Despite some businesses claiming so, you can’t yet register for a cannabis card in Alabama. Wednesday, the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners warned the public to be on the lookout for businesses claiming they can help them receive or get pre-registered for a state cannabis card by having a physician evaluate them. The state medical cannabis law pa
These three countries are far from the only jurisdictions of interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. There could be dark horses that surprise us. In what has undoubtedly been the biggest cannabis news to come out of Latin America in a while, Mexico’s Supreme Court declared the prohibition on adult-use cannabis to be unconstitutional. This mean
Do these senators have ties to industries and sectors that don’t serve your interests? Most Americans want to legalize recreational and/or medicinal marijuana. Scientific research shows its benefits. It’s proven to be viable businesses and states with decriminalized cannabis enjoy incredible revenue. Simply put, legalized marijuana is a hefty sourc
Numerous police departments in New Mexico are the latest to lament the retirement of dogs that cannot make the distinction between cannabis—now legal in many states—and illegal drugs. The ramifications of using K9s to sniff out cannabis poses serious legal problems. On June 29, the Tucumcari Police Department posted a long “eulogy” on Facebook anno
Nickolas Jarosh started smoking marijuana after his shifts as a 911 dispatcher. He’d flip between working days and nights, and the inconsistent schedule made it difficult to fall asleep. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, helped, he said. Jarosh, 29, who now lives outside Houston, no longer works a job that forc
A proper curing process is a key to producing a smooth, flavorful smoke representative of the most delicate buds. A recent blog post from Growlink outlines what curing cannabis is, and how to do it. What Is Curing Cannabis? Curing is a process that involves aging/drying harvested plant material to fine-tune the moisture content and allow for the de
As of July 1, Virginia is the first Southern state, 17th overall, to be painted green with the legalization of recreational marijuana – shaving three years off lawmakers original plans to permit it. Since the move came three years sooner than lawmakers originally planned, there are still many wrinkles to iron out in the legislation -- but it’s some
A House committee is backing federal efforts to track down illicit grows on public lands in California. This will become a reality if issues around cybersecurity and domestic production can be resolved so that the drones can be fully trusted to carry out their mission.  While drones looking for grows is not a new idea, the language is different thi
The spread of legalization to new states, particularly on the East Coast, is providing new opportunities for security companies that provide armed guards to cannabis businesses, and for veterans with firearms training.   Paul Ballenger, Chief Executive Officer of Invicta Solutions, is a Marine veteran and Army Reservist with about 400 armed securit
Legal Cannabis Laws Are Now In Effect In These 3 States It’s been an eventful time for cannabis legislation in 2021. This has been made apparent with the fight for new laws legalizing cannabis. Particularly for states where recreational or medical use goes into effect in three new states on Thursday. In states like Connecticut and Virginia, legisla
North Carolina lawmakers appear serious about bringing medical cannabis to the Tar Heel State, with a legislative proposal passing a major test on Wednesday. Members of the state Senate Judiciary Committee approved “bipartisan legislation that creates a patient, manufacturing, licensing and sales structure…” for a medical marijuana program in North
Earlier this year in April, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released a publication that included changes to state “wholesale food, industrial hemp and shellfish regulations.” Some of these regulations officially went into effect on July 1, and now, the state will move forward into a new era of legal cannabis, but one that c
    As North Carolina approaches a marijuana milestone, potentially legalizing the drug for medical use, nearby states are split in their approach. The Southeast is coming late to the marijuana scene. The region is home to several of the 14 states that do not have comprehensive medical marijuana programs or full marijuana legalization, according to
It started with Uruguay in 2013, then came Canada in June 2018. This was followed by a recreational legalization in Georgia in July 2018, and now by Mexico in 2021. Though the US and Australia both boast legal locations, Mexico is now the 4th legalized country to allow recreational cannabis use nationwide. With Mexico as the newest legalized countr
In Minnesota, two issues have become entwined unexpectedly. The first is the drive to exclude medical marijuana from the federal government's list of banned controlled substances. The second is the right for people to get a permit to buy and carry a gun. The issue revolves around an effort by marijuana advocates to get the state's health leaders to
The eve before medicinal marijuana becomes legal in South Dakota, residents are largely at a loss for the details of a program the state has tried to stand up in a matter of weeks, following the collapse of a delay in the legislature. "What exactly becomes legal on July 1?" asked Alex from Sioux Falls, at the outset of a public forum held on Monday