DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado cannabis companies have found it is hard for them to be charitable.
Several former NFL players advocated the use of cannabis as a healing medicine Saturday during the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo in Phoenix.
A medical cannabis dispensary is opening its doors and donating medicine to those displaced by the wildfires that have ravaged northern California over the last few days.
A local physicians' group is offering free evaluations and registration assistance to military veterans who are interested in using medicinal marijuana in Maryland.
The site is the first step in the state's public education campaign to inform California residents about the drug as it becomes more widely used and available.
Tribal leaders from California and Washington state believe that the marijuana industry could reap massive economic and health benefits for their communities.
Absent state action, city governments are reportedly free to change marijuana policy within municipal limits.
In the so-called “District of Cannabis” it’s legal to grow and consume marijuana, but illegal to buy or sell it. The result of this unique legal grey area has spawned a thriving cottage industry of businesses in Washington, D.C. using the “gifting” loophole.
The powerful veterans group says lack of support puts pioneering, federally approved study in jeopardy.
From creating edibles to crafting policy, these women are influencing the way marijuana industry is rolling out in America.
Consider making a few adjustments to your dispensary to make the experience a little easier for disabled customers or medical marijuana patients.
Once a month, staff members at the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA) fill more than 100 brown paper bags with high-quality medical cannabis and pass them out for free at a local community center.
Latest numbers from Quinnipiac University Poll also show little support for a federal crackdown in states that have legalized cannabis.
Athletes for Care hopes to change the public's perception of cannabis -- and professional athletes.
A cannabis plant in every yard? That could be the slogan for Dana Larsen’s Overgrow Canada pot-seed campaign.
A 2016 poll noted that 78 percent of South Carolina residents support medical cannabis.