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They've never been higher. Oregon recreational marijuana sales have climbed to record highs, but some say the industry's woes also have reached an apex. The difficulties range from an unfavorable federal tax code to a dangerous crime wave, wildfires, and cities and counties hungry for a larger slice of the tax pie. "Businesses are still struggling,
Thanks to global cannabis reform victories, the legal industry is spreading to virtually every corner of the planet through new concepts like crowdgrowing. Cannabis may still be prohibited in various countries, however, momentum for reform is greater than ever and the future of the cannabis industry is extremely bright. No other industry is as exci
The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has announced further draft details on the plans for legalised supply of adult-use cannabis under pilot schemes. Under the current plan, the pilot schemes can be set up from May 15th 2021 and can run until May 2031 at the latest. If your business is interested in getting involved in the market in Swi
Mexico’s lower house of Congress in March handily approved a bill to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. The bill is now with the Senate, where it is likely to pass, as Mexican senators have previously voted to legalize cannabis. If that happens, Mexico will join Uruguay and Canada in allowing people to use cannabis recreationally, albeit in
The race is on! Just over a month after New Jersey became the 13th state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a marijuana legalization bill into law Wednesday, crowding the legal weed market in the Mid-Atlantic before it even gets off the ground.  Both states are in line to reap hundreds of millions in
Illinois set a record with $109 million in sales of recreational marijuana in March — a huge 35% increase from the previous month. Better weather no doubt played a significant role in the increase over February. But the sales reflect an escalation of the almost constant growth in sales since cannabis was legalized in the state in January 2020. “Mar
The vape mail ban which goes into effect tomorrow, is said by government officials to be for the protection of children. However, as blocking the safer way of smoking, while offering no better options, the vape mail ban will likely hurt kids even more. It’s almost here, the last day for us to legally send you out delta-8 THC vape carts. Due to the
A survey by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy indicates many in Texas using medical cannabis sourced illicitly are experiencing benefits. Texas has a medical cannabis program – of sorts. It’s among the most restrictive in the USA and currently there are only a few thousand Texans registered. The program only allows for the use of
New data released by WayofLeaf suggests the demand for medical marijuana (MMJ) among actual and potential card applicants has been on the rise during the pandemic Survey results show that 70.7 per cent of those applicants needed cannabis “more in the past 12 months” compared to other years, according to WayofLeaf. Almost the same percentage, 71 per
While it may seem tempting to blast sales promotions and your new products online, stop. You can get red flagged or even have your account deactivated. Anyone who handles the marketing or social media side for a cannabis business can tell you that social media is a huge pain in the @$$. Original link
It’s up to entrepreneurs, activists, and various public entities to create campaigns making their local cannabis industries less exclusive and much more inclusive. The statistics on disproportionate arrests against Black people when it comes to marijuana-related crimes are nothing short of shocking. Systemic racism plagues the industry, and cannabi
New Mexico lawmakers passed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis on Wednesday, making the state the second in the nation to approve such legislation this week. Also on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York signed an adult-use cannabis law passed by the legislature late Tuesday, making the Empire State the 16th in the nation to do so. New Mex
Thanks to the state of New York’s recent move to legalize recreational cannabis, laws are going to change across the board. One exciting new development is that the smell of cannabis alone is no longer cause for search and seizure in the state.  As of this week, the NYPD issued a memo to all officers that, now that cannabis is officially legal, mor
The legacy of Charlotte Figi, the young Colorado girl whose struggle with epilepsy made CBD known worldwide, will be remembered next week with a benefit concert taking place in her honor. The April 7 livestreamed concert, featuring performances by acts including The Avett Brothers and Jason Mraz and appearances by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and CNN’
One of the most exciting elements of cannabis, in a culinary sense, is its ability to interface with food and drink in very interesting and powerful ways. Much like a dry, acidic, citrus-forward rosé is the perfect partner to a piece of seared fish, the uncanny citrus qualities of Tangie, for example, complement a ponzu-soaked piece of sashimi. Tod
California has granted $15 million to 10 cities and counties that are part of social equity programs. The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development and the Bureau of Cannabis Control announced the grant funding through the Cannabis Equity Grants Program for Local Jurisdictions earlier this week. Nicole Elliott, senior advisor on cannab