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Legalizing Marijuana Boosts Hotel Bookings As Cannabis Tourism Takes Off, Study Shows - Cannabis News

Colorado hotel room rentals increased considerably after the state began legal marijuana sales, a newly published study reveals. Washington State also saw increases in tourism after legalization, though the effect there was more modest.

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Marijuana tour buses begin rolling in Chicago, with a stop at a private bring-your-own smoking lounge - Cannabis News

For her birthday, one of Mary Biekert’s daughters asked for something she’d never gotten before: a marijuana tour of Chicago.

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Hotels Are Confused by Rise of Legal Marijuana: Opportunity or Liability? - Cannabis News

The legalization of marijuana in many states is becoming an increasingly perplexing challenge for one key part of the travel industry: hotels.

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Medical and recreational marijuana may be legal in some states, but not always at airport - Cannabis News

With more and more states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, what are the rules when it comes to taking a flight?

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What happens to weed discarded in those blue amnesty boxes at O’Hare and Midway? - Cannabis News

Travelers at either of Chicago’s airports may have noticed something new while passing through security after the holidays.

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Officials warn holiday travelers not to bring marijuana to O'Hare, Midway airports even after Illinois legalization - Cannabis News

"To ensure safe travel for all residents and visitors, we're encouraging all travelers not to bring cannabis through Chicago's airports as it still remains illegal under federal law," said Chicago Police Commander William Mullane.

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How Massachusetts inns are going ‘420-friendly’ for travelers - Cannabis News

Since recreational marijuana sales began in Massachusetts a year ago, some inns are attracting new visitors by permitting pot use on the premises.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Cannabis Gear For Travel - Cannabis News

While traveling with cannabis is still technically illegal -- even when you’re going to or coming from a legal state, products like smell-proof containers and luxe leather cases are essential for travelers willing to risk transporting their stash with subtlety.

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High flyers: legal cannabis creates grey area for US airports - Cannabis News

As US states continue to legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use, an awkward tangle of conflicting state and federal laws is proving confusing for airport passengers.

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Two Cannabis Hotels Are Coming to Coachella Valley - Cannabis News

A wellness-focused Coachill Inn Resort in Desert Hot Springs is slated to bow in December 2020, while The Grape House luxe smoking lounge-dispensary-boutique hotel in Palm Springs is set to open in 2021.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Marijuana On The Slopes - Cannabis News

For starters, don’t be a jerk in public. Follow social rules and be mindful of people around you before puffing.

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Las Vegas Is Betting On Pot Tourism As The New Trend In Travel - Cannabis News

Sin City is hoping to cash in on pot tourism.

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420 Suites brings cannabis-friendly vacation rentals to Boston - Cannabis News

Cannabis tourism may soon take over Massachusetts, and 420 Suites says it wants to be on the front lines of pot trips in Boston.

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Additional Information On California’s CBD Ruling

Next April Bhang Travel will host its first annual Bhang Caribbean Cruise, featuring experts and professionals across the spectrum of the cannabis business.

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Judge's ruling another setback for central NY Cannabis licenses

Both Daniel and his father have a positive relationship with cannabis, and the Czech Republic has a long history with the plant.

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Legislation introduced to allow medical cannabis in Tennessee

One of the world’s foremost travel authorities is preparing for a Green Rush of marijuana tourism.

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Young adults are using more Cannabis and Psychedelics

For those of us who love to travel (and that is most of us) the only thing better than visiting a new destination, would be if you were able to do it with your friend Mary Jane.

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CBD vs. THC – Helping You Choose Your Favorite Cannabinoid

The Hotel San Ayre by Bud+Breakfast in Colorado Springs, Colo., is a pot-friendly establishment. (Markus Spiske / Hotel San Ayre Bud+Breakfast)
Mary Forgione ~ Los Angeles Times ~
This could make you euphoric: Smoking is allowed at the new Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs, Colo. After all, it's part of the Bud+Breakfast group.
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12 Decadent Cannabis Chocolates Worth Your Money - Cannabis News

Image of US Open in Tacoma
It's legal in Washington State, but is it against the rules to bring it to Chambers Bay during the U.S. Open? No!
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Colorado Just Became The First State In History To Collect More Taxes From Marijuana Than Alcohol

Image of Main Street Marijuana, Washington state's top recreational marijuana store
Oregon marijuana users helped propel a Vancouver retailer to the top recreational weed shop in Washington.
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