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N.F.L. Bows to Marijuana’s New Status - Cannabis News

The league’s new labor agreement eased rules about players’ use and caught up with many sports that had already liberalized their policies.

Why Marijuana and Yoga Is a Match Made in Nirvana - Cannabis News

Marijuana and yoga can, singularly or in tandem, affect a sense of enhanced body awareness — and who couldn’t use a little happiness booster?

Can cannabis save Florida’s waterways? - Cannabis News

Approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, this Florida Industrial Hemp Pilot Project aims to discover just how much of the two main nutrients that fuel toxic algae – nitrogen and phosphorus – can be drained from polluted water by cannabis.

Virginia just decriminalized marijuana - Cannabis News

The state is the 27th to decriminalize or legalize marijuana.

Canada: Ontario changes its mind, says pot stores an essential service - Cannabis News

The change will help customers and store owners while helping to fight the cannabis black market, the government said.

Major Cannabis Events Announce Online 4/20 Festivities - Cannabis News

With social distancing and stay-at-home orders still in effect, cannabis events and enthusiasts are turning to an online format for celebrating the 4/20 cannabis holiday later this month.

How Dr. Sue Sisley is Leading the Cannabis Medical Science Field - Cannabis News

Dr. Sue Sisley is leading the next generation of cannabis medical science, taking the fight directly to the FDA and DEA to help cut through the red tape that hinders research.

Hemp Fiber: A Market in Search of a Viable Supply Chain - Cannabis News

Traditionally considered a coarse material best suited for rope and sailcloth, recent technologies have radically changed some of hemp fiber’s applications.

Can Cannabis Survive the Virus? Hemp Has A Leg Up - Cannabis News

As restaurants, bars and boutiques are ordered to close, hemp has been spared from much of the shutdown.

6 weird ways to consume cannabis - Cannabis News

Once limited to just plant or butter form, the recreational market has opened up products like tinctures, vape pens, topicals, and much more.

Pot Use Reached All-Time High in March Amid Lockdown Measures - Cannabis News

Cannabis use hit an all-time high in March as lockdown measures spread across the U.S., giving people more free time with less to do.

Charlotte Figi, the Colorado girl who inspired the CBD movement, dies from coronavirus - Cannabis News

Figi, 13, was the namesake for Charlotte’s Web products. Her story changed the way the public sees marijuana.

State takes over South Carolina-grown hemp tests to ensure THC levels aren’t too high - Cannabis News

The task of testing hemp for for its primary psychoactive compound will now have to be handled by state inspectors rather than growers under a change in federal policy.

Oregon Cannabis Sales in March Were the Highest Ever for a Single Month - Cannabis News

Well, it's now clear how a lot of Oregonians got through their first month of quarantine: by smoking a lot of weed.

Study: Cannabis proven to help insomniacs sleep - Cannabis News

The results of a world-first study at The University of Western Australia have shown that medicinal cannabis can be used as a novel treatment for adults suffering from chronic insomnia.

Feds Will Pay Scientists To Study Marijuana’s Effects On COVID-19 - Cannabis News

In an unusual turn, NIDA will pay researchers up to $100K per year to find out if smoking weed impacts COVID-19 symptoms.

CBD Prescription Drug Is No Longer A Federally Controlled Substance, DEA Says - Cannabis News

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has removed a marijuana-based medication from the list of federally controlled substances.

Trans-Atlantic hemp trade hit by uncertainties - Cannabis News

Supply-chain disruptions and delivery delays have become the new normal for hemp and other agricultural commodities as governments keep their borders shut and planes grounded to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Older adults and medical marijuana: Reduced stigma and increased use - Cannabis News

As a primary care doctor who has incorporated medical cannabis into his practice, it is notable how many silver-haired patients are coming in to discuss the pros and cons of a trial of medical cannabis.

Marijuana firms shift to virtual 4/20 celebrations with online concerts, giveaways - Cannabis News

Cannabis companies that were planning to host elaborate monthlong celebrations around 4/20 have been forced to change plans and are turning to virtual parties that include specials and giveaways.