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California Gov. Gavin Newsom: Marijuana Legalization Is A ‘Civil Rights’ Issue

Serra is one of a handful of companies diving into the skyrocketing edibles market.

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West Virginia advocates collecting signatures for decriminalization ballot measures

Forays into cannabis cookery.

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Authorities Find Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation at Historic Castle in the UK

The first time cannabis chocolatier Vanessa Lavorato tried a marijuana-infused edible, it was on 4/20, the national cannabis-culture holiday, and she was at a celebratory gathering in Santa Cruz.

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How the Agency Grind Led This Art Director to Dream Up Gourmet Marijuana Edibles – Cannabis News

For freelance art director Monica Lo, weed isn't just a cure for creative woes, it's also her burgeoning part-time business.

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California cannabis industry says it's been pushed to 'breaking point'

DENVER (AP) -- Wondering if that brownie contains pot? Colorado has you covered.

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Proposed changes to New Mexico cannabis rules before start of recreational sales spark criticism

By the time his acting career had slowed, Perry Anzilotti had already learned how to extract THC from cannabis so that it could be used for cooking.

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Is California Going To Ban Delta-8 THC?

"User-friendly" is not a word we hear often when describing marijuana edibles.

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How to germinate Cannabis seeds: start and plant weed seeds

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Marijuana edibles will be legally available to buy in medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon Thursday, June 2.

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VHS vs. THC: How old video stores are helping weed businesses in Ohio

Jaime Lewis, the founder of Mountain Medicine, blends her culinary expertise with her knowledge of weed in order to make edibles that don't taste like crap. We talked to the chef-turned-weed-chef about cooking with cannabis and the industry's future.

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