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Marijuana firms shift to virtual 4/20 celebrations with online concerts, giveaways - Cannabis News
420 Specific
Cannabis companies that were planning to host elaborate monthlong celebrations around 4/20 have been forced to change plans and are turning to virtual parties that include specials and giveaways.
Vancouver’s 60,000-strong 4/20 event still an outlaw - Cannabis News
420 Specific
The city’s first 4/20 event since Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis drew a record turnout on Saturday despite more pushback than usual.
Carl’s Jr. CBD Burgers Go Over Big in Denver - Cannabis News
420 Specific
In case you had any doubt about how mainstream and corporate 4/20 has become, you only had to attend the one-day-only inauguration of the Carl’s Jr. CBD burger Saturday, at one of its restaurants in a northern section of Denver.
US corporations embracing 420 as pot legalization grows - Cannabis News
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Potheads have for decades celebrated their love of marijuana on April 20, but the once counter-culture celebration that was all about getting stoned now is so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it.
For a Better Cannabis-Shopping Experience, Focus on How You Want to Feel - Cannabis News
420 Specific
If you haven’t purchased pot since high school or college, going to a dispensary can be equal parts delightful and overwhelming.
Chicago's April 20 marijuana fest surging - Cannabis News
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In Illinois’ growing marijuana industry, 4/20 is a way to get pot brands front and center with a new set of potential consumers, while educating people on local laws and products.
Brands want to capitalize on 4/20 munchies. Pot advocates say it’s time to grow up - Cannabis News
420 Specific
It’s not just companies from the liberal enclaves of California and Vermont who are partaking in 4/20 marketing campaigns. It’s also big, mainstream brands, such as Pepsi, Chipotle, Burger King and Denny’s, all of whom have alluded to 4/20 on social media in previous years.
California: AAA To Offer First ‘Tipsy Tow’ For 4/20 After Marijuana Legalization - Cannabis News
420 Specific
Free “tipsy tow” services will be available Friday during California’s first 4/20 cannabis celebration with legalized recreational marijuana, according to AAA.
Celebrating 4/20 with the top 10 marijuana breakthroughs
420 Specific
This 4/20, we want to celebrate the huge strides that have been made in the legal cannabis industry.
How to dress for the 4/20 high holiday. Hint: think polished boho - Cannabis News
420 Specific
Is a red, yellow and green Jamaican tie-dye T-shirt a fashion faux pas on 4/20?
Festival Fight: Industry & Activists Battle Over Denver's 4/20 Party - Cannabis News
420 Specific
Denverites take pride in their city. That’s why the controversy surrounding the annual 4/20 event in downtown’s Civic Center Park strikes such a contentious chord with so many people here. 
Tennessee’s First Cannabis Restaurant set for Grand Opening
While basement chemists and chefs continue to elaborate on edibles, the market is looking toward “drinkables” as the next frontier in catching a high.
4/20 TV: A Guide of What to Watch on Marijuana’s Biggest Holiday – Cannabis News
420 Specific
Although some marijuana enthusiasts will continue age-old traditions of watching stoner flicks like How High and Half Baked on 4/20, there are a few new TV options for them to indulge in during the week of the worldwide cannabis holiday.
Pediatricians in Canada seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids - Cannabis News
Medical News
Lovers have Valentine’s Day. The kids have Halloween. And the stoners have 4/20.
10 best 4/20 sites: Where marijuana history was made - Cannabis News
420 Specific
While it’s not yet on calendars, April 20 has become the unofficial holiday of marijuana, particularly in the growing number of states where pot has been decriminalized for recreational use.
Bedmaker becomes the UK’s largest hemp grower
Business & Finance
April 20th, also known as 4/20, is the annual holiday for all things weed, and Hill staffers will have a unique chance to celebrate.