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As Medical Marijuana Becomes More Accepted, Veterans Urge the VA To Prescribe It - Cannabis News
Though medical marijuana is legal in most states, the Department of Veterans Affairs will neither recommend nor prescribe it because of a longstanding federal law.
Nonprofit Wants to Teach Cannabis and Dispensary Sign Language - Cannabis News
For those new to using cannabis, learning all the slang and scientific terms around the plant can be tough - but imagine how hard it'd be to learn "cannabinoid" if you couldn't hear at all?
When It Comes to Medical Marijuana, Veterans Often Have to Improvise - Cannabis News
"The VA, they just throw pills at you. When I started using cannabis, it was completely different. Now I participate in my life. I'm active. I actually care. It's a complete 180 now."
Joints For Homeless Offers Compassion and Cannabis - Cannabis News
A grassroots campaign that is encouraging members of the cannabis community to help homeless people has a twist in its approach.
Ex-Navy SEAL leading veterans’ battle for cannabis access - Cannabis News
A former Navy SEAL from the Chicago area is leading the push to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level in an effort to give war-ravaged service members access to pot-based treatments through the Veterans Health Administration.
New Mexico marijuana legalization poses a serious threat to Colorado’s lucrative border-town pot shops
Business & Finance
Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan is co-sponsoring a bill that would direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to research medicinal cannabis.
Floridians push for right to smoke medical marijuana - Cannabis News
A Bradenton woman who says her suffering from ALS is decreased because of smokable medical marijuana gets her day in court Wednesday. She and other plaintiffs are challenging the state's ban on smokable medicine.
Medicating in Wartime: The Cannabis Legacy of Vietnam Veterans - Cannabis News
April 30th marks the 43rd anniversary of the Fall of Saigon and the end of the War in Vietnam.
In Vermont, 'Women of Cannabis' Cultivate Ideas and Relationships - Cannabis News
Women can have a special place in Vermont's cannabis industry, according to Kathryn Blume, the content and events manager for cannabis advocacy group Heady Vermont.
Check Out the World’s First Cannabis Superstore in Las Vegas - Cannabis News
Real Estate
Across the United States — and among former professional athletes, especially — people are telling stories of how cannabis curtailed their epileptic seizures, helped manage their chronic pain, and gave them their lives back.
Mississippi Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Despite Gov.’s Opposition To Allowable Amounts
Gathered under clouds of weed smoke on the University of Michigan Diag, cannabis enthusiasts young and old passed joints and smoked bowls.
Sir Patrick Stewart Lends Support To UK Family Fighting For Medical Cannabis - Cannabis News
Just over a year ago, British actor Sir Patrick Stewart publicly discussed his use of medical cannabis for the very first time.
Warren: If Democrats take Senate, they'll vote on marijuana bill - Cannabis News
National Issues
The show is a mix of pre-recorded and live segments, with about 20 minutes of talk spread over an hour – brought to you by the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine.
Black Swan: rare Jamaican cannabis strain could treat pancreatic cancer - Cannabis News
American Indian tribes that say they have been cut out of California’s legal marijuana market have raised the possibility of going their own way by establishing pot businesses outside the state-regulated system that is less than two months old.
The Future of Cannabis Is Female, and These Groups Aim to Ease the Way - Cannabis News
Bros and blunts are cool, but ganja's more of a girl thing these days. With cannabis America's fastest-growing industry, and Los Angeles the capital of that industry, women are determined not to be left out.
Veterans group ratchets up pressure on White House and Congress to support medical marijuana research - Cannabis News
The American Legion wants the federal government to focus on cannabis as potential treatment for PTSD and other ailments.