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10 Weed Enthusiast-Approved Travel Destinations for 2018 - Cannabis News
We’ve rounded up 10 other places in the U.S. and beyond that are worth a visit if you’re craving a vacation that is also smoke-friendly.
Marijuana shops prep for Super Bowl sales blitz - Cannabis News
Marijuana stores across the country are bracing for one of their biggest sales weekends in history: The Super Bowl.
Cannabis will be a major food trend in 2018. Here’s why - Cannabis News
“As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the varieties of pot-enhanced food and beverage will increase,” the Specialty Food Association’s Trendspotter Panel wrote last November.
Marijuana Is Legal in California, Now Here Come the Hollywood Endorsement Deals - Cannabis News
"We're going to see bigger names in Hollywood branding cannabis," says one expert, with only morality clauses — and the federal government — impeding the way.
The top 10 cannabis lifestyle trends of 2017 - Cannabis News
From designer vape pens to subscription boxes, here's what we saw growing in popularity this year.
Pot Culture Goes Pop: 2017's High Points of Art and Entertainment - Cannabis News
A stoned, biased, and totally arbitrary round-up of some of our favorite cannabis-friendly culture from this last trip around the sun.
California gets ready to ignite cannabis culinary-arts scene
Chefs and investors have been teaming up to offer an eye-boggling array of cannabis-infused food and beverages, weed-pairing supper clubs and other extravagant pot-to-plate events in preparation for legalization come Jan. 1
Are There Any Cannabis Drug Interactions that you Should be Worried About? - Cannabis News
Medical News
It was 100 feet long, used 1,000 grams of product, and prompted selfies, cameras to roll and click, and a burst of applause as it was unveiled.
Hey, bud, marijuana beer is here
All right, all right, all right: South Florida’s first marijuana-infused beers are coming to Devour Brewing Company in Boynton Beach.
Cannabis Antibiotics: Answer to Disease-Resistant Bacteria
Medical News
What do you do if you’re a budding awards show trying to create a buzz around Canada’s $8.7-billion cannabis market?
What’s France Up To? New Cannabis Fines and Litigation Over CBD
The right vehicle for incorporating cannabis into your meal depends a bit on your audience.
Forget the handmade wreaths. Now Martha Stewart hangs with Snoop Dogg and makes weed jokes - Cannabis News
For all their odd couple dynamic, Martha and Snoop aren’t so different.
12 Decadent Cannabis Chocolates Worth Your Money - Cannabis News
Long gone are the days of dried-out “happy brownies” and overly herbaceous candies; in their place are delectable infused chocolates hand-crafted with care.
Maine hemp producers caught between different state, federal rules
Business & Finance
Opponents of legalizing marijuana have long claimed that it is a "gateway drug" that leads to use of other substances. But one of the country's most famous physicians says the opposite might be true.
These cannabis baking kits will soon be a thing - Cannabis News
If you like the idea of making your own edibles, but aren’t too sure how to actually get started, there’s a new herbal baking delivery kit service out of New York that might just be the missing link in your canna quest.
Curaleaf vs. Trulieve: Which Cannabis Company Will Generate More Revenue in 2022?
Business & Finance
Many times, the best parts of each episode are the fake pot commercials, including a hilarious ad with dancing cannabis containers all shot in glorious 1950s’ black and white.