The nation’s largest prosecutor’s office is moving to dismiss roughly 60,000 marijuana convictions, the latest step to undo what some reform advocates consider the damage caused by narcotics enforcement carried out before Californians voted to legalize marijuana, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón announced Monday. Under previous Dist. At
Iowa should legalize recreational marijuana, and the federal government should eliminate barriers to marijuana recreational use as determined by the states. I am not advocating marijuana use any more than I advocated tobacco use in 2000 when I introduced in Congress a bipartisan bill to allow tobacco regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. 
Greenlighting marijuana for interstate trade would open new business opportunities but also expose existing state markets to a frenzy of national competitors. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has thrown his weight behind cannabis decriminalization, producing a draft bill this summer that would regulate a nationwide industry and force siloed sta
Sun Provisions in Decatur is a little, family-owned marijuana shop with an extraction lab in the back. The display cases feature six brands of flower, a couple rows of vaping cartridges and few flavors of gummies. There’s a 150-plant grow and trimming area in the basement.Everything is done in-house. It’s one of only a few marijuana microbusinesses
It’s been almost a year since New Jersey voters passed by a 2-1 margin a “Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana,” as it was misleadingly labeled. It was misleading because the title would lead you to think that once the amendment passed you might be able to go to the local pot store and buy some “Alice B. Toklas brownies.”That was the name
Legislative negotiators and leaders have agreed on a draft of medical marijuana legislation, and are anticipated to ask Gov. Tate Reeves as early as Friday to call the Legislature into special session, sources close to the negotiations said Thursday. Legislative leaders on Thursday released some details of the proposal — which had been kept close t
Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are considering legislation that would aim to protect medical cannabis patients in the state from DUI penalties. On Tuesday, a pair of state House representatives, Democrat Chris Rabb and Republican Todd Polinchock, announced that they had introduced a bill that would “ensure the rights of the more than 500,000 medical can
An activist group in Oklahoma said this week that it has put the finishing touches on a pair of ballot proposals that would legalize recreational pot in the state and overhaul its medical marijuana program.  Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action, or “ORCA,” said on Tuesday that it had produced the “final drafts” of the two petitions that could
Politicians and associates in New York on both sides of the aisle are implicated in alleged involvement of misappropriated money to benefit the launch of a pot business. Two Rudy Giuliani associates—Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman—told a Russian millionaire in 2018 they offered a $125,000 straw donation to then-Governor Andrew Cuomo to curry favor in la
Cavedale Road is bumpy – steep, narrow, its asphalt broken like a jiggled jigsaw. Perhaps this is as it should be, given that it is the road to the top of the world. “Welcome to the Top of the World,” says Doug Gardner, the owner of the property high in the Mayacamas just yards away from the Napa County line. There’s a five-bedroom cabin next door
One thing most people agree on: Federal marijuana legalization is coming. It’s just a matter of when -- and how it will impact existing state markets, such as the one currently growing in Michigan.With the inconsistent patchwork of state laws across the nation regarding medical and recreational marijuana, the implications of federal legalization, a
When California legalized cannabis for adult use in 2016, many supporters acknowledged that the War on Drugs had disproportionately impacted communities of color around the state. It was, in fact, one of the selling points of Proposition 64, which went into effect more than a year later.  On the belief that the ballot initiative didn’t go far enoug
The second of three teens charged in an apparent robbery attempt that turned deadly last winter in Middletown has admitted guilt. Timathy Rhodus and Elliot Shepherd II, both 17 at the time of the crime, were each indicted in April for murder with gun specifications and other felonies for the Jan. 31 incident where a woman was killed at a Wilbraham
Two area businesswomen want to open a cannabis growing, manufacturing and retail distribution facility in a building that once housed a Roseland charter school, but some area residents say they object to that kind of business in their neighborhood. Old School Cannabis, which has applied for permission to operate at the site, will be considered by t
The Las Cruces city council voted to pay the state back $400,000 that was going to go to a new hemp manufacturing company. The city planned to invest $150,000 of its own funding in addition to $400,000 that the New Mexico Economic Development Department gave the city for 420 Valley, LLC. The city's decision to retract the money was due to the fact
At a public meeting on Saturday, Princeton Cannabis Task Force Chair and Councilmember Eve Niedergang GS ’85 said the “consensus” reached by the 24-member task force is “overwhelmingly that the benefits of having a dispensary in town outweighed the bad points.” The meeting, held in Hinds Plaza, drew around 25 residents. Several members of the Canna