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Illinois cannabis sales hit nearly $36 million in March - Cannabis News

According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, adult-use cannabis sales hit $35,902,543.22 in March.

USDA Approves Hemp Plans For South Carolina And West Virginia - Cannabis News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Tuesday that is approved hemp regulatory plans for two additional states and three more Indian tribes.

Should COVID-19 Allow Medical Patients To Grow Marijuana At Home? - Cannabis News

While some medical marijuana states allow home cultivation, others do not, potentially harming lives during the coronavirus outbreak.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Recreational Marijuana To Fill Budget Hole - Cannabis News

COVID-19 is having a multi-million dollar impact on the state budget. One lawmaker said the solution might be to legalize recreational marijuana.

Cannabis Scientists Are Chasing the Perfect High - Cannabis News

Chemists at some of the biggest legal-weed companies are after an elusive prize: a predictable, reliable product.

Military interested in hemp fiber and polymers; Wisconsin university researching possibilities - Cannabis News

The U.S. military and researchers at a Wisconsin university are discussing making hemp fiber to replace imported polyester and polymer in Army vehicles – a potential partnership that would return the state to the days it was the epicenter of fiber production during both World Wars.

Exploring cannabinoid bioavailability in the medical cannabis industry - Cannabis News

When medication is consumed it must reach the intended site of action, but what is the degree and rate at which it is absorbed by the human body?

Dutch marijuana back on sale, but don't forget to wash your hands - Cannabis News

While most of the Netherlands struggles through the coronavirus lockdown, marijuana smokers received the welcome news that “coffee shops” selling the drug have reopened for takeaway orders.

After 4-year delay, DEA will review dozens of requests to grow marijuana for research - Cannabis News

After nearly 4 years of what some researchers saw as foot dragging, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced it will evaluate 37 applications to grow marijuana for medical research and proposed new rules for the prospective growers that outline how the cannabis-growing program would work.

Massachusetts Marijuana Businesses, Struggling To Stay Open, Urge Governor To Declare Them "Essential" - Cannabis News

Marijuana businesses and advocates are urging Governor Charlie Baker and state legislators to declare recreational marijuana shops "essential," allowing them to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Study: CBD Can Improve Effectiveness of Antibiotic Medication - Cannabis News

A new study found that CBD could act as a “helper compound” with traditional antibiotics to more effectively treat staph infections.

Industrial hemp becomes legal in South Dakota after Noem signs bill - Cannabis News

Industrial hemp and CBD oil are now legal in South Dakota after a yearlong standoff between Gov. Kristi Noem and legislators.

Bulking-Up Or Slimming-Down? Here’s How CBD Can Help - Cannabis News

From easing inflammation to helping with better sleep to ignite more effective workouts, CBD is being used by pro-athletes and those in gyms all over the globe.

Cannabis Books Worth Socially Isolating With - Cannabis News

Normally active, social people around the world have been forced to socially isolate themselves in light of the coronavirus pandemic, making this a great time to catch up on that reading list.

‘We’ve been having 4/20 every day’: Oregon pot shops see spike in business with new curbside delivery - Cannabis News

Take-out for weed? In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, OLCC is temporarily allowing marijuana retailers to do curbside delivery.

Illinois: How recreational weed went from illegal to essential in 3 months - Cannabis News

The state allowing pot shops to stay open despite a “stay-at-home order” that closed other businesses is “a sign of how far we’ve come on this issue,” one advocate said.

USDA Approves Iowa Hemp Plan - Cannabis News

Iowa’s industrial hemp plan has received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and farmers in the state can begin applying to cultivate the crop starting April 1.

Study: Legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief - Cannabis News

A new study has revealed that most legal marijuana products supplied to medical dispensaries are significantly higher in strength than recommended levels for the treatment of chronic pain.

Coronavirus could accelerate U.S. cannabis legalization - Cannabis News

As the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic piles up, U.S. cities and states are set to face significant lost revenue given the loss of business activity.

Letting VA Doctors Recommend Medical Marijuana To Veterans Won’t Cost Anything, Congressional Analysts Say - Cannabis News

A bill that would allow doctors at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to recommend medical marijuana to military veterans would have zero fiscal impact, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said on Wednesday.