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Hollywood’s smoking hot trend: Weed for Health – Cannabis News

With a recent vote to legalize recreational marijuana use and "Hollyweed" vandalism of the Hollywood sign, cannabis also is at the forefront of a growing health movement in Los Angeles.

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Marijuana Appears to Benefit Mental Health: Study – Cannabis News

A new review suggests cannabis may help mental health disorders.

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Could pot help solve the U.S. opioid epidemic? – Cannabis News

Some clinical studies suggest that the plant may have medical value, especially for difficult-to-treat pain conditions.

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Cannabis and PTSD – Cannabis News

Combating trauma with THC and CBD.

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Medical marijuana has potential as Alzheimer's treatment, study says – Cannabis News

(CNN) - Could medical marijuana treat Alzheimer's patients? One recent study found THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, stimulates the removal of toxic plaque in the brain, a common feature of the disease.

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What Can't Medical Marijuana Do? – Cannabis News

Recent studies indicate that the drug is making seniors healthier and helping stem the tide of the opioid epidemic - all while making their health care cheaper.

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Meet Sue Taylor, the Black Grandmother Leading the Charge to Bring Marijuana to the Elderly – Cannabis News

Sue is one of just two people certified through the State of California to educate senior living facility staff and caregivers about medical marijuana.

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Marijuana Gains Traction In Fight Against Diabetes And Obesity

Cannabis plant at a Denver facility. Image: WeedWorthy.com