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In a move that gave local cannabis watchers—and many dispensary owners—a serious case of whiplash, the Arizona Department of Health Services gave the green-light to recreational pot sales late last month, catching a lot of people in the industry off guard. Harvest Enterprises, Inc., founded by CEO and Tempe native Steve White, had the first-ever Ar
Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly of Kansas announced a proposal on Monday that would legalize medical marijuana to raise the revenue required to expand the state’s Medicaid program. Under the proposal, nearly 200,000 state residents who do not currently have health insurance would gain eligibility for coverage.  “After nearly a year of challenges brough
In virtually every corner of Earth the cannabis reform movement is making strides.  Sure, only 2 countries have legalized cannabis for adult use (Uruguay and Canada). However, several nations have legalized cannabis for medical use. At least two countries, Mexico and Israel, are expected to legalize cannabis for adult use in 2021, and this year wil
THREE people were recently sentenced to 30 years in prison in Tunisia for using cannabis and this verdict has ignited public debate in the country to the point of causing Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi to react on February 1. The conviction for the consumption of cannabis has sparked a heated debate in the country around its legislation. The judgme
“This shows what can happen when politics override the will of the people and causes a stalemate in the rollout of voter-favored programs,” says one industry expert. Four of the five states that passed cannabis-centric ballot initiatives on Election Day 2020 have since run into hurdles. The pathway from ballot question to implementation has only be
An influential group of Minnesota legislators is renewing a push to legalize recreational marijuana this year, as more neighboring states allow and reap the financial windfall from legalized cannabis sales. "The ability for Minnesotans to drive across the border to get cannabis is going to increase significantly," House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler
Exciting times have arrived in Arizona’s cannabis industry! The Arizona Department of Health Services (the “Department”) (1) released final interim rules for recreational licensees, and (2) issued new recreational licenses. As noted by Marijuana Moment’s Kyle Jaeger, the marks the fastest transition from voter approval to sales implementation of an
Minnesota is back with their legislative push to legalize recreational cannabis this year, hoping to follow in the footsteps of many of their neighbors. “The ability for Minnesotans to drive across the border to get cannabis is going to increase significantly,” said House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler. “People are willing to drive to Wisconsin in or
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill last December to federally legalize marijuana, but it failed to garner any consideration by the then Republican-controlled Senate. Democratic Senate leadership has a plan to legalize marijuana at the federal level at some point this year. In a joint statement released Monday, Senate Majority Leader Ch
The Alabama Legislature goes into session tomorrow, but already lawmakers are not shying away from controversial topics. State Sen. Tim Melson, R-Florence, is bringing back his medical marijuana legislation for 2021. The legalization of medical marijuana is an issue that Melson brought up in 2019 and in 2020. Both times, the Alabama Senate narrowly
Lawmakers in New Jersey late last week moved forward on legislation designed to clear up penalties for underage cannabis use.  Characterized as a “cleanup bill,” the legislation “would revise the consequences associated with the underage possession or consumption of illegal marijuana or hashish, or legalized cannabis items which may only be lawfull
Quick—name the first cannabis industry unicorn. If you said Canopy Growth, or GW Pharmaceuticals, or a marijuana company currently in business, you’ve forgotten the amazing rise and fall of Medbox. The first publicly traded “cannabis company” to exceed $1 billion in value (at least on the exchanges, “real” enough by our rational market’s standards)
Even though the state’s decriminalization model won’t eliminate all problems associated with drug abuse, it could help chip away at it while saving law enforcement resources. Oregon decriminalized the possession of all drugs in the November 2020 election. The law officially goes into effect on February 1, 2021. This means, from this point forward,
The North Dakota Senate voted Jan. 28 to kill Sen. Oley Larsen’s S.B. 2234, legislation that would have allowed registered medical cannabis patients and caregivers to grow up to eight cannabis plants, according to The Bismarck Tribune. Larsen told the news outlet that the bill was meant to improve medical cannabis access in the state for patients w
It's not easy being a marijuana activist in Idaho. The only state in the country with no favorable cannabis laws - recreational, medical, CBD or hemp - Idaho appears to be heading in the wrong direction.  The Republican legislature there is pushing a state Constitutional ban on legalizing "certain psychoactive drugs," such as marijuana. This would
In 2020, the number of states that ended pot prohibition reached 15 (and the District of Columbia), as voters in four states—Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota—legalized marijuana through the initiative process. Since 2021 is not an election year, any states that attempt to legalize marijuana this year will have to go through the much m