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CBD company Green Growth Brands is taking over malls, to open 70 shops in Brookfield deal - Cannabis News
Real Estate
CBD is taking over the mall.
Legal weed can raise the roof on home prices - Cannabis News
Real Estate
Experts suggest that property values get a contact high from retail marijuana because home buyers, entrepreneurs and job seekers who flood a newly legal marketplace create “unprecedented business and employment opportunities.”
Pot & Real Estate: Port Hueneme's marijuana industry has commercial property values blazing - Cannabis News
Real Estate
Call it the “pot premium.” It’s driving up commercial real estate prices in the little seaside city that threw out the welcome mat to cannabis after voter approval in 2016 to legalize recreational marijuana in California.
In One Michigan City, Real Estate Frenzy For Medical Marijuana Properties - Cannabis News
Real Estate
The “green rush” is on – a mad race among prospective marijuana businesses that's having dramatic effects on the local commercial real estate market.
Los Angeles will be home to the largest U.S. building occupied exclusively by cannabis tenants - Cannabis News
Real Estate
Located in the Jewelry District, the project will be occupied exclusively by businesses in the cannabis industry. The Santa Monica-based developers are hoping the building will help transform the neighborhood.
Worried The Pot Shop Next Door Will Lower Your Property Value? Realtors Say You Shouldn't Be - Cannabis News
Real Estate
Legal weed really doesn't mean the neighborhood will go to pot after all.
Check Out the World’s First Cannabis Superstore in Las Vegas - Cannabis News
Real Estate
Is it the Walmart of weed? Or the Disneyland of weed? Perhaps a little bit of both.
Cannabis, coworking, and the marijuana-industry land rush - Cannabis News
Real Estate
As the cannabis industry matures, so too will the real estate industry associated with this heavily regulated business.
How will Canada's budding marijuana industry impact warehouses?
Real Estate
Warehouses in Canada could soon be housing more than an ever-increasing flow of packages from the online shopping boom.
Michigan Marijuana Industrial Park Sells Out 63 Acres - Cannabis News
Real Estate
A marijuana industrial park in Windsor Township, Mich. has sold out of all 10 lots of its first phase of development, totaling 63 acres.
Studies: CBD shows potential in treating crack cocaine addiction
Medical News
Christoph Rossner​ is using a former NATO air base in his quest to become Germany's leading medicinal weed grower.
Yale creates Cannabis research center to study impacts on mental health
Business & Finance
Taking advantage of an impending boom in industrial space for marijuana growers — notably class-B and class-C warehouses — isn’t as simple as just snatching up properties and signing up tenants.
Pro-Marijuana group says state officials may have broken laws
Industrial rents in already-pricey cities like Los Angeles and Boston are poised to rise further thanks to one burgeoning industry: cannabis.
Arizonans spent more than $1.4 billion on marijuana in 2022, driven by recreational sales
Business & Finance
It's marijuana-friendly because state law allows marijuana use on private property.
South Dakota court rejects cannabis initiative on narrow constitutional grounds
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- On a patch of tribal land in western New Mexico, a company plans to build a $160 million state-of-the-art greenhouse for researching and growing medicinal plants, including marijuana.
Texas state senator pushes for medical marijuana - Cannabis News
With recreational-use of marijuana set to be legalized for Californians in 2018 and with more cities in San Diego County approving medical-use, investors in the marijuana industry are snatching up properties.