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Cannabis for medical use legalised in Luxembourg - Cannabis News

With recreational cannabis legal in the District but no retail sales allowed, the Medical Marijuana Improvement Act would create a self-certification system to spread access to every D.C. adult.

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Pot Advocates Hosting Doobie Giveaway For Hill Staffers On 4/20 - Cannabis News

April 20th, also known as 4/20, is the annual holiday for all things weed, and Hill staffers will have a unique chance to celebrate.

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Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Decriminalizes Marijuana - Cannabis News

WASHINGTON (CNN) - A marijuana advocacy group in the nation's capital plans to target members of Congress on Capitol Hill with two separate protests this April.

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Meghan Markle's nephew developing special cannabis strain for royal wedding - Cannabis News

At the first legislative meeting of a new, two-year D.C. Council session on Tuesday, At-large Councilmember David Grosso did exactly the same thing that he did two years ago: introduce a bill to tax and regulate marijuana.

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Washington D.C. Mayor Proposes Doubling The Amount Medical Marijuana Patients Can Buy – Cannabis News

Mayor Muriel Bowser is proposing doubling the amount of marijuana that patients can receive in a month, from two to four ounces, citing "best practices."

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Montanans will benefit from marijuana tax revenue

WASHINGTON - Several D.C. Council candidates gathered Wednesday night for a forum on marijuana ahead of the Democratic primary later this month.

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Recreational marijuana still banned on University Campuses

The mass of protesters gathered outside the White House couldn’t quite wait for 4:20 Saturday afternoon, the pre-planned time they had designated to light their marijuana-packed joints and pipes in protest of the federal laws that prohibit the drug’s consumption.

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Weedmaps and Berner working to combat anti-weed platforms with cannabis-friendly site

Attention senior class-trip chaperones, cherry blossom lovers, and anyone else who may wander by the White House on Saturday: Brace yourself for a cloud of marijuana smoke — and, possibly, mass arrests.

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Cannabis Legalization Measures On The Ballot In 5 States

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Almost a year has passed since it became legal to smoke, but not sell, marijuana in Washington, D.C., and pot enthusiasts and opponents alike are chafing under a compromise that leaves smokers in a haze over how to obtain their weed.

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Is Your Cannabis Organic? Clean Green Will Help You Find Out - Cannabis News

Image: Wikimedia Commons

For a brief time Tuesday, the D.C. Council embraced a new, much more relaxed version of marijuana legalization, voting to allow pot smoking at rooftop bars, sidewalk patios and most any other place a city resident declared to be a private pot club. That lasted just about 30 minutes.

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Travellers who don't declare cannabis at the border will soon face fines

Sandwiched between a pet store and a Popeyes less than one mile southeast of the U.S. Capitol is the Metropolitan Wellness Center.

Up a flight of stairs and behind a cell phone repair shop, there's a nondescript lobby with bare walls and a handful of seats.

The only thing indicating this isn't a typical office is the reading material: High Timesmagazine and a Newsweek cover that reads: "Going Guns & Ganja."

This is one of five medical cannabis dispensaries in the district, and starting next year, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission expects similar offices to be up and running here.

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