijuana Lounges - Cannabis News
Nearly 20 years ago, Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati became one of the first olympians to come out of the cannabis closet after testing positive for THC at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.
Does smoking marijuana increase the risk of lung cancer? The jury’s still out
Medical News
Top performers enter tricky landscape with pending legalization of weed.
What Are Hemp Buds?
Cannabis News
Could the NBA allow players to (openly) use cannabis? It just may happen.
Legal Weed: How Republicans Learned to Love Marijuana - Cannabis News
We asked coaches, under the condition of anonymity, to share their stances on marijuana and whether players should still be punished for using it.
Not too late to cash in on New Mexico's green rush
Business & Finance
Canada’s elite athletes are smoking, eating and investing in marijuana. Is a toke before stepping to the start line far off?
Former NFL player on painkiller addiction: Marijuana a 'godsend,' NFL should allow it - Cannabis News
Ryan O'Callaghan abused painkillers during his career but now uses marijuana because it's 'not addicting.'