Is marijuana legalization about to go federal? Congressional leaders took the massive and potentially historic first step on Friday, when they introduced the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act of 2021, or “The MORE Act of 2021”. The stated purpose of the MORE Act of 2021: “To decriminalize and deschedule cannabis, to provide f
Delta-8 THC had a good run. People made money, customers were happy, and it all seemed legal to boot. Like all good things in life, states and the DEA are doing everything in their power to ensure that delta-8’s run comes to an end. Let’s talk about why. For those of you who may not have been paying attention, delta-8 is one of many, many cannabino
The fate of legalization will largely hinge on the ruling Socialists. The government, led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has demonstrated a lack of enthusiasm for even medical cannabis legalization. On May 13, the health committee of Spain’s Congress of Deputies approved a proposal to create a subcommittee that will consider other countries’ expe
From jobs to tax revenue to commercial real estate, the marijuana industry has a large – and growing – impact on the broader economy in the United States. The total U.S. economic impact from marijuana sales in 2021 is expected to reach $92 billion – up more than 30 percent from last year – and upwards of $160 billion in 2025, according to analysis
One by one, US states have been adopting marijuana legalization programs, with the latest two: New York and New Mexico, happening within 24 hours of each other, and bringing the total number of states with legalization policies to 17. The south has been a bit slower to adopt, with states like Maryland, Virginia, and now Texas, leading the way. With
Currently, there are no fully legal adult-use cannabis countries in Europe, but Luxembourg is moving forward. The only two countries that have legalized cannabis for adult use are Uruguay and Canada. With that being said, there are already countries in Europe that are quasi-legal, such as in Switzerland where low-THC cannabis is bought and sold leg
Legalizing weed on a federal level would open doors to many more opportunities for company owners. However, some are not overly convinced that any federal laws will be changed in the coming year. Many states have already passed laws and legislation to legally allow the sale and use of marijuana. The question is whether the U.S. will federally legal
Sources say it’s too early to tell if municipal opt-outs will remain an option for reluctant municipalities, with many uncertain how they will shake out in the future. Although 16 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have legalized adult-use cannabis, numerous municipalities, towns and cities are declining to participate in their state’s legal marijuan
It’s official: Minnesota has legal medical cannabis flower! Governor Tim Walz just signed legislation into law that allows medical patients to access flower instead of just extracts or non-smokables.  Previously, Minnesota was only one of a few medically legal states that still did not allow patients to access flower medicine.  Now, patients who ar
Will The House Approve This Revised Cannabis Reform Bill? A crucial and important chairman has set a goal to reintroduce a bill to federally legalize marijuana. Along with this bill will be measures that promote social equity. This reintroduced legislation may come as soon as next week in the House. As well its language will have at least two impor
labama Governor Kay Ivey last week signed Senate Bill 46, the medical marijuana bill, into law. The legislation legalized medical marijuana in the state, but it could be 14 months or more before a person with a qualifying medical need will be able to actually received medical marijuana. The first step is setting up the Alabama Medical Cannabis Comm
Minority entrepreneurs may soon have a better shot at getting into the marijuana industry, thanks to legislation that just passed the Illinois House of Representatives. HB 1443 creates more than 100 new pot shop licenses, and gives people of color a fair shot at winning them during the lottery process. It was introduced by state Rep. LaShawn Ford (
In New York and New Jersey, the race is on to grow legal weed, writes Tracey Tully from the New York Times. In Orange County, N.Y., there are plans to build a large cannabis cultivation and processing plant on the grounds of a defunct state prison. About 25 miles south, over the border in New Jersey, an industrial complex once owned by the pharmace
Texas Senate Moves Foward To Pass New Legislation For Cannabis And Psychedelics The Senate inside the state of Texas has now approved a bill to lower the penalty of possessing marijuana concentrates. Also, a measure in the bill would permit Texas to examine the therapeutic possibilities of psychedelics like psilocybin and MDMA. Yet due to senators
A bill that would make hemp-derived CBD products legal as an ingredient in dietary supplements, foods and beverages has been proposed by three U.S. Senators. Longtime hemp supporters Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, both Democrats, and Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, authored the measure, the Hemp Access and Consumer Safety Act, whic
New York police may soon have cannabis removed from their oversight. Axel Bernabe, assistant counsel to Governor Andrew Cuomo, said at last week’s Prohibition Partners conference that he’d recommend alternatives such as using social workers when coordinating with the state’s nascent Cannabis Control Board, which will soon lay out a framework for le