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Op-Ed: This will be the next marijuana capital of the world – Cannabis News
This year marked a turning point for marijuana, both as a cultural movement and as an industry.
Kansas and California cops used civil forfeiture to stage armored car heists, stealing money earned by licensed marijuana businesses
Business & Finance
To date, more than half of the United States — including the District of Columbia — have adopted laws that allow the consumption of marijuana for recreational and/or medical purposes.
Lake Bell explained why she's a "Better" Parent after drinking Cannabis Beverages
Cannabis News
Why are so many military veterans reeling with "a sense of anger, hurt, frustration and betrayal?"
Group used Christian ministry as front for £2 million Cannabis importation
Cannabis News
NCIA: At no point in our nation’s history has there been more support from mainstream America for taking marijuana out of the criminal market and putting it behind a legal, regulated counter.
How a Maine architect built a marijuana dispensary that breaks stereotypes
In April 2015, Carrie Tice was despairing over her 80-year-old mother’s advancing Alzheimer’s when a caregiver at her senior center in California recommended giving her a topical dose of marijuana.
Will Senator Mitch McConnell Be A Problem For Marijuana In 2021?
Now that New Jersey has had a medical marijuana program in place for nearly seven years, shouldn't the state change the decades-old classification of marijuana as one of the most dangerous and reviled drugs, one without any medicinal benefit?
If NC legalizes medical marijuana, what would be allowed? Here are some answers
Medical News
Ann Lee and Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition don’t consider prohibition a conservative value.
Colorado governor debuts plan to battle homelessness with pot taxes – Cannabis News
'I'm doubling down': Gov. John Hickenlooper debuts 'aggressive' new efforts to fight homelessness with marijuana taxes.
What Happened When the Cannabis Industry Rolled Into Las Vegas Last Weekend – Cannabis News
Everything you need to know about the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Sin City.
FBI data shows more marijuana arrests made in 2019 than for violent crimes
Legalized recreational marijuana in an increasing number of states will reduce unnecessary arrests for people in possession the plant, exhibitors and speakers at this week’s Marijuana Business Conference and Expo said.
Medical marijuana patients go to third-party websites for information
Medical News
Todd Provenzano started Medical Marijuana Patients Club of New Jersey in hopes to raise awareness and unify the voices who support the movement.
The celebrity-owned cannabis brands to know in 2022
Cannabis News
OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) — Nebraska residents will get to vote on whether to make marijuana legal in their state two years from now, that's if one group has its way.
Vehicle smashes into Cannabis dispensary in robbery attempt
In Texas, the fight to legalize medical cannabis can only be won through legislative advocacy, rather than through a direct petition by citizens.
Amherst dispensary becomes first statewide to sell marijuana 'clone' plants
Some veterans say their activism is driven by a desire to see the VA itself provide penalty-free marijuana to veterans suffering from PTSD.
Recreation Marijuana could bring millions of dollars into the state if Legalized
Former Fox 2 Detroit anchor Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh is throwing her support behind a movement to legalize all forms of marijuana for adults over 21 in Michigan.
‘Kind of taboo’: Pot industry moms form support group in an era of legalization – Cannabis News
The parents say they are proud of their professions, but they don’t want their children to be inundated with marijuana talk — or, worse, to be judged at school by adults and children who disapprove of their parents’ work.