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How much did New Jerseyans spend on first day of cannabis sales? Yes, there was enough weed for everyone
Business & Finance
Turn up your next cup of Joe.
CBG Study Shows Antimicrobial Properties of Cannabis
There are many ways to smoke cannabis, but none are perhaps as well-known as smoking a bowl.
Gourmet Ganja? Marijuana Dining is Growing Up, Slowly – Cannabis News
Chefs are working with marijuana growers to chart the still-very-unscientific world of pairing food and weed.
Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill (SB 158) Approved By Kansas House of Representatives
With legislation legalizing marijuana expected in the spring, Eastern Ontario’s largest craft brewery is rolling around the idea of expanding into the recreational cannabis industry, its chief executive said.
Does Medical Marijuana help with type 2 diabetes?
With HBO’s High Maintenance proving to be a breakout hit and Netflix planning their own pot-com, what’s behind the surge in small screen stoners?
Oregon marijuana prices dive, and sales soar - Cannabis News
Business & Finance
If these chefs have proven anything, it’s that marijuana can be infused into any dish and paired with any flavor, technique and texture.
UK: Family of epileptic boy, 5, suffering hundreds of fits a day moving to Netherlands to treat him with cannabis
World News
We turned to the experts to find out which strains of weed are most likely to get you through the debates without too much trauma.
Are CBD oil benefits too good to be true?
Medical News
The overseas travel luminary will also donate $100,000 in matching funds to the Yes on 4 campaign.
Hemp in food for horses and chickens? Maybe - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Several months after the singer/songwriter’s death, his daughter and her husband are working to follow through on one of her father's last business endeavors.
Grandmothers and Medical Marijuana: A New Growth Industry - Cannabis News
Business & Finance
Since it first began publishing 111 years ago, the entertainment magazine Variety has never done an issue about cannabis. That just changed.
Cannabis use in people with multiple sclerosis
Medical News
Cannabis experts are matching undertones of different strains of weed with tastes of different foods – but is it a gimmick or a new frontier?
USDA Unveils Guidelines For Federal Loans To Hemp Business - Cannabis News
His commitment to the herb coupled with his thriving decades-long career has gone a long way to helping Americans rethink what they know about the drug.
Crackdown on medical cannabis education and promotion harms patients
Medical News
Presented on Elizabeth Banks’s Whohaha streaming platform, the Web series Cannabis Moms Club is strictly a customer-experience fandango, an ensemble comedy about a quintet of affluent moms who get together under flimsy pretenses to share a communal toke.
This marijuana-infused coffee pod company makes K-Cup-style coffee with a kick - Cannabis News
Business & Finance
Williams, 60, has long used medical marijuana in an effort to manage the chronic pain stemming from his Multiple Sclerosis, with which he was diagnosed in 1999.
Retired NFL players back new Denver nonprofit advocating for medical marijuana - Cannabis News
Melissa Etheridge is diving headlong into the marijuana business. Her company, Etheridge Farms, will soon be making cannabis products available for California medical patients.
Could 2021 be the year for medical pot in SC? Legislators gear up for debate
In some ways, the Emerald Exchange is like other farmer’s markets one might find in L.A.’s more upscale and bohemian neighborhoods.