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The City of Oakland, California, continues to pave the way towards social and economic equity in the cannabis business. The city has launched a new million-dollar workforce development grant program. The program is designed to recruit, train, and employ citizens who have disproportionately and unjustly suffered from the War on Drugs. This includes
Many people might not think of Texas as a state where marijuana legalization is possible. But the state's changing demographics have led to at least the potential for changes in cannabis laws. There's also plenty of money involved. As data from other states attest, the legalization of marijuana paves the way for entrepreneurial opportunities, job c
Some changes could be coming to how North Dakota regulates hemp. The law requires the state to sample and test hemp products. Under House Bill 1045, the state will now be able to charge a fee for that testing. The bill will also allow North Dakota labs to be considered for the procurement process instead of those samples being shipped to the lowest
Funding has been made available for a new programme providing cannabis-based medical products to patients to begin later this year, the Department of Health has announced. Use of products licensed under the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme can apply where conventional treatments are unsuccessful. The types of conditions that might benefit from s
Contenders span the country, from the Northeast to the Southwest as well as some of America’s more conservative states.  American cannabis reform momentum could propel several states to pass legislation this year. Last year saw five states pass ballot initiatives, emboldening the belief that more reform efforts are on the horizon this year. Violet
Legalizing recreational marijuana will swiftly add hundreds of good-paying jobs, with room for significant growth, and much-needed tax revenue to the Mid Hudson, local cannabis growers said last week, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo refloated the idea. Cuomo, who opposed recreational marijuana until December 2018, reiterated support for state legalization
The pandemic has hit economies hard and halted even the most prosperous companies in their tracks. Yet, in the often paradoxical world of business, some industries have emerged from the crisis in a favourable position and cannabis is one of them.   2020 has ultimately been a breakthrough year of progress for the cannabis industry, as countries arou
As states report cannabis sales numbers for 2020, record highs continue across the country. It’s become a billion-dollar business for several states, blowing out levels that states had estimated when originally planning legalization. Billion Dollar Club Colorado The Colorado Department of Revenue reported that cannabis sales in the state passed $2
A bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Virginia and set the framework the potential billion-dollar industry got its first hearing before state lawmakers Tuesday morning. Governor Ralph Northam (D) has publicly backed the effort, which as currently written would allow sales to those 21 and older starting in January 2023. Alt
“Our neighboring states have made efforts to address unjust marijuana laws, and it’s time for us to do the same,” said Senator Karen Tallian. It has been said that Indiana will be one of the last states to legalize marijuana. The state is run by a bunch of holy-rolling Republicans who believe weed is the root of all evil. And they just can’t seem t
An advisory group is recommending new taxes on marijuana sales to raise millions of dollars that would be used to improve diversity and help disadvantaged groups succeed in the industry. Data collected by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency in December show that only 3.8% of those with an ownership interest in licensed recreational marijuana b
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, facing a huge budget deficit, rolled out a plan to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in 2021. The plan includes using tax revenue to help fill the state's nearly $4 billion budget gap for the next fiscal year. However, the CEO of the National Cannabis Industry Association told FOX Business that it could go up
While efforts to legalize recreational cannabis nationally have stalled in the United States, New Zealand, Mexico and Israel, Canada's legal market continues to evolve. Health Canada has recently been receiving suggestions for revising its cannabis product regulations. Now it must decide what changes to make. One priority should be giving producers
As the French people are being asked whether they favour legalising cannabis for recreational purposes, half of the mayors in Paris region are in favour, a new survey shows. When French newspaper Le Parisien rang up 36 elected officials across the greater Paris Île-de-France region to ask their opinion on whether or not cannabis should be legalised
With 2017 legislation, Argentina joined the growing number of South American countries to relax cannabis laws. At the end of 2020, that legislation was expanded, and now finally, Argentina allows cannabis self-cultivation for medical use. You like cannabis, but want to try something a little ‘different’? Give Delta-8 THC a shot. Not only is it a gr
Last week, our neighbor to the South took a significant step forward in cannabis reform, when Mexico’s health ministry published rules regulating the use of medicinal cannabis. This will hopefully be the first of many major cannabis reform measures in Mexico this year.  The Mexican government issued regulations on their three-year-old medical marij