Colorado monthly marijuana sales eclipse $100 million mark

A grow room in Denver. Image:
Elizabeth Hernandez ~ The Denver Post ~

Colorado recreational marijuana sales are close to $60 million in August 2015; medical marijuana sales climb slightly.

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Snoop Dogg Loves Colorado and the Cannabis Tax Holiday

Video Image via Westword
The Doggfather himself made a public service announcement wishing everyone in Colorado a happy pot tax holiday.
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Day Without Marijuana Tax Draws Mixed Reactions in Colorado

Marijuana Industry Growth in Denver Sparks Warehouse Space Crunch

Cannabis grow operation in a Denver warehouse. Image:

“It’s all just getting snatched up by these marijuana people.”

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The Silicon Valley of marijuana

Avondale Bridge, Pueblo County, Colorado. Image: Thad Roan via Wikimedia Commons.

Joel Warner ~ High Country News ~

Local officials want Pueblo County, Colorado, to be the best place to grow, but not everyone’s high on the idea.

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Here's Why Marijuana Prices Appear to be Dropping in Colorado

image of an indoor grow operation

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All 50 States Ranked By The Cost Of Weed (Hint - Oregon Wins)

Map of marijuana prices in the various US states 5-13-2015
They warned us this would happen.
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How Much Does Colorado vs. Washington Recreational Marijuana Cost These Days?

Image of a Low Price tag, representing retail cannabis price trends
Good news for the cannabis enthusiast: no matter the state, retail marijuana prices are expected to drop in Washington and Colorado throughout the rest of the year
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