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In this article, Eleri Williams, Associate at Hill Dickinson Life Sciences team, sets out an overview of the current legal and regulatory position on the import and export of medical cannabis to and from the UK. While doctors are now allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis in certain circumstances, many patients, particularly those who seek prescri
Democrats in the House of Representatives postponed a planned vote next week on marijuana legalization following a backlash from moderate Democrats. The legislation, the MORE Act, would legalize marijuana at the federal level and expunge some marijuana-related criminal records, though it left the decision on the sale of marijuana up to the states.
Medical cannabis expert Dr Sandra Carrillo details the history and future of medical cannabis in Colombia. Dr Sandra Carrillo is a medical doctor and renowned expert in the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids, with certifications in cannabis medicine from the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Pharmacology and Oaksterdam University in Calif
It’s been over nine months since Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Hemp Extract bill into law and businesses are wondering where the regulations are. Those with Beak & Skiff in Lafayette, along with reps from the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association, held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon. Businesses have not only invested in equipm
Garnering widespread support from multiple industries and across political lines, a bill that would legalize and regulate cannabidiol (CBD) and other hemp derivatives in dietary supplements has been introduced to Congress. The Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2020 (H.R. 8179), which was introduced Sept.
Being held with small amounts of cannabis will no longer be deemed a criminal act. As part of efforts to free up police officers to deal with more serious matters as well as the Magistrates’ courts, persons caught with 14 grams of cannabis or less will no longer be arrested and hauled before the law courts, resulting in a criminal record. Governor
A number of mothers, each with a severely epileptic child, are today holding a vigil outside the offices of the Department of Health & Social Care, the London headquarters of NHSE, the Scottish Parliament, and the Welsh Assembly. The mothers are protesting as medical cannabis is the only medication that works for managing their children’s symptoms
I spent my first night in jail on suicide watch.  After a jury found me guilty of conspiracy to distribute with the intent to sell marijuana, I was handcuffed, booked, and dressed out. This was absolutely absurd. After asking to undress, the guard handed a knee-length padded gown. “You should be happy that the gown is new and unworn,” he told me. T
A year before the Declaration of Independence was signed, pioneers planted the first hemp crop at Clark’s Run Creek in Danville. Fast forward to 2018, which looked to be one of the most momentous years in the history of this storied crop. That’s because President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, and in doing so legalized hemp for the first time in
This has been an unforgettably difficult year for many Americans. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has cost lives, jobs, and completely upended our normal societal habits. But amid this chaos is the reality that, in just 51 days, Americans across the country will head to their local voting booth or mail in their ballots to decide who'll lead
Read entire article at Benzinga.com Like every other state in the Union that hasn’t enacted laws legalizing medicinal and/or adult use cannabis, the State of Texas has a robust but illicit cannabis market which needs to be converted to a regulated and taxed industry. In fact, if the state were to go fully legal, the market would rapidly climb to in
The money was supposed to fund veteran programs but instead Missouri is burning through cash to defend itself in court. In 2018, Missouri voters approved a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Two years later and licensed sales have yet to occur. Instead, businesses that applied for a license and were rejected have filed more
Marijuana possession arrests in the state of Texas dropped 30% in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to data recently released by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Texas legalized hemp last year, forcing law enforcement officials to drop low-level marijuana cases across the state due to the crop being virtually indistinguishab
Roughly 1 in 3 Americans could have access to legal recreational marijuana if voters approve state ballot initiatives this November. While a planned House vote on legalizing weed at the federal level is scheduled for later this month, the real action remains in the states. That’s because even if the House measure passes, there’s zero chance the Rep
The House Committee on Energy and Commerce approved a bill this week that seeks to improve and accelerate research on medical marijuana in the United States.  The Medical Marijuana Research Act, introduced by Representative Earl Blumenauer, is a bipartisan piece of legislation that tackles the inefficiency of current cannabis research in the countr
A new U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) interim rule about CBD and hemp manufacturing has sown distress and confusion in the federally legal industry. Operators say the rule makes it effectively impossible to produce CBD products legally. On his blog, North Carolina cannabis lawyer Rod Kight wrote that the new rule “threatens to destroy” t