State lawmakers are pushing forward with a plan to dramatically increase the number of licenses to grow, process and sell medical marijuana in Missouri, months before dispensaries around the state are expected to open their doors.

As marijuana policies shift within pro sports leagues, could the NCAA be next?

There isn’t one medical sector that has been untouched by the effects of technology, and the cannabis industry is no exception.

Athletes swear by ice baths and heating pads for managing muscle pain after the workout is over, but more recently CBD oil has stolen the spotlight.

Four years ago, Maine voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana. Yet, there are still no marijuana retailers in the state.

In most medical use states, minors can get medical marijuana if they have an adult willing to act as their caregiver or designated provider and are also entered into the state medical marijuana database.

Coronavirus hasn’t kept some cannabis companies down: They’re staffing up even as unemployment in many other sectors soars.

As the demand for cannabis soars, so too does the need for clear guidelines governing its use. Cannabis is potent medicine, and as a medicine, requires a framework that minimizes harm.

Sundries to stock in one’s cupboard during the coronavirus pandemic: canned tuna, honey, rice, and weed gummies.

Natural materials builders seeking to grow a market for industrial hemp in the United States are moving forward after successful testing for building safety codes and recognition by a national architecture and design program at a U.S. university.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Thursday that it approved one additional state hemp regulatory plan, as well as five more tribal proposals.

Due to the stay-at-home advisory, a local software company is shifting its focus to front door medical marijuana deliveries.

With the extract market burgeoning, there’s an increased focus on how those products are produced.

Regulators in the California Department of Food and Agriculture have unveiled their OCal program, which will label organically grown cannabis products in a market scorned by federal regulators.

Legalized cannabis represents a significant new business opportunity for the insurance industry, according to a report released Tuesday by New Dawn Risk Group Ltd., a London-based brokerage.

A Kansas City-area couple whose home was raided in a 2012 search for marijuana has settled for $150,000 their federal lawsuit against the Johnson County sheriff’s deputies who led the operation.

Six years after the idea was germinated, the nation’s first state-authorized medical marijuana research program is being launched in Philadelphia, state officials said.

Roll aside, toilet paper. Oklahomans rushed to purchase another product in record volume last month, as medical marijuana dispensaries logged enough sales to spike tax collections by more than 25%.

The COVID-19 crisis has packed a big wallop to the legal cannabis industry that will likely unleash repercussions in the months and years to come.

UCLA chemists have reported the key chemical discovery necessary for the creation of a small, electronic marijuana breathalyzer.