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First time smoking pot? These are the things you need
Cannabis News
A 2016 poll noted that 78 percent of South Carolina residents support medical cannabis. 
Women Cannabis Entrepreneurs Gather In L.A. for Empowerment Summit - Cannabis News
The burgeoning legal marijuana industry has a glass ceiling but it seems loftier and more easily broken than traditional industries.
Oklahoma votes to legalize medicinal marijuana - Cannabis News
National Issues
Activists call on state and county fair organizers to consider cannabis as another agricultural crop worth displaying to the public.
Marijuana Stocks That Could See Gains In February
Business & Finance
Emmanuel Garza moved from Texas to Colorado so his baby daughter could get the medical marijuana treatment she needed. Legislation to legalize the same treatment in Texas failed to pass during the regular legislative session.
Jack Herer: You know the strain, now get to know the man - Cannabis News
Remembrances of the legendary cannabis activist, on what would have been his 78th birthday.
Why 2021 Could Be a Big Year for the Cannabis Industry
Business & Finance
An industry long haunted by negative connotations and a lack of sound research finds new opportunities in sustainability.
"Walgreens of Weed": How Pot Law's Seedy Start Created Florida's Cannabis Oligopoly
Business & Finance
There’s increasing demand among U.S. military veterans for safe access to legal marijuana for the treatment of their physical and mental ailments.
Nearly 75,000 Pot Plants Eradicated In Southern California
Business & Finance
Under current rules, doctors with the Department of Veterans Affairs cannot even discuss marijuana as an option with patients.
Mexico’s Top Lawmakers Have Said That The Proposed Adult Use Cannabis Bill Will Be Passed In Its Current Form
AUSTIN - In order to remove the stigma of medical marijuana, crowds marched through Austin Saturday as a part of the 10th annual Marijuana March.
Courteous cop completes food delivery after driver busted for outstanding warrants
Cannabis News
Reefer madness appears to be fading into oblivion -- at least when it comes to popular attitudes. The law lags behind.
Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Ease Women's Pain With Pot - Cannabis News
Women have long used over-the-counter pills to treat cramps, but the 'View' co-host has an herbal remedy: medical marijuana.
Is Marijuana Messing With The Environment?
Business & Finance
MACON, Ga. (AP) -- Once a month, a cardboard box from Colorado appears at the office of a conservative Christian lawmaker in central Georgia, filled with derivatives of marijuana, to be distributed around the state in the shadows of the law.
Marijuana & PTSD: Missouri veteran hopes for change - Cannabis News
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of Missouri veterans will head to Colorado on Thursday for a conference dealing with medical marijuana and how it can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder.
3 Cannabis Stocks On Track to Hit $1 Billion in Revenue Next Year
Business & Finance
"They need to schedule a hearing on this,” said one advocate. “I know (lawmakers) care about people, I just don’t think they are aware.”
South Dakota group pushes to get marijuana measures on the ballot - Cannabis News
New Approach South Dakota is pushing to legalize medical and recreational cannabis in the Mount Rushmore State.
Cannabis activists plan smoking protest on steps of U.S. Capitol, risking arrest - Cannabis News
The 4/24 event calls on Congress to federally legalize marijuana and allow the District to fully enact its 2014 ballot measure.