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On Thursday 15 April, a crucial summit hosted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis convened to shape the future of medical cannabis in Britain. Medical cannabis has been lauded as an industry-creating, health-changing, and socially progressive medicine, but the UK has had anything but a smooth transition of medical cannabis from experimental agent
Mississippi will remain in the minority of states without a medical marijuana program after the state Supreme Court on Friday overturned an initiative that voters approved last fall — a decision that also limits other citizen-led efforts to put issues on the statewide ballot. At the heart of the ruling is the fact that initiatives need signatures f
Two Republican members of the House of Representatives introduced a bill on Thursday that would effectively enact federal marijuana decriminalization. The measure, the Common Sense Cannabis Reform for Veterans, Small Businesses, and Medical Professionals Act, was filed by Congressional Cannabis Caucus co-chairs Rep. Don Young of Alaska and Ohio’s R
The District of Columbia is not a state, and a good chunk of the land is federally owned, where cannabis is not legal. D.C. currently sits in a bit of a gray area. Here’s what consumers and operators should know. I recently relocated to Washington, D.C. to join our East Coast practice group and have been inundated with inquiries surrounding the leg
Two companies fighting to open medical marijuana dispensaries downtown have sued the city of Miami, challenging the city’s stance that federal law trumps the Florida Constitution. Miami’s city government has rejected cannabis dispensaries since Florida voters approved the creation of a full-fledged medical marijuana marketplace in a 2016 referendum
Most of the 5,000 marijuana-related arrests from last year probably won’t end in a prison sentence. Some won’t even lead to a conviction. Although marijuana is legal in more than half the United States for medicinal and recreational use, that hasn’t stopped gung-ho federal drug agents from cracking down on it. The latest report from the Drug Enforc
In April 2018, Zimbabwe became the second African country to legalize cannabis for medical and scientific use. It joined a small group of pioneering African countries, the bulk of them in southern Africa, that have in recent years commercialized the crop or made great strides in that direction. Many African countries traditionally rely on profits g
  The Minnesota House of Representatives is planning a Thursday vote on a bill (HF 600) that would legalize adult-use cannabis in the state. The measure is expected to be passed by the House’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) majority in what will be the first cannabis legalization vote by the full legislative body in its history. Under HF 600,
Pending legislation in Nebraska that would have established a medical cannabis industry failed by two votes, a frustratingly tight margin for advocates. The vote needed 33 yes votes to pass, and only received 31, making it unable to break a filibuster. LB 474 is officially off the table.  Nicole Hochstein, a mother of a child with epilepsy, describ
Zimbabwe abolished a rule which requires co-ownership between government and private investors in the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use, seeking to encourage what the country sees becoming the biggest cash crop.    “Investors can have 100% ownership of their investments and locate their facilities anywhere in the country without prescriptio
The latest study goes against the grain of previous research that shows how property values increase with the onset of legalization. Marijuana legalization is happening across the United States. Naysayers have predicted that a veritable apocalyptic moment is coming on the heels of the movement, screaming about how ending marijuana prohibition would
Mexico is very close to becoming the third country in the world to legalize all uses of cannabis . The end of the approval process for the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis in Mexico is approaching . Let us remember that the law was approved by the Senate in November 2020 and by the Chamber of Deputies in March 2021. Due to the multiple mo
Medical marijuana is legal in New Hampshire, but patients have to buy their therapeutic cannabis at one of a handful of Alternative Treatment Centers. Now, legislators are considering allowing patients to grow their own marijuana at home. The law as it stands Back in 2013, New Hampshire legalized the use of marijuana as a medical treatment. Under t
After a long legacy of having a medical cannabis program that barely took care of patients, the governor of Georgia has finally signed SB 195—a law that will expand the medical cannabis program to license retailers of low-THC cannabis  Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 195 into law last week, and now, up to 30 state-licensed busines
  Destination Germany is the watchword for those in the international cannabis industry—but it is still a rocky path to gaining access for most. Specifically, there is a lot of confusion surrounding API and cannabis classification and issues from a lack of consistent standards. One of the most intriguing aspects of the process currently is how flow
The Louisiana House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that effectively decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana. Under the measure, House Bill 652 (HB 652), possession of up to 14 grams (about a half an ounce) of cannabis would be punished by only a fine of up to $100 on the first and second offense. Minor marijuana possess