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NFL Players Association plans to explore whether marijuana is safer alternative to opiates – Cannabis News
As society continues to wrestle with the acceptability, or not, of marijuana, the NFL and NFL Players Association try to strike a proper balance regarding the permissibility of the substance.
Michigan AG braces for legal fight against denying unemployment benefits to cannabis consumers
Business & Finance
It may be nearing the end of February, but that doesn’t mean that your New Year’s resolution can’t just be starting. 
Cannabis breathalyzers might be missing the mark
Marketing cannabis through celebrity and pro athlete endorsements is a relatively new and unstudied concept.
Denver hotel first in nation to receive license for legal weed consumption
Cannabis News
HOUSTON (NEXSTAR MEDIA) — Marijuana is currently on the list of substances banned by the NFL but several former players are hoping to change that.
Lil’ Kim Enters Cannabis Space with superbad, CampNova Partnership
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PHILADELPHIA -- The conversation about marijuana's place in the NFL is heating up.
Five habits for Cannabis users to develop in 2023
Leaders of the NFL Players Association are preparing a proposal that would amend the sport’s drug policies to take a “less punitive” approach to dealing with recreational marijuana use by players, according to the union’s executive director, DeMaurice Smith.
UN removes cannabis from list of most dangerous substances
Some of the biggest stars are big advocates.
Breast cancer patients using marijuana, not telling doctors, report shows
Medical News
Call it the Diaz Rule. The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) will discuss Friday on whether or not to remove marijuana from its banned substance list, per the meeting agenda released on its website.
4 Myths about working in the cannabis industry debunked
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Prior to the start of the 2016-17 season, Rutgers instituted a new drug testing policy that calls for varying punitive and rehabilitative measures for athletes who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs but has reduced penalties for marijuana use.
Mississippi medical Marijuana regulation ‘stuck in constipation mode’
Medical News
I want to run 100 miles! Am I high? Yes, I am high and I’m signed up for the Zion 100 mile ultra-marathon for April 2017.
Senate narrowly votes to legalize marijuana in Connecticut
It’s been a landmark year for medical marijuana in football.
No, You Probably Shouldn’t Try Eating A 1000mg Marijuana Edible
Cannabis News
Seantrel Henderson isn’t your typical user. Marijuana serves as a pain reliever for the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills offensive lineman who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease one year ago. Doctors told Henderson medical marijuana was the best medicine for his inflammatory bowel disease, which caused the 2014 seventh-round selection to have 80 centimeters of intestines removed during two different surgeries last year. Still, the NFL suspended Henderson 10 games in late November for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for the second time this season. 
South Carolina's hemp industry set to grow again this year
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There has been emerging evidence that cannabis reduces pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, and inflammation in humans.
Enhancing Athletic Performance With Cannabis
Cannabis News
"I had back surgery, and the year I was off, I was smoking marijuana during that period of time," New York Knicks president said.
Children are ditching alcohol for Marijuana, as 20-year national US study shows a 245% increase
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On Friday, Kerr became the latest high-profile sports figure to advocate for the use of marijuana as a way to deal with chronic pain.
Branded Legacy, Inc. increases revenue by expanding in New York and Florida company adds new disposable vapesFl
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If he gets caught again, Seantrel Henderson will be banned for life.