Peggy had just left the hospital when she went to visit her cannabis dealer in Denton. A retail cashier in her mid-60s, she was struggling to pay her bills and buy the drugs prescribed to treat an inoperable brain tumor. She needed the cannabis to give her an appetite when she began chemotherapy. The neutered, expensive but legal product then allow
The 35-year-old was stranded on an open aluminum boat in the middle of heavy rain. An Australian woman may feel adrift once again after the small boat she was operating on the weekend had to be towed ashore because of mechanical problems, resulting in police rescuers searching the tinny and finding cannabis.The 35-year-old woman found herself adrif
The History of Cannabis Prohibition in the U.S. The legal status of cannabis in the U.S. isn’t always clear. At the federal level, it is an illegal Schedule I drug. However, individual states have the ability to determine their own laws around cannabis sales and usage. But cannabis was not always illegal at the top level. It was only in the last 10
During the week of November 15th, armed robbers in Oakland forced their way into more than 15 licensed cannabis businesses, vandalizing stores and offices, and stealing products worth millions of dollars. Cannabis companies that were impacted by the robberies are now asking for tax relief from local and state agencies in order to recover and sustai
You Won't Find Weed Dispensaries In These 10 Cities Though Californians voted to legalize adult use marijuana in 2016, it remains largely unavailable in some of the biggest cities in the state. Out of the 482 cities in California, 174 of them allow some form of licensed cannabis business, says Hirsh Jain of Ananda Strategy. Many of those cities all
When Lisa Capitani decided to start a small business to educate and guide medical marijuana patients, she knew she’d need some advice. So Capitani, a nurse who lives in Newtown, turned to other nurses across the country who have cannabis-related businesses. And she applied for a mentor through SCORE, a nonprofit that provides free mentorship and ad
The South Dakota Supreme Court has sided with the state’s anti-pot governer, overturning a broad state cannabis initiative passed by voters last year, saying the amendment violates the state constitution. The court ruled 4-1 last week that the initiative, Amendment A, approved by ballot in November 2020, violates a narrow “single-subject” rule that
One of the lawmakers who sponsored the law that legalized medical marijuana in Ohio says it’s now time to broaden the program. Senate Bill 261 received a first hearing last week before the Senate Small Business & Economic Opportunity Committee, which state Sen. Steve Huffman, R-Tipp City, described as a follow-up to House Bill 523; he sponsored tha
The news has been rumbling for a week after a German language magazine first reported the news. Now it is official. Germany will be legalizing recreational use cannabis as early as 2022. Even the most die-hard “medical only” German voices within the cannabis industry have been posting the news all over their social media including LinkedIn for the
The next German government plans to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, which would make Germany the third nation to do so after Uruguay and Canada. While many countries have decriminalized the use and possession of the drug, abandoning prison sentences for consumers, just a handful have gone as far as to make it fully legal, including for m
Republicans from statehouses to Congress are pushing legalization bills. Republicans are warming to weed. Nearly half of Republican voters support federally decriminalizing cannabis, and GOP lawmakers are now beginning to reflect their constituents’ view by increasingly supporting broad legalization at the state and federal level. “We need the fede
A routine traffic stop revealed a car brim-full with narcotics in Osage County on Wednesday. An Osage County sheriff’s deputy stopped a vehicle at milepost 160 on I-35 for a traffic violation and located narcotics in the car, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office. Bounmy Phongsavat, 40, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was taken into custo
Cannabis businesses will be allowed to operate in town under new regulations approved at Tuesday's Board of Aldermen meeting.  The 15-page ordinance, approved unanimously, establishes zoning codes and licensing requirements for recreational marijuana dispensaries. It also sets up an application process to open a dispensary in town.    "A lot of peo
A poll published this week showed that only a fraction of residents in Massachusetts believe legalization of marijuana has negatively impacted the state. The University of Massachusetts Amherst and WCVB published a poll on Monday in which 61% of respondents said legal adult-use cannabis has overall been positive for the state. While 25% said it was
To understand how rapidly New York overhauled its marijuana laws, look no further than its impact on the criminal justice system. Fewer and fewer people are being arrested on marijuana offenses in New York, underscoring the major effect of the drug’s decriminalization in 2019 and, ultimately, its legalization this past March. From April through Oct
Pharmacy chains will be appealing the verdict that they created a public nuisance by contributing the Ohio’s opioid crisis. A federal jury in Ohio on Tuesday found that pharmacy giants Walgreens, CVS and Walmart contributed to the opioid crisis in that state, a verdict that could serve as a bellwether for thousands of similar cases pending from coa