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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missourians could be voting on a medical marijuana proposal in two years, if a Columbia marijuana reform advocate is successful.
Is the World Ready for a Cannabis Explosion? Well, Get Ready, Here It Comes.
I can recall a time when it was a rarity to hear or read about a news story about cannabis.
Report: Father of three children allegedly staying on Ezra Miller’s farm worried about their safety
Cannabis News
As many as 60 percent of American adults are in favor of marijuana legalization, according to new polls. Why are things changing so quickly for the pro-marijuana movement?
Heat waves and weed: 5 ways summer heat can affect your high
Cannabis News
CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- As many as 300 people gathered Thursday to smoke pot on Eakins Oval, calling it a celebration of the 2nd anniversary of marijuana decriminalization in Philadelphia.
Is Elon Musk a fan of marijuana?
The paper’s editorial board predicts 2016 marijuana ballot measures will influence national change.
Efforts to decriminalize marijuana in San Marcos underway
To put it blunt-ly (see what we did there?), the second annual Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center this past weekend was a hit.
Mississippi justices toss voter-backed marijuana initiative
Governor Terry Branstad remains opposed to legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Iowa, but Branstad says he’s willing to work with advocates worried about the soon-to-end Iowa law that decriminalized possession of cannabis oil for treatment of chronic epilepsy.
3 Reasons Why Cannabis Is a Powerful Superfood
Cannabis News
The symposium is targeted at tribal leaders, regulators, attorneys, investors, and anyone wanting to know more about the new economic opportunity for Indian country.
Cannabis ETFs Soar After Biden Pardon
DES MOINES | Sick, suffering Iowans and their children came to the Iowa Capitol building Tuesday to urge voters to research legislative candidates' position on expanding access to medical cannabis.
Pesticides now permitted in Massachusetts Cannabis cultivation
Business & Finance
The day after Gov. Christie signed a bill allowing vets to use marijuana for post-traumatic stress syndrome, he was greeted by cheers - and some boos - as he exited his black SUV and walked to the entrance of the Trenton Statehouse.
Unity Rd. opens medical cannabis establishment in South Dakota
Business & Finance
BOSTON (AP) — Travel guru Rick Steves is kicking off a tour of Massachusetts in support of a pro-marijuana ballot question.
Industrial Hemp market to be Worth $16.75 Billion by 2030
Business & Finance
Are they the key to federal rescheduling?
With feds taking over hemp regulation, plant samplers needed for Wisconsin
I couldn’t find a single person at the State of Marijuana Conference ’16 on the Queen Mary this week willing to predict anything other than success for Proposition 64, the measure that could legalize cannabis in California for adult recreational use.
Canada’s Grand Cannabis Experiment Has Set Scientists Free - Cannabis News
If growers could not use the organic label, they would use another.
Medical marijuana dispensaries are opening in Lebanon and Carthage
Medical News
Mayor Muriel Bowser is proposing doubling the amount of marijuana that patients can receive in a month, from two to four ounces, citing "best practices."
Dr. Bronner’s pledges $660,000 to marijuana legalization efforts in California, four other states – Cannabis News
Dr. Bronner’s, a Vista, Calif.-based natural and organic body care products company known for its hemp-based soaps, has pledged to contribute upward of $660,000 to marijuana legalization campaigns in five states.