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Cannabis conference draws a packed house in DC
Lots of people attended a cannabis conference in DC over the weekend. WUSA
Former Governor Gary Johnson Says 25 States To Legalize Weed After 2016
U.S. News
Nick Givas ~ The Daily Caller Gov. Gary Johnson spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, taking part in a debate over the merits of drug legalization.
63% of Republican Millennials favor marijuana legalization
Top Stories
George Gao ~ Pew Research Center   Support for legalizing marijuana has rapidly outpaced opposition, with a slim majority (52%) favoring its legal use as of October 2014. That trend is driven largely by the Millennial generation, who support marijuana at much higher rates than their elders.
Authorities Seize Record Marijuana Haul at San Diego Port
Law & Crime
Sputnik International   US Customs and Border Protection seized 15 tons of marijuana in a record-setting seizure. The marijuana was poorly hidden in a cargo shipment of mattresses.
Learn about growing world-class cannabis from 9 world-class growers next month in Denver!
Press Releases
Hemp Biotech Company Launching Oral-Care Line
Seana Smith ~ Fox Business News   The U.S. market for legal cannabis is booming, bringing in $2.7 billion last year, according to The ArcView Group. That figure is a 74% jump from 2013.  
The laws on alcohol and marijuana are totally out of sync with the science
Top Stories
Kevin Loria ~ Business Insider Rick Wilking/Reuters If you've had a rough day at work today, you're free to go home and crack open a beer or pour yourself something stronger.
Colorado Sold 7 Tons Of Retail Marijuana In First Legal Year
Business & Finance
Daniel Wallis ~ Reuters   DENVER, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Consumers in Colorado bought more than 17 tons of recreational marijuana buds during the first year of the state's new retail market, but sales of medicinal pot still outstripped that at almost 50 tons, officials said on Friday.
Today Ted Cruz Is a Marijuana Federalist? A Year Ago, Not So Much
Jacob Sullum ~ Reason.com   The likely presidential candidates now says states should be free to legalize.
Va. Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Marijuana Oils to Treat Epilepsy
Medical News
Associated Press / NBC4 Washington ~   Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed a bill Thursday that will allow patients with severe epilepsy to use cannabis oil without the fear of prosecution.
Safe Streets Alliance wants cannabis back with criminals
Leland Rucker ~ Bouder Weekly   About the time you think things couldn’t get any crazier in the American crazyquilt approach to cannabis
Ben & Jerry's Founders Are Totally Down With Weed Ice Cream When It's Legal
Culture & Arts
Colorado Marijuana Success Has Other States Green with Envy
Business & Finance
Bridgett Weaver ~ Greeley Tribune   Colorado made more than $52 million in tax revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana last year, creating for some small business owners a booming and legitimate business.
The Conservative Case for Legalizing Marijuana
Lily Rothman ~ Time   American conservatives haven't always opposed legalizing pot
Cannabis oil to be sold in Missouri legally
U.S. News
Melanie Moon ~ Fox 2 Now St. Louis   ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – For the first time in nearly 80 years cannabis will be grown legally in Missouri.
Georgia House passes bill legalizing cannabis oil to treat 9 major illnesses
Bill Hendrick ~ Jacksonville.Com   Passage is nearly certain in Senate although numer of covered diseases could be cut