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New York Governor Says State Will Still Pursue Marijuana Legalization Despite Coronavirus - Cannabis News

The governor of New York said on Monday that he expects lawmakers to push ahead with plans to legalize marijuana even as the state works to address the coronavirus pandemic.

North Macedonia Waits for a Green Light, and a Lucrative High - Cannabis News

Vying to become Europe's "Cannabis Superpower," marijuana entrepreneurs in the recently rebranded country are waiting for the government to act.

What is a cannabis contact high? - Cannabis News

Research makes the case that contact highs are in fact real, but considering the circumstances, you may not have a lot to worry about.

Maine marijuana company sues state over residency requirement - Cannabis News

Wellness Connection filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday against the Maine department that oversees marijuana policy, claiming that residency restrictions on owners of recreational cannabis businesses violate the U.S. Constitution.

Feds Prosecuted Even Fewer Marijuana Cases In 2019 As More States Legalize, New Data Shows - Cannabis News

Federal prosecutions for marijuana trafficking declined again in 2019, and drug possession cases overall saw an even more dramatic decline, according to a new report published by the U.S. Sentencing Commission on Monday.

North American weed firms see lockdown boost - Cannabis News

Cannabis sales are touching new highs as customers across the United States and Canada stockpile weed to prepare for long spells of isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Making Cannabis Medicine Available To The Isolated Elderly: Two Institutions Show It Can Be Done - Cannabis News

History shows that cannabis helps people cope with anxiety.

The Netherlands: In a Pandemic, Rules for Cannabis Coffee Shops Are Rapidly Evolving - Cannabis News

As the virus took hold, the outlets were closed. But when street dealers quickly moved in, the government began to rethink the situation.

Learn to bake cannabis edibles during your coronavirus self-isolation - Cannabis News

For home cooks and aspiring bakers alike, a week or two stuck inside presents a perfect opportunity to try your hand at cooking with cannabis.

5 Things You Should Know About CBD And Meditation - Cannabis News

Many users report positive and relaxed moods after consuming CBD, something that can help a lot when it comes to meditation.

Colorado Just Issued The First Marijuana Delivery License In The State - Cannabis News

As more Americans across the country are sheltering at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a major Colorado cannabis retailer announced that it has received the state’s first permit to deliver medical marijuana directly to patients’ doors.

DEA Proceeds With Marijuana Grow Licensing Applications - Canabis News

The DEA first announced its intent to license private entities to grow Cannabis for FDA approved clinical trials in 2016.

How to Get High Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Cannabis News

We caught up with NORML Director Erik Altieri to find out the best ways to get stoned during COVID-19.

Connecticut Residents Strongly Support Legalizing Marijuana, Poll Shows - Cannabis News

A majority of Connecticut residents favor legalizing marijuana, according to a new poll released on Thursday.

Homeowners See Green: How Do Marijuana Dispensaries Affect Property Values? - Cannabis News

According to a recent survey, 85% of realtors say they have seen no change to property values near dispensaries.

Michigan recreational marijuana sales increase 34% in February, prices down slightly - Cannabis News

Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry continued its steady ascent in February, based on the latest monthly statistical report released by the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

Pa. marijuana dispensaries call for volunteer ‘caregivers,' ask state to allow home deliveries - Cannabis News

Medical marijuana continues to be sold at state-approved dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

The Hemp Sector and the Coronavirus Outbreak - Cannabis News

The ongoing coronavirus health crisis is having a significant financial and cultural impact on the nation’s hemp sector. It is also expected to have a long-term ripple effect on the hemp market for months to come.

Is my dispensary open and can they deliver cannabis right now? - Cannabis News

Is my cannabis dispensary still open? In the season of COVID-19, that question just got a lot more complicated.

Does Marijuana Work Better Than Sleeping Pills For Insomnia? - Cannabis News

If you’re not currently receiving any treatment for insomnia, or if your current treatment isn’t enhancing the duration and quality of your sleep, you may want to give cannabis a try.