New York Governor Kathy Hochul—who replaced the disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo—promised to pick up where Cuomo failed, and get the state’s adult-use cannabis market off the ground. New York residents grew wearisome, waiting for the industry to materialize as the former governor was consumed with scandals. For background, former governor And
Currently, 18 states and the District of Columbia have the broadest allowances for marijuana use, legalizing medical and adult recreational use; a handful of other states have passed legislation allowing medical marijuana. Overall, 47 states have some form of cannabis allowance, only Idaho, Kansas and Nebraska do not have any public programs for ma
 Delta-8 is the latest trend to hit hemp shops across the country, including here in Kentucky. But the hemp-based product is not without controversy. The legality of Delta-8 might depend on who you ask. What is Delta-8? Delta-8 THC is a compound derived from hemp. In flower form, it looks like marijuana, but it's different than the Delta-9 THC comp
The legalization of cannabis in the U.S. has been long in the making. Back in the early 1970s, states such as Oregon, Texas and Colorado began the process of decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis. Fast forward 50 years or thereabouts, and the momentum toward legalization is undeniable. True, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, but st
In June, the state legislature of California approved $100 million to help cannabis companies. The majority of such businesses – 82 percent as of April – have been operating under provisional licenses. These earmarks will help them move to annual licenses, instead. “The licensing process can be expensive, time-consuming and difficult,” Jamie Steige
America’s increasingly liberal attitude regarding cannabis consumption has started to impact workplace policies. For decades, both federal and state law outlawed cannabis, which was in turn mirrored in workplace policies across the country. Most employers had a zero-tolerance policy on cannabis, with some even requiring regular drug tests and firin
  PALMDALE — Deputies on patrol last week in Palmdale secured a firearm and marijuana and arrested a person wanted on a warrant, following a traffic stop. Deputies conducting a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the car and that the driver appeared fidgety and looked to be reaching for something. Th
There has been a recent flurry of movement – both in the courts and in state legislatures – on the marijuana law front across several states. As we previously reported, on February 22, 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed three separate cannabis reform bills into law (NJ A21, NJ A 1897, and NJ A5342/NJ S3454), formally legalizing the use an
The investigations were spurred, in part, to conserve salmon and steelhead habitat. None of the sites investigated were properly licensed and numerous sites were interfering with local watersheds and spawning streams In a span of four days this month, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Marijuana Enforcement Team removed more
Former California Mayor of Adelanto Richard Kerr was arrested by FBI Agents for alleged accepting almost $60,000 in exchange for bribes related to the local marijuana industry licensing. A former California mayor was arrested last week after being indicted by a federal grand jury over allegations that he accepted thousands of dollars in bribes and
Yesterday, the Josephine County Sheriff's department raided a ranch in the Illinois valley that is being investigated on charges of illegal marijuana cultivation, involuntary servitude, human trafficking and forced labor. This raid is part of a larger investigation that began with the death of a man from a different illegal marijuana farm, located
Chuck Schumer’s dream of advancing nationwide cannabis reform must come now, or else it might not get another chance. Democrats are on borrowed time with respect to their control of Congress, which means they either must work extra hard to ensure the votes necessary to stay in power, or beg, borrow, steal, and call in every favor to see that the pa
by Kate Hill  August 17, 2021  VILLAGE OF MANLIUS – During the Aug. 10 Village of Manlius Board of Trustees meeting, multiple village residents expressed their disappointment regarding the board's July 13 decision to opt-out of allowing adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries and/or on-site consumption licenses without allowing the public ...
Published August 17, 2021 By: Kyle Jaeger  Iowa officials have been seeking a federal exemption for their medical marijuana program—and a Republican senator representing the state recently told an activist that he will personally reach out to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) about the issue. Carl Olsen, a longtime cannabis reform advo...
“We received reports from a local factory of a strong smell of cannabis permeating through the building. It transpires it was being taken in via air-conditioning systems.” Police in the U.K. were called after the smell of cannabis was brought inside a local factory by linked air-conditioning units. Officers went to the factory’s rooftop and were ab
Backers of New York’s successful push to legalize recreational marijuana are pinning their hope on incoming Gov. Kathy Hochul to give the stalled rollout process a shot in the arm. Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo, implementation of New York’s adult-use program has been stuck in neutral, according to Michael Hiller, an attorney specializing in cannabis law.