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The FDA said in a statement that the products that are the subject of the warning letters have not gone through the FDA drug approval process and are considered unapproved new drugs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to two companies for selling products labeled as containing cannabidiol (CBD) in ways that violate the
State lawmakers in Kansas are considering a bill that would legalize medical marijuana under strictly limited conditions. Kansas is one of only 14 states without a comprehensive medical marijuana program, currently allowing patients with a recommendation from a physician to only use CBD oil with a maximum of 5% THC. In the Kansas House of Represent
A bill to legalize adult use of recreational marijuana, already passed in the House, now awaits action in the North Dakota Senate. House Bill 1420 is seen in part as a way to forestall another ballot measure seeking to open the door to recreational marijuana more widely. In 2018, Measure 3 failed, only receiving 40% of votes cast. Rep. Jason Dockte
Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles applauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s announcement that it will implement the final rule on hemp production developed under the Trump Administration.  “The final rule on hemp production is much improved over the interim final rule previously issued by USDA,” Quarles said. “The improvements wer
In 2019, the SAFE Banking Act, a measure that would prevent federal banking regulators from sanctioning banks for working with legal cannabis businesses, passed in the House of Representatives only to languish in the then Republican-controlled Senate. Last week, the bill showed a shred of life when it was reintroduced in the House. Now that the Dem
Regulators have approved Scotland's first medicinal cannabis clinic. Stirling's Sapphire Medical Clinics has been authorised by Healthcare Improvement Scotland to provide safe access to medical cannabis to Scottish patients. Business Insider reports that the private clinic is offering virtual appointments from today and will be offering face-to-fac
Last week, United States Senator Bob Menendez introduced a bipartisan bill that would help the cannabis industry gain much-needed access to insurance.  Menendez is a senior member of the Senate Banking Committee and chairman of a subcommittee underneath the Banking Committee that oversees insurance, so he knows specifically how important insurance
Federal cannabis legalization may not help residents of states that currently prohibit cannabis in some form unless those states enact their own legalization measures. America is on the cusp of legalizing marijuana at the federal level. There appears to be enough support in Congress to amend federal law and make commercial marijuana activities lega
In Morocco’s impoverished Rif mountains, cannabis grower Mohamed El Mourabit hopes a plan to legalise the drug for some uses will raze what he calls a “wall of fear” surrounding farmers caught between poverty, traffickers and the law.    The government last week approved a law to allow the cultivation, export and use of cannabis for medicine or ind
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the decriminalization of cannabis is “just a rung below” legalization and she does not view it as a rejection of last year’s referendum on the plant, reports Newshub. A recent poll found that 69 per cent of New Zealanders either support full legalization or decriminalization of cannabis. In a referendu
The cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis is legal worldwide only in a few places such as Canada, Uruguay and a handful of American states. Mexico, an important player in the global marijuana black market, could soon be added to the list. Last week, the lower house of Congress approved draft legislation to that effect and it's likely that t
Last year was a big year for cannabis. In December, the Oregon recreational cannabis industry topped $1 billion in sales for the first time, ending the year at $1.1 billion—up from $795 million the year before. This sudden spike in sales should come as no surprise. Thousands throughout the state suddenly found themselves quarantined at home with pl
Wyoming will be entering its second season in which the state is issuing licenses to hemp producers and processors.  The crop is still highly regulated and remains in a niche market. That means there aren’t a lot of farmers trying it, and those that are endure a lot of trial and error.  Mother’s Hemp Farms owner Dave Tenhulzen said he planted 144 a
The city that never sleeps has always had a strong illicit cannabis market and adult-use legalization is unlikely to stub it out anytime soon. Russell, a 60-something marijuana grower and distributor who lives in the New York suburbs, makes about $200,000 a year in the illicit cannabis market. He has a nice roster of clients who live along the Huds
A New Mexico legislative committee approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana early Thursday, setting the scene for a vote on the proposal by the full state Senate. The 5 to 4 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee keeps the bill, House Bill 12 (HB 12), on track for approval during the current legislative session, which ends on Saturday. HB
Asecond Wyoming bill related to marijuana advanced out of the House Judiciary on Thursday after a 6-3 vote. Public comment for House Bill 82, which would authorize funding for a report on medical marijuana, was given at the same time as that for House Bill 209, a full legalization effort, on March 12. The medical marijuana bill’s sponsor, Rep. Bill