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Brands want to capitalize on 4/20 munchies. Pot advocates say it’s time to grow up - Cannabis News
420 Specific
It’s not just companies from the liberal enclaves of California and Vermont who are partaking in 4/20 marketing campaigns. It’s also big, mainstream brands, such as Pepsi, Chipotle, Burger King and Denny’s, all of whom have alluded to 4/20 on social media in previous years.
California: AAA To Offer First ‘Tipsy Tow’ For 4/20 After Marijuana Legalization - Cannabis News
420 Specific
Free “tipsy tow” services will be available Friday during California’s first 4/20 cannabis celebration with legalized recreational marijuana, according to AAA.
Tennessee’s First Cannabis Restaurant set for Grand Opening
While basement chemists and chefs continue to elaborate on edibles, the market is looking toward “drinkables” as the next frontier in catching a high.
4/20 TV: A Guide of What to Watch on Marijuana’s Biggest Holiday – Cannabis News
420 Specific
Although some marijuana enthusiasts will continue age-old traditions of watching stoner flicks like How High and Half Baked on 4/20, there are a few new TV options for them to indulge in during the week of the worldwide cannabis holiday.
Pediatricians in Canada seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids - Cannabis News
Medical News
Lovers have Valentine’s Day. The kids have Halloween. And the stoners have 4/20.
10 best 4/20 sites: Where marijuana history was made - Cannabis News
420 Specific
While it’s not yet on calendars, April 20 has become the unofficial holiday of marijuana, particularly in the growing number of states where pot has been decriminalized for recreational use.
Bedmaker becomes the UK’s largest hemp grower
Business & Finance
April 20th, also known as 4/20, is the annual holiday for all things weed, and Hill staffers will have a unique chance to celebrate.
Bipartisan Wisconsin Lawmakers Unveil Cannabis Reform Proposal
With 420 right around the corner, Nike is getting ready to release a brand new pair of kicks designed specifically for weed’s high holy day. This year’s cannabis-themed SB Dunk Highs are going with a sleek “spaced out” look.
Athletes Shed Stoner Image at 420 Games - Cannabis News
420 Specific
The event is the brainchild of Jim McAlpine who came up with the idea more than two years ago as a way to "de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle."
Coronavirus, Counterfeits & Cannabis: Protecting CBD Brands During a Pandemic
The hunt is on for a new location for Vancouver’s 4/20 marijuana rally, starting in 2018.
THC In Candy Bags Highlight Risks Of Depriving CannaBusiness Of Trademark Protection
Business & Finance
Jake Ellison ~ Seattle PI ~   The new state laws collapsing the medical market as we know it in Washington and funneling all public marijuana related activities, essentially, through the state liquor board has claimed it’s first victim … the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Seattle.