The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Tuesday that hemp growers are specifically ineligible for a coronavirus relief program it’s running.

Cannabis producers around the world are finding digital solutions, embracing automation in their operations to streamline workflows.

It’s now a widely-held and recognized belief that cannabis helps patients with epilepsy maintain a better quality of life and find respite from seizures.

For the second-straight month, Oregon broke sales records for legal marijuana.

A survey on marijuana use among orthopedic patients showed many believe marijuana is beneficial for managing pain and other medical conditions.

As part of Gov. Charlie Baker's phased reopening plan, recreational cannabis stores in Massachusetts will be allowed to reopen for curbside pickup on May 25.

“There’s a need for trained workers and these courses do a good job mixing lectures, quizzes and other interactive media elements."

Leading researchers in the USA will check the effectiveness of whole-plant versus single-extract CBD under a $9 million project aimed at enlightening consumers and doctors.

A new marketing report found that as cannabis continues to mainstream its way into American culture, more adults are using the herb than ever before.

Illinois farmers are ready for another round with the state’s latest cash crop.

Colorado hotel room rentals increased considerably after the state began legal marijuana sales, a newly published study reveals. Washington State also saw increases in tourism after legalization, though the effect there was more modest.

The optimal minimum legal age for non-medical cannabis use is 19 years of age, according to a study published in BMC Public Health.

Would you buy a painting made by a dog? What if it came with some weed as a free gift? Welcome to District Derp, an art gallery in Washington, DC, with a couple quirks.

Cannabis farmers often have to face the mercy of a number of exterior factors damaging their crops – so, how can they protect their plants from pests?

New York City has barred many employers from making job applicants get tested for marijuana use, under a law that took effect over the weekend.

The endogenous compound anandamide -- often referred to as the body's own marijuana -- plays a role in erasing memories of a traumatic event.

People who live in states that have legalized marijuana for adult use broadly feel that the policy has been a success, according to a new poll.

One rapidly-growing, but somewhat overlooked sector of the domestic hemp industry is Native American tribes across the U.S. looking to grow or process the plant, or both.

Israel gave approval on Wednesday for exports of medical cannabis, paving the way for sales abroad that the government expects to produce hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

There are now tons of hair-themed CBD hair products like shampoo, conditioner, and even hair gel out there. You can also use a few drops of the CBD oil you already have at home.