Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ A Florida-based firm is opening three new offices in cities where cannabis is an emerging industry, and it has plans to open more.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ The Denver-based Sensi Media Group is launching pro-cannabis publications that focus on local issues, trends and lifestyles, with the goal of shifting the national focus away from marijuana’s outlaw past.
Bruce Kennedy ~ ~ How a former cosmetics industry executive is looking to break new ground with a new line of hemp-derived products.
Bruce Kennedy ~ ~ The expo comes as hemp advocates say the current Industrial Hemp Farming Act could be the most important jobs bill that Congress sees this session.
Bruce Kennedy ~ ~ A recent law seminar on industrial hemp underscores the industry’s challenges and opportunities.
Bruce Kennedy ~ Weedworthy ~ How good communications from your cannabis business can help advance the national dialogue on marijuana legalization.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ A new company, founded by a group of microbiologists, underscores some of the new ideas and products coming out of the legal cannabis sector.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~  As the legal pot industry grows, so do concerns over the security of cannabis products, as well as on-site cash, company employees and customers.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ Scalia’s passing could bring a halt to the Supreme Court’s consideration of any major cannabis-related rulings, at least for now.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ As the legal marijuana movement grows so does the need for compliance professionals, who can assist those businesses in staying out of regulatory trouble.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ Experts say legal cannabis companies have to keep meticulous records if they don’t want to run afoul of federal, state and community tax officials.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ Businesses linked to the legal marijuana industry are seeing strong consumer interest during the year-end holiday shopping season.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ The legalization of marijuana is not only taking the cannabis industry out of the shadows; it’s also moving it outdoors and into the sunshine.
What does the legal marijuana industry have to be grateful for, as it celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday and looks ahead to 2016? Evan Nison, president of NisonCo, a New Jersey-based public relations firm, recently asked some cannabis business leaders to comment on that subject. Here are their thoughts:
 Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ On Wednesday November 11, Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the U.S., American military veterans from the Weed For Warriors Project will end their national awareness tour by emptying bags of empty pill bottles at the gates of the White House. 
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~ LED lamps, while still controversial, are being touted by some cannabis entrepreneurs as a low-energy, environmentally-friendly way to control the industry’s costs.