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Marijuana Legalization – Medical Or Recreational – Still Faces Long Odds In South Carolina
Medical marijuana is no laughing matter for award-winning actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Recently, she spoke about her cannabis brand, Whoopi and Maya, and her passion to offer cannabis as an alternative to prescriptions pills in an interview with renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on his late-night talk show.
Dreamer Dispensary in Southampton finds workaround for credit card cannabis customers
Nelson shared a photo of himself wearing the shirt, which sports the words “Smoke Weed” and features a pot leaf decorated with Christmas lights.
New York’s Friars Club is going to pot – Cannabis News
The event at the iconic showbiz club, called "Medical Marijuana: Weeding out Fact from Fiction," is being presented by the Cannabis Doctors of New York.
Another Attempt To Up US Hemp THC Limit
Business & Finance
Years ago, when the cosmetics retailer Sephora asked perfumer Mark Crames to create a fragrance based on the scent of cannabis, he knew he faced a formidable challenge.
Planning Commission approves 60-acre cannabis cultivation near Santa Maria
Business & Finance
Whether it's dealing with stressful family situations or facing a holiday that isn't as swell as what you see on television, some people just need to take the edge off.
Mexico Fails To Legalize Marijuana As Drug War Chaos Grows
There is a high-end luxury marijuana market that caters to people willing to spend almost $3,000 for a joint and hundreds for luxury subscription boxes.
What is Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and is it legal?
Cannabis News
Thanks to voters who checked “yes” for recreational marijuana legalization on this year’s election ballot, gift-giving during the holidays is about to get a lot more dank.
The US Department of Agriculture will collect Hemp data in their Census of Agriculture
Business & Finance
With marijuana legal in 28 states and the District of Columbia, it isn't too surprising to find marijuana-based gifts on some folks’ Christmas wish list.
Study Finds That Cannabis May Help Those Suffering From Chronic Pelvic Pain
Medical News
For all you caffeine junkies out there, BrewBudz has what you've been waiting for: a line of CBD- and THC- infused coffee, tea and cocoa.
2 Cannabis Stocks That Can Soar Even if the U.S. Doesn't Legalize Marijuana
Business & Finance
Mike Salman’s party is one where the food and the company are as important as the THC.
Mexico Is Quietly On The Edge Of Nation Wide Cannabis Legalization
The “Cannabis Cooler,” as we affectionately came to name it, was tasted by a panel of sommeliers, winemakers, wine buyers and a lone non-industry civilian, in a lineup against traditional wines.
The EU May Designate CBD Foods As Narcotics (Yes, You Read that Right)
Healthy Headie is a Massachusetts-based social sales company focused on creating “low barriers to entry” into the cannabis space that make for “digestible, unintimidating” first-time experiences.
Banking still a major hurdle for cannabis industry
Business & Finance
It’s not all brats and beers these days.
High art: Mass. business offers 'paint and puff' parties following marijuana legalization – Cannabis News
Q&A: Kai Collins and Deena Adar talk about some of the motivation behind the 'Cannabis Moms Club' web series to tackle stigmas: 'It's opened this necessary dialogue -- especially for parents.'
Hollywood Reacts to Recreational Marijuana Being Legalized in California – Cannabis News
On the heels of Election Day, Hollywood is talking about lighting up.
An Art Gallery that sells Cannabis? How one Dispensary is Standing Out
Business & Finance
(CNN) Chris Sayegh is a 24-year-old chef who has found a niche in the world of cannabis.